Halloween 2014


Our neighborhood has what they call “Trick or Booze” and guys! it’s so fun! Each of the house’s have candy for the kids and then booze for the adults. You just bring your own glass. Hahaha. Everyone signs up to participate and says what kind of drink they are going to serve. There was jello shots, spiked punch, hard cider, beer, wine, etc… I felt like I was getting away with something! Who knew walking around the street drinking a glass of punch, wearing super warm ridiculous pjs from walmart while Trick-or-Treating would be so fun.

The best part of course was watching the girls. Finley was so in to it. She didn’t want to be held or sit in the stroller or have anyone try to help her with her candy bucket. I am pretty sure she walked like 2 miles all by herself. Oh Halloween! You are my favorite.

The weekend before Halloween we went on a search for a real pumpkin patch. Not the kind with a grassy lawn with randomly placed pumpkins. Why do they call that a pumpkin patch? Anyway, we ended up at one of those said pumpkin patches but what they lacked in real “pick a pumpkin from a vine” type pumpkins they made up for with crazy awesome hay bails decorated like children’s books. Aren’t they cool? Rowan wasn’t going to let an opportunity go by to wear her Pumpkin princess dress out either. We love Sunnyside Farms in Saratoga!

Fall you sure have been good to us!
(although November seemed to come in like a punch to the gut- not ready for those below freezing temperatures).












Outfit details: Coat (similar), Jeans, Vans Sk8 Hi Tops.

Halloween Night:

  1. such cute photos! sounds like such a fun neighbourhood to go trick or treating in!


  2. I think I recognize that farm- I use to love it as a kid! Did it use to be called Sunnyside Farm?

  3. Trick or Booze sounds amazing! May need to adopt that tradition for my own neighborhood next year. Glad y’all had a great weekend!

  4. I love that you and your husband dressed up! The picture going through the cornstalk is definitely my favorite 🙂

  5. I love these pictures!! Trick or booze?!? Yes please!! What an awesome idea for the adults. 🙂

  6. Elecia Dean •

    We adore Sunnyside! We go every year.

    And trick or booze?! Yes, please! Parents deserve a treat, too!

  7. What an awesome sounding Halloween, um Finley is way cute… how adorable that she was so into it. And a boozy trick or treat for parents?! Totally brilliant! 😉 xoxo

  8. I really enjoyed looking at these pictures! Your family is so stylish…


  9. You live in a fun neighbourhood! Halloween is one of my fav holidays and I am so excited to take my son out next year. He was just two months old this Halloween so we decided to let our friends know we would have full size chocolate bars for their kids and a drink for them if they stopped by. The weather in our area on Halloween was awful, cold, rainy and so windy, we had 3 families stop by. Needless to say, my husband and I have been eating the left over candy. I just read your last post about your healthy lifestyle while eating a peanut butter cup and thought “we need to make some changes too” lol.

  10. Trick or Booz?! Please tell me how to get that organized for my neighborhood!!! 🙂

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