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All things pertaining to Miss Rowan Winter:

Working on: This girl is head over heels in love with coloring. About a month of so ago it clicked. The whole staying in the lines and picking out different colors for hair and clothes. She got it. It’s been non stop ever since. She will sit and color for hours. She is getting so creative with drawing too. The things she comes up with… they are impressive! I just love hearing her thought process behind every drawing. Warms my big art teacher heart.

Anticipating: Her birthday!! Rowan turns 4 on September 12th. We are trying to find a good balance of simple yet special for her this year. She has literally been talking about her birthday everyday for the last 6 months. Talk about pressure! Hahahha! At first is was a frozen party, then a minnie mouse and frozen party. Then a pirate party. A my little pony party and now a surprise party. Oh boy! I better think of something before she changes her mind again. I can’t believe she is going to be 4. 4!

Listening to: We’ve been listening to a lot of phonic cd’s lately in the car. “Apple, Apple, A, A, A”. Lots of letter sounds, lots of number counting songs, etc…They are cheesy but she loves them. Also don’t get me started on the amount of times we’ve listened to the vbs cd she got at vbs last week. I wake up singing them in my head. Ugh.

Eating: We love all the readily available fruits and veggies during the summer. Eating lots of cut up, fresh veggies lately. We convinced her that bell peppers are called “candy peppers” and that they taste like candy and make you run really fast. Totally worked. Sucker.

Thankful for: Her! She is such a special little girl. She’s so sweet and kind. Loves to follow rules (breaking rules makes her very nervous, such a first born thing!). She knows what she likes and will stand up for it. She has such passion for life yet feels such sorrow when things are going wrong or there is injustice. Having such high highs and low lows can leads to quite a few meltdowns though. We are working on learning to handle and express our emotions. She is super brave, always climbing the tallest trees, slides and jumping fearlessly into the lake. She’s the best big sister. Always concerned for Finley’s safety and well being. Giving constant hugs and kisses. She is bright and eager to learn. Loves doing new things and going on adventures. I am so thankful for what she brings to our lives.

Planning: For a new school year to start. I was having a really hard time with what to do for PK this year and kindergarten next year. I wasn’t feeling settled about sending her. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do though. I have some deep issues with our current education system (most teachers are wonderful! I love them and their hard work but I am talking curriculum and standards). Love this TEDTalk. I did a lot of research. A LOT OF RESEARCH! and decided that I really fell in love with the classical education model. After a lot of prayer and consideration, I withdrew her from her current school and we decided to sign her up for a homeschool curriculum called Classical Conversations. We are so pumped about it. It will be something we take year by year. I am not saying we are going to homeschool her forever but for now it’s the right choice for our family and we couldn’t be happier.

Loving: Her current favorites are: her bff Ceanna, My Little Ponies, coloring, having ” extra cold” water with ice, apples, jumping on the trampoline with Daddy, going to camp/vbs, eating at Chipotle, bagels, and making Finley laugh

  1. I feel like I went through the exact same process with my 3.5 yr old recently! Lotsa research concluding in much interest in the classical method. I got a used copy of a well-trained mind off of amazon this year and was totally inspired! Glad you found something that is a good fit for little Rowan!

  2. Cute pictures! 🙂


  3. Love the pics, so sweet! What phonics CD are you listening to? We have been stuck listening to the same 7 songs from VBS and am about to throw it out the window!

  4. Is the homeschooling program something you are involved with? I am asking because the idea of homeschooling cozy sounds great but I can’t quit my job. What I think would be perfect is if there were homeschooling groups that she could participate in so she could have the homeschooling benefit even if we as her parents can’t be the teachers. We have been researching private, charter, and church based school. She just started pre-K at the school she has been attending for daycare but Kindergarten will be at a new school. A school with uniforms (nothing wrong with that) and a strict curriculum. I feel strongly about not squashing her individuality and turning her into a clone and really want to find an environment where her creativity, style, talents and interests are encouraged, developed on a broader scale and appreciated. If you have any suggestions on how to have that balance we are all ears. We have a year to find the perfect fit and look forward to allowing her to grow and develop as the state requires but also as an individual.

  5. Our little girl is just a couple months younger than Rowan and we are also considering classical conversations for her in the future. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you both!

  6. Welcome to the homeschool world (even if it’s only temporary)! I think you will LOVE it! Both my husband and I are second generation homeschoolers.

