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Are you guys into the whole cropped top thing happening right now? I held off because honestly, I was annoyed at the whole trend. Call me old but all I saw were teen girls wearing them with low cut shorts and I kept wanting to scream “that is not how you are suppose to wear that!”. However, I did end up grabbing a few cheap cropped tanks at Forever 21 and I have to say, I kind of really love them. I’ve been in love with pairing them with a high waisted pencil skirts, jeans or shorts. My rule of thumb is there should be little to no skin showing. I am all for a little skin. Just not a whole belly. I think the key is to have the right proportions with everything else you are wearing. Here are a few pins I liked using a cropped top… 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Also, no one can quite rock a crop top like Julie can!

annnd… my sister left a comment below with a good point!

OK. Enough about cropped tops. Let’s move on to Rowan and Finley. These 2 are giving me a run for my money lately, yet have me laughing to no end all at the same time. They are becoming just the sweetest of friends. No one can make Finley laugh quite like Rowan can. Kev and I were doing some yard work on Sunday while the 2 of them were on the trampoline together and it was hysterical laughing from the both of them for like 30 mins. Finley can be such a bully sometimes though and Rowan with her sweet little heart won’t fight back. The laughter eventually seems to end with some hair pulling and tears but the laughing, oh the laughing. It makes my heart 10x bigger.












Tank: Forever 21
Denim Pencil Skirt: Old Navy
Birkenstocks: Nordstorm
Necklace: Jenloveskev Etsy

Top: Target
Overalls: c/o GUESS Kids (on sale!)

Romper: c/o GUESS Kids (on sale!)
Moccasins: Freshly Picked

p.s. Omgosh. Rowan is soooo into posing in front of the camera with that remote. hahahaha!

  1. SO cute! i love all three of your style!


  2. The crop top thing makes me a little crazy too! I kept finding tops that I really loved, only to find out they they were a crop…and I have a super long torso so that’s not happening. LOL! Like you said, I don’t want my whole stomach hanging out

  3. I think crop tops can be cute on the right person, I am just not the right person at all. I have a cropped rashguard that I wear to the beach but that’s a different sort of thing altogether.

    As to your post about the girls: my two are the exact same way! And my younger one is the more forceful of the two, which is super tricky. Enjoy all the sweet giggles!

  4. I’m not into the crop top fad either, but mainly bc I don’t have the body for them, ha! 🙂 You are rockin’ it though!! 🙂 I’m loving those bib overall shorts too!! 🙂

  5. the one thing i sorta love about the crop top low shorts trend is that girls seem to be wearing them whether they have a flat belly or the “right” body type or not, which, i think is awesome cause they are teenage girls and some of them let their bellys, or less than “ideal” figures fly and you know what, in the scheme of everything im glad teenage girls have the confidence to do that, cause you go girl, where i did not and it seems to be supporting the surge for healthy real bodies. I rock crop tops often and have the same rule as you (belly only when arms raised is my thing) cause, well, we old 😉 and its just tacky as not a 17 year old but i have some girls at work that come in wearing cut off bra tops and shorts and as much as i tease them like, what are you wearing? i can see your belly button! I love the fact the body confidence is there and im all for a trend that promotes that. 🙂

  6. also, i wish they made rowans overalls in my size. perfect.

  7. Cute outfit. I don’t get the crop tops either! I don’t mind the way you have it styled, I just don’t like the short shorts with the short short crop top. I mean com on! Your style is beautiful, I could see myself wearing this outfit too 🙂
    Happy Monday!
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  8. I love the crop top trend but I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and I do not think it is appropriate for my growing figure so I hope its around next summer as well, so I can give it a try. Being a sister myself, I know there can be a bit of bickering mixed in with the laughter but I will tell you, as an adult, I would not trade my sisters for anything in the world. Having friends that are also family, is the ultimate gift.

  9. As a super tall lady, I feel like a lot of shirts accidentally end up being crop tops on me! Ha! But I do love this look intentionally with a high waisted pencil skirt.

  10. love your necklace! so cute!

  11. Julie’s crop top is super cute! The crop top trend for me is so iffy. I love them so much. I want to be able to wear them to work, to church, to workout in, and really everywhere because they are so comfy and light for summer. But then I have to take a step back and remind myself that I would be totally mortified if one of the pastors from my church saw me in a hooch-y crop top. I agree 100% with the little to no skin showing. I have a few that I will only wear with high-wasted skirts and I feel so comfortable in those outfits. My skin really only shows if I raise my hands and stretch to the roof. The rest of them I just wear to the beach with shorts or over dresses! If they are paired with the right dress, they look totally cute too, kind of a 2-in-1 outfit. I have a crop sweater that I pair over a maxi dresses in the winter.

    The littles are sooo sweet and adorable! I love her Minty Moccs! Kids are seriously so funny. My family has a foster baby and the things she does, I probably laugh wayyyyy to much at all the crazy things she does.

  12. Looking great guys. I love your necklaces Jen

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