The Clark Art Museum


Hands down my favorite thing about blogging will always be the friends made. Some I don’t get to see very often (or at all, boo!), but a few very special ones have ended up living near by. The first time I met Don and Rachel, I was on a long run (like at mile 18, ha!). I was sweaty, out of breath and probably looked crazy. I ran right by them on the street and we totally recognized each other from having emailed back and forth a few times. I loved that moment. It made the world seem so small. We ended up becoming very close with the Naylor’s. Addy and Rowan’s birthdays are only a few weeks from each others. We’ve bonded over so many common interests. One being our love of art! This past weekend we decided on a little family date and headed to the newly redesigned Clark Museum. The girls got sketch pads and pencils to use as we walked through the museum. They also had these flash cards of actual paintings in the museum so the girls could go on a scavenger hunt. Let it be known that we had our first “Soooo excited to find the paining, running at it with 2 small hands, full on touching the painting with 2 guards and 2 parents all yelling “Noooooo” experience”. Whew! At least it’s out of the way right? I felt bad. Rowan is a sensitive little girl and it very much embarrassed her and scared the crap out of her. Poor girl. Don’t think she will be touching any paintings again any time soon.
















  1. Wow this looks so awesome!

  2. great photos! looks like a wonderful time.

  3. audrey •

    Omg little Fin’s face with lil cheetah. I love her. Love love this post. I hope the painting Rowan touched was a good one 😉

  4. So cool to meet new people and make new friends. The museum sounds like such a fun activity.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Relaxing and totally fun!

  6. Its awesome that you have had the opportunity to turn your online relationships into real time ones as well.

    This museum looks amazing especially the lounge area near the water outside. Even though Rowan got a little scare I am sure your children love fun activities like this, what a great idea for a family date!

    Is it fun to hang out and go on outings with other bloggers because you have someone else with you that has similar desires to capture the special moments of your day? I am new to blogging but I am working hard at building my image library and sometimes my friends tease me a little for taking so many pictures and trying to capture interesting images. Just curious. As always, thanks for sharing.

  7. Great photos. I love the scavenger hunt and sketch pad ideas.

  8. Vicki Saltzman •

    Hi Jen: stumbled across your post about your visit to the Clark … so glad to know that your family had fun here (and don’t worry … every little museum-goer eventually learns about the don’t touch the paintings rule)!

    The photos from your outing are fabulous … any chance you’d be willing to share them with us? Please feel free to contact me if you’re willing.

    Hope you will come back soon!
    Vicki Saltzman

  9. That museum looks wonderful!! 🙂 Great photos!

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