When things don’t go as planned


I feel like the fall brings a lot of expectations of perfect and glorious outings to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. I picture warm apple cider, well behaved kids, magic hour light and a day going off without a hitch. I’ve been planning this day in my head all summer. I wanted to go to this adorable little apple farm we’ve been to a few times before. It’s out in the country, organic, has a bunch of cute animals, a sweet little playground and is called Love Apple Farms. So cute. It’s a bit of drive but it didn’t matter, I knew it would be worth it. I invited a dear friend and her little girl to go last week. We packed up the kids and headed out. As we were driving I realized it was a longer drive than I remembered. When we finally got to the orchard- there was no orchard left. Well the trees were there but the big building and animals were gone. I felt a little embarrassed. I had talked up this place so much and now there was nothing left. There was a lady standing behind a small table who said the trees were all picked over and that the building had burnt down last year. It was very sad. Poor Love Apple Farms. There was no way the kids were going to want to get back in the car at that moment, so we politely asked if we could play on their playground. After some play time we decided to find a restaurant for lunch. Of course we couldn’t find anything and then when we did, one of the kiddos had fallen asleep in the car. It was seriously one thing after another from that point on. We tried another orchard who said they would only let you pick on the weekends. We then tried to find a pumpkin patch but it was the same weekend only sort of deal. We spent most of the day hanging out in random country stores, playing with the kids in parking lots, and driving around. Overall the day was not a success if measured to our “plan” for the day. However on the way home, I just kept thinking about what a fun day it was though. Getting lost, trying to find anything that was open, laughing about all our mishaps… Sometimes even when things go wrong it turns out to be a better day than what you had even imagined in the first place.






IMG_6467^^ Omgosh. Finley and this face. This is her look about 85% of any day. She is a temperamental little thing.











  1. I absolutely loved this post. And as always, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”…something I always tell myself, because I feel like this happens to me ALL time time. 🙂 Although your day took a left turn, it sounds like the perfect memory for you and your friend…and a fun story to tell the girls 🙂 Love fall!

  2. Great perspective! Wondering where the girls’ black leggings are from. My babe needs a pair or two for the cold months ahead!

  3. Love that you and your girls have the same leopard sneakers! So stylish.

  4. do i ever know those days?! gah, but look at what a beautiful day it is to look back on here. little rowan’s curls and finley’s expressions!!! too much. love you friend.

  5. I can soooo relate to this post. We had our own mishaps recently when we planned an idyllic day at an Apple orchard. I wrote a post. The pics tell only 1/2 the story. I fill in the rest aka truth. Feel free to laugh at our adventure, no charge.:-)

  6. Your children are better dressed than I am! I’m so lazy and uncreative when it comes to dressing my daughters. All their clothing either comes in a complete outfit from Target or Kohl’s or has some sort of character on it (most likely Elsa).

  7. Oh man. My niece had that same face when she was that age. She grew into the sweetest thing. I don’t know, she just had this temperamental little attitude when she was 2 but grew into a really sweet spirit. (Her little sis is going though it now, ha!)

  8. Kasey O'Brien •

    those are oddly always the best days! you captured some pretty pics from a memorable day!

  9. Last weekend we got loaded into the car to head to a pumpkin patch, waaaaaay outside of town because the pumpkin patches in L.A. are lame. No one was into driving for hours (we do that every day on our commutes, anyway), and at the last second we decided to stay close to home and do something fun here instead. It’s taken me a long time to learn to roll with the punches like that because I’m such a planner at heart.

    Anyway, we had a great time without going to the pumpkin patch. So, yes, sometimes plans are meant to be spoiled. Spontaneity is good for the soul!

  10. Lindsey •

    It still looks like a lot of fun! This isn’t far from where I live (Hudson). If you are every in that area again, you should try Hawthorne Valley Farm. You can have lunch and are welcome to explore around the farm and grounds. Some days the cows are pretty far out to pasture, but usually there’s something exciting going on. Once my daughter and I happened upon 3 day old piglets and it has been so neat checking in on them over the past months. And you can get lunch and snacks at their farm store!.

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous photos and I LOVE your booties!

  12. warmed my heart. although, i must warn you…i’m beginning to think that this sort of thing may just be one of the hazards of spending time with me. <3

  13. that little striped dress is too cute

  14. that definitely still sounds like a fun day 🙂 sometimes those days are just the best! and when expectations are set, it’s always important to remain positive and see the fun and beauty in whatever happens. 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

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