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We have 3 bedrooms in our house. Most days I wish we had just 1 extra bedroom, but I love our house and it’s not really too big of a deal until guests need to stay over (or you start thinking of growing your family). So far no one’s minded an air mattress in the living room. Again, it’s a very first world problem. I know. Anyway, as we started our foster care certification we realized we would need to make room for another baby. By law each child needs their own space and bed (no pack and plays, co sleepers, etc… even if they may be infants). We decided then to create a shared bedroom for Rowan and Finley and to give the foster child their own room. Rowan has been asking for bunk beds for well over a year now. She was pretty excited when we told her the news. The lovely folks over at The Land of Nod generously helped us out to makeover Rowan’s current room into a shared space for the both of them.


I like to keep the bedrooms pretty simple in our house. Not too many toys and things. I prefer bedrooms full of books and areas to read. The room isn’t huge and the bunk beds are quite big so there wasn’t much room for anything else anyways. I love all The Land of Nod’s storage pieces. I especially love the wire wall cubbies for books or toys. We went with a full mattress on the bottom of the bunk bed. Rowan was already sleeping in a full and we’ve really enjoyed that extra space on nights when we end of sleeping in there with her for whatever reason. Plus, with Finley still being pretty young to be out of a crib, the full gives her more space to move around. She is pretty use to sleeping in a bed though already. The bunk beds are seriously like the nicest piece of furniture we own.

I wanted to keep a sort of neutral platte but add bright pops of color for some added fun to the room. I love the mix of the black and white walls with the black and white furniture and bedding. I painted 2 walls black and left the rest of the walls white. I made a few of the decorations for the walls to tie it all together with the same bright colors. All in all we are all pretty happy with how it came out! Rowan walked into the finished room and yelled “This is sooo awesome”. I am glad she likes it!














White bunk beds: Land of Nod
Yellow dot sheets: Land of Nod
Black and White striped sheets: Land of Nod
Mustard Quilt: Target
Mint Quilt: Target
Coral Pillow: Target
Anchor Girl Pillow: Land of Nod
Rocking Chair: My Grandma gave it to me when I was a baby
Book Caddy: Land of Nod
Cat Tattoo Print: Amanda Atkins
Emerson Print: Katie Daisy
Black Toy Chest: Land of Nod
Gold Geometric Lamp: Land of Nod
Doll House Frame: Target
Shag Carpet: Land of Nod
Teal Wooden Chest: Flea Market
Wall Weaving: Handmade
Dream Catcher: Handmade
White Wire Wall Bins: Land of Nod
Gold Clip Lamp: Land of Nod
Floor Pouf: Target
Coat Rack: Land of Nod
Curtains: Ikea
Cross Blanket: Pia Wallen

  1. You did a wonderful job, Jen! I love how the room is very simple with quirky decorations.

  2. I can’t wait to hear how this works out for your girls!! I have two daughters, slightly farther apart in age than yours (mine are 8 and 3) and they are always asking to share a room / get bunkbeds but I’m hesitant because they have such different personalities. I’m afraid my oldest will end up frustrated by the lack of solo space. But I know some kids do it and love it so hopefully you will let us know how it goes for you!

  3. Love it, Jen! You’re always rethinking things with fresh eyes. We are re-doing our bathroom right now and giving it black walls, but man…who knew choosing a black paint could be so daunting! So many choices. What brand and color did you end up going with? Just curious…the paint lays on the wall really nicely. Take care! : )

  4. Rhiannon •

    What type of black paint did you use? I’m about to go black (and super stoked about it). Did you use a matte paint? I prefer the look of matte buy I’m worried about fingerprints with little ones running around. ☺️

  5. Ashlee •

    That branch is incredible!! I love the awesome texture that it brings to the room! I also love the dream catcher with all the fun hanging details. What a simple, but fun and creative space for your girls!

  6. Loooooove! We have a four bedroom, but moved our two oldest into a shared room when we were licensed so there would always be a free room for all the beautiful foster babies coming through and so the big boys will always have the stability of each other around. So pumped for your faaaaaaam.

  7. The room looks great! I love the mix of colours, everything works so well together but it its not super matchy.

  8. Love it! Love the dark wall in their room too! I’m usually an all white walls kinda girl, but with the white beds and all the natural light, it’s amazing!

  9. oh gosh jen! this looks amazing. i am so in love with your style, and basically everything you do. c:

  10. Their room is lovely. I also love to keep bedrooms minimal and clean! Where is the wall weaving from? DId you make it? I’m hoping to get a weaving kit soon. I’ve been ogling weavings all over the internet for weeks on end here, hah!

  11. Lovely room! Has so much character and personalty

    Happy Medley

  12. I love this room! So adorable, all the books and art are perfect.

  13. you’re such an amazing decorating

  14. Beautiful. It looks so amazing.

  15. Jen P. •

    Beautiful room! But I thought you weren’t going to accept C/O items anymore? Or did that only apply to clothing..?

  16. Sarah •

    Jealous that land of nod sponsored this post. Makes blogging all the worthwhile!

  17. You’ve got a great eye, Jen. The girls’ room is exquisite, and I’m especially impressed that it meshes well with the style in the rest of your home. xx

  18. love, love, love love love!!!

  19. I would LOVE to know the paint colors in here. 🙂 Gorgeous room! <3

  20. natali •

    hola me gustan las cestas de hierro que utiliza para los libros me podrias decir donde las puedo encontrar, soy de bcn

  21. I love your room and this is what I going to do to my room

  22. Stacy •

    Hi, great room! Love it! what is the square footage of the room? My daughters room is about 100 sq feet, just trying to see if something similar would fit. Thank you

  23. rebecca •

    I love the dream catcher and wall hanging. Would you make them for me?! I’ll pay! Message me xx

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