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Looking for an afternoon activity to do with your little ones? Here’s a super simple fall mobile you guys can create together. Plus! It gets you all outside for a little bit first. I’m really trying to get everyone outside for at least 30 mins a day even in the fall and winter. It’s easy to retreat into the warmth and never venture outside but I think it’s important.

Anyway…Head out to your backyard, the park or a nearby hiking trail. I brought along big gallon sized ziplock bags for the girls. I told them they were looking for nature treasures to collect and put in their special “treasure bags”. They were allowed to pick up anything they thought was neat or interesting. I talked about how we should look for items of different size, colors and textures. It was fun to see them run along the trail looking for cool items that caught their attention. Make sure they pick up at least one stick to use to hang the other items from.

Once we were home, I laid out all the items on the table. I let them then pick out their most favorite items and we worked together to string them on some embroidery floss. We talked about balance (both physical weight and aesthetically) as we hung them from the stick. I had to help with the tying and the use of hot glue. It makes for the cutest fall decoration for your house!








  1. wow such a great idea! looks like lots of fun and turned out great!

  2. Wonderful…. Autumn colors are so warm!!

  3. barbra poopkins junior •

    hi this is Barbra

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