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Ever since I worked with Lou & Grey I kind of can’t get enough. I added a few new pieces to my wardrobe the other weekend. They are just so easy and chic. Here is what I got…


Linen Romper | Striped Maxi | Striped Chambray Dress | Chambray Zip-Pocket Pants

The week back from vacation is always a little tough. Back in routine. Lots of laundry. Kev back at work. Ugh. Hoping this week is a little better than last. Happy Monday everyone! Here are a few of my favorite things around the internet lately…

1. Naomi was sweet enough to order a necklace from my instagram flash sale the other week. Doesn’t she look fabulous wearing it in her most recent post? You can purchase all necklaces from my etsy shop now if you are interested.

2. A few people asked about my black strappy back bathing suit top from the Costa Rica post. I got it at Pac Sun but it’s not on their website anymore. I found this one which is very similar. It looks reversible so you could wear it on the black side for a similar look. I love that top! Speaking of suits… How cute is this Pina Colada suit? Also, READ THIS ARTICLE!

3. These Raspberry Lemon Yogurt popsicles look amazing. We will definitely be making these this summer!

4. Julie look so beautiful in this dress. Perfect outfit for summer. And goodness Andrea is a babe! Love the white tank and leather skirt.

5. These yellow wedges are about the cutest thing ever! How sweet would they look with a pretty summer dress? This dress would be perfect.

6. We had plans to meet up with Drea and Marlowe when we were in FL, but unfortunately some plane issues made me have to cancel (major sad face!) but I wish we could have hula hooped with those two. They are just too cute!!

7. Have you ever tried homemade granola bars? In an effort to be less processed in our house I have been trying a bunch of recipes. This one looks delicious!

8. I’ve been looking for the perfect chambray skirt for summer and I am pretty sure this is it!

9. Congrats to Melissa on the new blog/blog name. Dearbaby was one of the very first motherhood blogs I followed. I have so much love for her and her family.

10. And lastly the sweetest little ice cream sundae shirt for Rowan.

  1. Julie •

    Hi Jen! I ordered a necklace from your Instagram sale as well and was wondering when it might be shipped? Thank you!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Lou & Grey is so easy & fab and I have my eye on all those pieces. Our BC teachers are striking though, so our budget is terribly tight these days. Sigh! Fingers crossed it gets resolved SOON. And yay, yes, saw your necklace on Naomi – absolutely adore it on her!! xoxo

  3. The pieces from Lou & Grey look absolutely summer-ready and comfortable. I love anything that is just soft and effortless. Thanks for sharing – I didn’t know about them until now! The popsicles look awesome. Might need to try a new recipe! And I totally didn’t know Melissa did a blog redesign! I’m so behind – thank you for sharing!!

  4. A great collection from lou and grey. I love their stuff

  5. I absolutely love the stripes in the pieces from Lou & Grey. And those popsicles look SO good!

  6. Love it! Any chance you will be doing a giveaway for Lou & Grey or Loft anytime soon? 🙂

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