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I had plans of just writing a simple post about our bike adventure. However, something about looking at these photos on my birthday made me feel so much more. I turned 32 yesterday. 32. yikes. I loved turning 30. It seemed like an awesome mile stone, 31 was ok because it was still close to 30. 32 though? Not sure how I felt about that one. The weeks leading up to it and I kept thinking “ugh I don’t want to be 32, I still see myself as a kid” (not that 32 is old by any means- just the idea of getting older). I woke up yesterday to the girls jumping on me yelling happy birthday and you know what, it didn’t matter what age I was turning. This was my moment. My reality. I wouldn’t care what age I was turning because I wouldn’t change this. These sweet girls, this stage of life, the good and the bad, all the lessons I’ve learned, my husband who is only getting more handsome with age, the hardships, my dear, dear friends. Just everything that is going on. I wouldn’t change any of it. We all go through life differently and hit different life stages at different ages. Some get married young, some get married later on. We can have kids, start careers, or celebrate life milestones all at different times. We all do it on our own timeline. I don’t think we should put the pressure on ourselves to fit into some standard life timeline. We should enjoy our own, however standard, accelerated or delayed you might feel it is. We should enjoy our moments, our lives, our years wherever they may fall on the timeline. I love birthdays. It’s such a great day to celebrate a year of life. The hardships you may have gone through, the laughs and tears you may have shed. All of it is good. Kev gave me the sweetest of days yesterday. Starting with a big breakfast out at my favorite place, a beautiful drive out to our parents in Massachusetts, seeing family and then an evening without the kids in one of my favorite places. Boston holds so many memories for me. I loved every minute of last night with him. A date with him will always be hands down my favorite thing. It’s so nice to shed all the hats you wear day to day and just be the 2 people you were when you fell in love. Life is busy and it’s nice to slow it down for each other. To get to talk, hold hands, and just be silly. It was a very happy birthday.

Ok. Back to bike adventures. Looking at these photos makes me smile. What a fun and crazy adventure. We have these beautiful bike paths around us that go on for miles and miles. Over labor day we decided to pack up our new bike trailer and head on a bike trek. We packed up all kinds of snacks, a picnic blanket, got the girls ready and off we went. We didn’t plan out our time very well though. We were all so eager and excited that we biked way, I mean waaaaaay too far in one direction before we decided “hey, maybe we should turn around.” When we did turn around we realized just how far we had gone. It was a looong way back. One that the girls were not too happy about. Whooops. #parentfail. Oh well. We pushed through, and when it got just a little too rough on everyone we stopped and had a delightful little picnic (hello golden hour!) by the river. It gave us enough energy to power through to the end. hahahha. We did really have a great time though, the girls crack me up in their helmets. Our new bike trailer is seriously the best. So much easier than the bike seats, plus the girls were playing and talking together the whole time. Our bikes are so old and crappy. Would love to update our bikes at some point (love this one!).

Anyway, No matter where you fail on your timeline, be thankful! Sometimes when I am in the thick of a meltdown (like the tail end of our bike adventure- both girls were screaming. Kind of embarrassing as we passed all the other bikers) I can find myself wishing time would speed up to the next stage of life. The one where the girls are a bit older and can be a bit more independent. But than I look at these pictures and I can’t help but laugh and just see all the love and fun we have. Even through the crying, the sleepless nights, the no time for myself, pushing aside other passions, this is my moment on my timeline and I am fully embracing it. It will pass and it will pass quick (although I know in the thick of things it does not feel like that). I know this year for us is going to be a crazy one, but I am going to make 32 a great year for myself just by being thankful for all that comes my way.




















^^ Finley thought this was about the funniest thing ever. She kept yelling “moooore”.


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  1. Your little family is just the cutest!

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you had a great day. Getting older isn’t so bad ;).


  3. Hello, I have been following your blog for years and I love it!
    I’m from Dominican Republic and just moved to Troy with my family to attend graduate school, I hadn’t realized that you live in this part of the country until this post. Anyway, just a quick note to tell you how wonderful your blog is, I don’t read that many blogs and yours is one I shurely never miss. I will be perusing the archives to find stuff to do with kids around here πŸ™‚

  4. Chris D. •

    Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your little family of 4, you guys are the cutest and your girls… adorable! I always look forward to seeing your posts here or pics on Instagram. Happy Birthday!

  5. Can I ask how tall Rowan is? I’m looking for a bike trailer that’ll fit my tall kids (My daughter is 3 and 42.5 inches, son is 4 months, 28 inches) and I have had a hard time finding one. It looks like your kids fit in that with some extra room!

  6. that picture of Finley cheesin’ is THE cutest!!!
    happy belated birthday Jen!

  7. Hey Kat
    Rowan is 43 inches and fit in the trailer very nicely. it’s very spacious in there.
    Help that helps!

  8. I have been following your blog for years (before Rowan!) and love how you are so consistently up-beat. Even when life is stressful, you find ways to be thankful and happy. I always enjoy your honest posts and photos of real family life. Looking forward to many more years of posts!

  9. Jen lula •

    The word is milestone. Good luck homeschooling.

  10. Thanks Jen! It does for sure – and happy birthday! I’m 32 too and it’s been a great year.

  11. Happy birthday Jen! You have a lovely family and I love reading about all your fun adventures together! I love your sunglasses, can I ask which brand and where you got them from? Thanks!

  12. Rachel Naylor •

    Aww, so beautiful! I have to look at the way fair site, i love that picnic backpack and the trailer! πŸ™‚

  13. I just wanted to say how much I loved this post! I think this may be the loveliest thing you have ever written, ‘It’s so nice to shed all the hats you wear day to day and just be the 2 people you were when you fell in love’ – I hope you had a great birthday!

  14. What a beautiful family you have! We are anxiously waiting for the weather to cool down even a few degrees here in Florida before we go on a bike ride with the kids. Enjoyed reading your post and looking forward to our own day out to explore!

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