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I’ve been using Stictchfix for about a year now. It’s total novelty but I kind of love it. In case you don’t know what it is… You fill out a style profile all about your personal style. Your likes and dislikes, etc.. and then they match you with a stylist who once a month will pick out 5 items for you. They arrive at your door and you get to try them on, see what you like, buy anything that catches your fancy and return (in an easily pre packed envelope) anything you don’t want. Not every box is a winner. The more specific you are and the longer you do it the better they get though. You can link to certain fashion pinterest boards, ask for certain items and let them know of upcoming events to help them pick out the right items for you. I don’t get to the mall all that often with the girls so this is just a little extra treat. Some boxes I’ve kept everything and there have been a few boxes where I’ve sent back all 5 items, but usually I end up keeping 1-2 items. It’s so fun opening the box and seeing what’s in there!!

Give it a try!

Here are my 5 most recent items…


I ended up keeping the black skinny jeans and the tank top. The denim jacket was cool but I already have one, and the red blouse was really fun but I am trying keep my closet a little more neutral this fall. The skirt was horrible. Blah! Totally not my style and so unshapely. I didn’t even want to try it on. In my notes back I wrote I would love to see more denim, dresses, plaid button ups, and sweaters for fall. I’ll let you know what they end up sending next month.

*this is not a sponsored post although the link is a referral code. I will be going on a little Stichfix trip in the next month but this post has nothing to do with that nor was I asked to write about them.

  1. LOVE the black skinnies!
    That was something I totally wanted for fall!
    I think your fashion is adorable!

    Any suggestions on an awesome chambray top?

  2. I love the idea of this! Thanks for sharing and the black skinnies look really nice! What brands are usually included in the boxes?

  3. those black skinnies look amazing on you!


  4. Where are your sandals from?! I love them!

  5. Michelle •

    Thanks! I just signed up!!

  6. I love those two things you kept!!!

  7. Rachel Naylor •

    Ohhh, fun!!

  8. I’m seriously thinking of signing up soon. I love getting packages of surprises. I’m such a sucker for them. When Jewelmint has a mystery box offer going on (you don’t know what jewelry pieces you’ll receive in them) I have a really hard time saying no to that. This seems like something very similar to that. I like that you can link up your account to your Pinterest boards.

  9. I just signed up a few weeks ago and am due to get my first box next week. I’m a little nervous. I feel like I set my price points too low. do you have any recommendations for that part of it?

  10. Josie D •

    The tank top and black skinnies outfit is sooo cute for fall! You’ve officially convinced me to sign up! Do you have any opinions on a similar service called Vain Pursuits, but it’s for skincare? I think they send you skincare products based on a profile you fill out. It seems pretty cute so I’m debating if I should give that one a try too (as you can tell, I’m such a sucker for all things personalized and convenient 😛 )

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