  7. Your whole family is so perfect! Everybody eats perfectly and is behaved! I feel terrible, I must be doing every single mom thing wrong 🙁

  8. Oh girl, I sure hope you post about your homeschooling adventures! I’m a former kindergarten/first grade teacher, and my husband and I are struggling to figure out what’s best for our girl after preschool (She’s 3.5 and starting school this fall.) Its such a hard decision, especially when my teacher heart loves, loves, loves school. Just not school that is happening right now. 🙁

  9. Rowan sounds like such an amazing little soul. I hope everything goes well with home school. I think home schooling is a great way of having control on what your children are learning.

  10. Oh I’m so eager to hear your thoughts on that classical curriculum!!! I was homeschooled and loved it but have always thought I wouldn’t have what it takes when I’m a mama. Now that I am a mama, I’ve heard such great things about the classical model. So interested to hear more about it. Keep the blog land posted!

  11. Classical Conversations is where it’s at! Jude is Rowan’s age (four in October). We did Sonlight and attempted Singapore Math for pre-k, but when we move and get settled we are totally reevaluating things and we’ll look for a CC group nearby.

    I’m so curious about what you’ll do for her birthday this year. Jude and Caroline will have a joint party (joint parties for liiiiiiife!) and I haven’t even started thinking about how I’m going to pull that off.

    I miss your face. I’m excited to be closer to your coast. Too bad I’ll be so south of you, though! Come see us on your jaunts to Florida?

  12. Great post, thank you. Curious what type of school she was in before. My kiddo is also almost 4 and has been in Montessori. Pros and cons to everything! Can’t wait to hear about your homeschooling journey, and congrats on making a decision!

    Also, Rowan’s dress? Love it.

    Thank you for sharing your words with us. A highlight of my day.

  13. She sounds like such a sweetie and pretty similar to my own little 3yo.
    Always changing her mind! Oh boy!
    We’re experiencing a veggie bender at the moment as well. It’s amazing!

    Such a lovely pair you are. xx

  14. I’ve followed your blog since before Rowan’s birth, and I am so love with the sweet, amazing person she is!

  15. Melanie •

    Can you talk a little more about the research you did and your problem with curriculum and standards? Specifically about preschool standards and curriculum?

  16. justine mckenzie •

    I just heard a talk by Dr. Scott Mason called Why Classical Education at our local Theology Pub here in Toronto. A church near us just opened a Christian Classical Education school called Westminster Classical Christian Academy like 2 blocks away – it sounds like a pretty legit way to teach kids. I hope it goes well and I’d love to hear about how its going on the blog!

    – Justine

  17. I LOOOOOVE her dress!

  18. nadya kotik •

    Hi Jen. I found your blog by searching for clean eating recipes for my nieces who are almost 4 and almost 2. I love reading what you write and I love your style. I’m a substitute teacher and I agree that homeschooling is the best choice especially for younger kids. I’m not sure if I want to stay in education but if I get married I will homeschool and my sister is getting ready to. We live in Binghamton, NY and Elmira, NY so it’s not far from you! Hope everything goes well for you! You have a beautiful family!

  19. Brittani •

    I have heard great things about classical conversations! I’d love to hear your follow up for how it goes, homeschool has always been a heavily weighted option for our children but I waiver in my decision everyday!! I think mostly because of my lack of confidence in my abilities (and I’m a certified early ed. Teacher! Ha!) for now our oldest (just turned 4) is waiting out pre-k for another year and going to a 2 day school… I couldn’t stand the idea of her being in school 5 days a week 8-3 already!!

  20. I absolutely love the photos in this post. So beautiful.

  21. She is so cute!!

  22. I’ve known several families who’ve done Classical Conversations and loved it!! Looking forward to hearing your experience, as we’re considering homeschooling. Also, love the idea of Currently for the kiddos. So fun!

  23. OMG so cute
    I really love these pics
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

  24. Oh I love this. Of course I love hearing what Rowan is doing since Levi is so close in age–coloring is our total thing too…but unlike Rowan, he will often do an entire page brown, haha..:) (Boys!)
    I’m super excited for you to try homeschooling. I have a good feeling you’ll absolutely love it–It fits you so well> I haven’t even heard of that curriculum, but classical is awesome so no doubt you’re in good hands.
    Can’t wait to see you soon! aloha

  25. Love this post! Our oldest will be 4 this month, but in MA she misses the cutoff so 2 more years before kindergarten. Seems crazy to me to hold her back, so considering homeschooling as an option.

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