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I’ve been really working on scaling back my wardrobe lately. Sticking with items that fit more into the basics category (nothing fussy!). I’ve talked about it before but becoming a Mom has really given me a clearer sense of what my style is. It wasn’t an overnight thing but has developed over the last 4 years (ROWAN IS 4 TOMORROW! WHAT!?!?!). I really enjoy dressing much more laid back than I use to, with more neutral colors. More tomboy with a flair of femininity. How and why i’ve scaled back my closet is coming in the next Living A Simple, Intention Life post so I won’t go into great detail here but it’s actually been making picking out outfits and getting dressed even more fun. I’ve been really intrigued by the whole wardrobe capsule idea started over on Un-Fancy. It reminds me of Kendi’s 30×30. I don’t really feel the need to limit my closet to a certain number of items but I really like the whole idea of it. Keep things simple, intentional, and lots of remixing.






IMG_6142 ^^cutest dang diaper bag out there! Perfect for fall and it doubles as a backpack!


Lou & Grey Linen Romper: LOFT (on crazy sale! plus everything at LOFT is 40% off!)
Cardigan: Forever 21
Leopard Loafers: (similar)
Elizabeth Red Canvas Diaper Bag: c/o Lily Jade (on sale!)

And just because Rowan is awesome…



p.s. should we talk about how ridiculous Finley is? Rowan was wearing a princess dress that morning so she had to as well. And as you can see in one of the pictures Rowan was wearing a hula hoop around her neck, so Finley had to find something to copy her and be just like big sister. What a ham.

  1. Finley is just the cutest how she appears in your pictures with the floating tire!

    I am already looking forward to your post, that’s an interesting topic!

  2. I’ve always been big into thrifting my style and thrift stores are notorious for hoarding a mecca of clothes. It took me quite a few years to realize that I could cultivate a classic style with the pieces I was finding instead of just grabbing for all the unusual and vintage garbs. Nowadays I make a much more conscious effort to grab basics and remixable things. Oh and seeing stylish bloggers like yourself has helped me out a lot! 🙂

  3. Your kids’ clothes are seriously the cutest. (And oh yeah – yours is nice too.) 🙂

  4. I found Lou and Grey through your website! I’ve been perusing the site, love all the basics. The colors are great, the fabrics look comfy, and they look like perfect for mixing and matching. I also love when retail sites have reviews. One question for you if you don’t mind – what size do you typically order? I’m stuck on deciding between small and medium. And your kids are DARLING, by the way. 🙂

  5. So cute! All of it, your outfit, your girls, I love it! My boys are the same way, the younger one wants to do everything the older one is doing! They’re a little older now, so it’s not as much, but still so cute. I’m with ya on simplifying your wardrobe! I kinda have to living between Europe & Cali. But it’s been good. Can’t wait to meet you in a couple days at the Stitch Fix event!!

  6. I just ordered that diaper bag! It was exactly what I was looking for as we have another one on the way in January and with a girl the same age as Rowan I knew I would want something that I could throw on my back to have both hands free. Thank you for ending my search!!!!

  7. Wow cant believe she is 4! I loved your neon pony cake cant wait to see what else you come up with. I am in the midst of scaling back my clothes as well, I ended up donating a ton but then I discovered “Vinted” to sell clothing items, which has been better than what I would get at a garage sale.

  8. Wait, can we talk for a second about how tall Rowan is getting?! I feel like I either wasn’t paying attention or these kids just grow overnight. Alexa shot up this summer, too, and it’s throwing me for a loop.

  9. LOL Finley cracks me up in nearly every single picture of her. She has such a presence about her!

  10. loving this look, it just looks so comfortable! and that sweater is perfect for the fall!

  11. Hey Jen! Just found your blog and I love it!! These photos are beautiful. Can’t wait to follow along:)

    Simplicity Relished

  12. Love the casual style… that loafers look so comfy yet chic…


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