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How’s everyone’s week been? Thank you to everyone who left a comment about their kid’s sleep habits on the last post. Loved reading everyone’s stories. Made me feel better about my early risers. Counting it a blessing they at least both finally sleep through the night. Lord knows we had a good almost 2 years of at least 3 wake ups from each of them through the night. Well, Finley finally (finally!) slept through the night at about 14 months. Perspective! Am I right?

I had a hard time narrowing down these pictures. I know we all think our kids are cute, but DANG! MY.KIDS.ARE.CUTE! Finley cracks me up. She is either laughing or hates life. For every one of these smiley pictures, there were about 15 where she looked like she wanted to hurt someone. That child. This is totally off topic and totally random but I just sneezed like 30 times in a row. What is happening? Do people have allergies in the Fall?

OK. Back to the pictures.

The girls are so fun to dress. I really quite enjoy myself getting them dressed every morning. I feel like boys would be pretty fun though too. More like a fun challenge- you know, trying to dress them cute without always having them in shirts with balls, trucks or dinosaurs on them. I keep thinking, what if we get placed with a boy? It all happens so quick, I would have nothing for them to wear at that moment. It’s such a silly thing to worry about but just something I thought of the other day. I mean my girls have their fair share of items from the boys section but… Where are your favorite places to shop for little boys?









Jen’s Outfit:

Coated Denim: Madewell
White Lou & Grey Tee: LOFT (even all the Lou & Grey stuff is 50% off!)
Denim Shirt: LOFT (50% off!)
“be thankful” Necklace: Jess LC
Glasses: c/o Coastal
SK8-Hi Slim’ Hi-Top: Vans

Rowan’s Outfit:

Be Rad Tee: Geo Fox Apparel
Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: RUUM
Tights: H&M
Checkerboard Slip Ons: Vans

Finley’s Outfit:

Checkered Shirt: Gap
Cardigan: H&M (boys section)
Jeans: Gap
Leopard Half Cabs: Vans

American Flag: Urban Outfitters

p.s. when your hair is dyed lighter at the bottom it will always. always. look like a taupe (or in my case, a birds nest) on top of your head. What are ya going to do about it but embrace it? #birdsnestforlife

  1. Love your blog and your style Jen! Thanks for sharing!

  2. super cute pics..
    i have the same jeans from madewell .
    arent they super comfy and sexy at same time!

  3. Haha! Totally didn’t notice the “bird nest” thing until you mentioned it, but I think you’re rocking it!

  4. okay seriously?! these are the CUTEST PICS EVAR. i love you guys!!

  5. My son is almost 6 years-old and I still by him a lot of pants and shirts from the “girl” section (I have never been a fan of dividing children’s clothes by gender, specially for young children) and those skinny jeans fits him way better. He also screen printed on a few of his blank t-shirt with his dad (like here : http://petitabricot.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/des-chevaux/), which are quite cute. And there : http://prsprkids.com

    Your girls are so cute and full of life, by the way!

  6. yes, people have allergies in the fall. mostly molds (indoor and outdoor). trees, grasses, weeds stick around somewhat until the first killing frost. a good nasal steroid used daily will help with that 🙂 and if needed, an oral antihistamine. i work at an allergist 🙂

    ps kids are super adorable.

  7. totes adorbs! your girls are totally cute!

    birds nest = super trendy ombre hair! 🙂

    happy friday!

  8. gosh you are such a stylish family! it’s so adorable! love these photos, seems like such a fun photoshoot!


  9. These pics are soooo cute Jen! Of course I love shopping for Turner at Baby Gap (gotta get atleast 40% off thought), Old Navy, Joe Fresh line @ Jcpenney.

  10. Love your outfit, Jen! You used to be an art teacher, didn’t you? I remember reading your blog way back when and can’t quite remember if I read that or if I made that up. If so, I was wondering how you managed your time between teaching, regular life, and blogging:)
    Leah Faye
    the clover field

  11. These are the cutest pictures! (And those jeans look so awesome on you. I looked them up right away and am seriously thinking of getting some. Add them to the capsule!)
    Ok, boy isn’t quite as fun, but cute stuff at old navy, zara and h&m. Wait for sales to splurge on cool TEA stuff.

    PS. As a new mom (ten months in,) I am really finding your blog inspirational. So thank you. Plus, I have a Rowan too:)

  12. I like your hair. Have a good weekend!!!

  13. Kasey O'Brien •

    Hey Jen! I absolutely love these pics! adorable!!:) I have two little guys and I love the gap. Ive found some cute online stores though too. One is called minimioche and one is called tinylittlespecks. A couple of my fav ig gals dress their boys cute too check out caraloren and lovesarahschnieder. They never disappoint! Did I spell disappoint right??? uh..:/

  14. Krystal •

    Hi 🙂
    I love that you shop for the girls
    On the boy side too!!! We have 3 boys and one girl in the middle… We also put her in a few boy items:)
    Love Gap and Old Navy for boy clothes:):)
    Enjoy your weekend with your lovely little family!!!!

  15. Michelle •

    H&M and Zara are the best for boys!!

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