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Someone may need to send help. I’ve become a crazy juicing addict. Last week after a few failed attempts to juice from our blender with a nut bag. I decided to bite the bullet and order a juicer. Oh man! I was excited waiting for that package to arrive. We ordered a Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed juicer. It was love at first sight that’s for sure. After watching one too many food documentaries on Netflix, I jumped head first into a light juice cleanse these last 6 days since it’s arrived. Because I am training for a half marathon right now though, I didn’t feel comfortable going all juice all day. Instead I’ve been drinking 4 juices during the day and then having a hearty (but healthy and vegan) meal at dinner. Usually quinoa, sweet potatoes, avocado and lots of veggies. I honestly have never felt better. It really made me feel so energized and goodness those juices are so tasty! I’ve found a ton of recipes online but also really like the “Reboot With Joe” by Joe Cross book. It has tons of good info about how to start juicing, recipes and information if you are thinking about doing a juice cleanse. Before I started I wondered “whats better, smoothies or juice?” I think the answer is both. Smoothies keep the whole fruit or veggie (so lots of good fiber) but they are so filing because of that. With juice you get a more concentrated amount of nutrients for the same amount of liquid as a smoothie. I also like that my juices lean more on the vegetable side with some fruit thrown in, where my smoothies always have more fruit in with some greens thrown in. Both are great. Just different.

The girls have been loving it too. Carrot, apple, ginger is a house favorite. I can not give Finley enough. She sucks it right back. We are heading out for the weekend and with a ton of produce still in the house and a family to feed on the road, I made 8 juices (4 kinds, 2 of each) to pack in the cooler and take with us. Here is what I made tonight…

1. Beets, Carrots, Apples, Ginger
2. Spinach, Swiss Chard, Apples, Oranges, Celery
3. Sweet Potato, Bell Pepper, Orange, Pineapple, Ginger, Lemon
4. Celery, Cucumber, Pears, Kale, Parsley,

It’s great that it’s summer and I can pick up almost all our produce at the farmers market. Come late fall I am going to a very sad girl. Stupid Northeast.

Do you have a juicer? What are your favorite juices to make??



  1. Jemma loves apple carrot juice! I still have a hard time with the green ones, but really like adding mint to freshen them up. Cayenne is amazing too!

  2. Mmm! That looks delish!

    Probably one of the most stupidest reasons I can think of why I’m not juicing is because of when the season ends I’d be sad lol!

    How did you introduce your little one to drink fresh juice, did you start with a specific fruit?

    My fav is a good old green juice with cucumber, kale, celery, ginger, lemon, and parsley if I have some on hand.

    Question, does sweet potato actually taste good in a juice?? 🙂

  3. Jackie •

    I am really interested in getting a juicer! I enjoy exercise daily and push for longer runs, harder workouts. Until now I have been feeling like meat protein is the a priority my diet then veggies and complex carbs. But out of curiosity and new allergies I have started making more meals that are vegan. I love them but I’m still concerned about the grams of protein I get; is it enough. Do you track protein on a vegan diet? I do feel more clear and alert on a vegan diet that is for sure. I appreciate your thoughts! Have a great weekend.

  4. millie •

    do you juice the beets raw? where did you find those mason jars?

  5. Mindy •

    Hi Jen- we are juicers in the Holt house. You have to pick up Superfood Juices by Julie Morris. It has the best recipes and tips for juicing for specifics… Energy, skin detox, etc. it’s about 20$ at Barnes and noble. Worth every penny. Cheers! Mindy

  6. Mindy •

    You know what else has great ideas too… 50 shades of Kale. Mindy

  7. I LOVE apple + cucumber juice!!

  8. I’ve never tried juicing, but your juices do look so amazing.

  9. I think we have the same juicer! Yay for new recipes…thanks!

  10. Im actually a juicing fanatic because I have 2 juicers!

    A centrifugal juicer for when im in a rush in the morning (before work) and a masticating for all other times, when I want the most out of my juice.

    Another vote for apple + cucumber (and maybe some mint)

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