Influence Conference 2014


^^a sunset bike ride with the fam a few weeks ago.

Hi Friends! It’s been a little while hasn’t it? Lot’s has been going on over here the last few weeks! We’ve had 2 birthdays, started home schooling, 4 foster care placement calls, traveled to Massachusetts, San Francisco, Indianapolis, had an art show, filled 3 large wholesale orders for necklaces, painted a wall mural at our church and worked my butt off for an hour long workshop I gave about working with brands for the Influence Conference. Whew! Not sure why things all come at once for me, but feeling like I am slowly coming up for air after a few very busy weeks.

I have lots of posts to share but today I am just trying to process thoughts from this past weekend at the Influence Conference. What an amazing weekend! I’ve been to blog conferences before and I’ve been to christian women’s conferences, but this 2 in 1 deal sort of blew my mind. These are women who love God and love the internet! All the speakers where so heartfelt and genuine. I felt like both Jess and Haley were speaking straight to me, even in a room full of 300 women.

It’s time to build.

That was the theme of the conference. It’s a sentence that can be very scary or very freeing. If you let yourself, it can be one that sweeps you up in what needs to be done and what you should be doing or even not doing. Even with the best intentions you can make it about yourself very quickly. That’s not the point though and the women at the conference spoke with such wisdom and truth to that. The work has already been done. God paved the way for us already. Our value is not in the things we do or the kingdoms we build for ourselves. Our value comes from Him alone. Why are we building (our blogs, our presences, our influence, our homes, or well kept lives, etc..)? For our own glory or Gods? Because if it’s for ourselves there is no lasting satisfaction in that. It’s a kingdom that won’t last. There will always be someone/something bigger, better, more beautiful out there. It will leave you feeling like you are not enough. But hear this truth… YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are enough in Christ.

So let your kingdom be built for Him. For His glory to shine . Let’s make more of our lives be less about ourselves.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

What are you making your treasure today?

  1. Thank you, Jen, I really needed to hear this today. I struggle with the blog sometimes, feeling like I’m not good, enough or I’m never going to be successful. But you’re right, I am enough. Anyway, this was just really encouraging, thank you!

  2. It was lovely meeting you at the conference! The whole weekend was such a blessing to my soul.

  3. Chelsea •

    The conference you attended sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing, it really spoke to my heart this morning 🙂 I have been reading your blog for a really long time and I love seeing it evolve and change as you have. It is very inspiring to see some of the decisions you have made and I appreciate your honesty! It is oh so refreshing!!

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