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When T.J. Maxx asked if I wanted to be part a of blogger challenge about how you “dress your best self”, I couldn’t wait to participate! 1. I love T.J.Maxx and 2. my style has evolved so much since the beginning of this blog. I wrote about it in a recent post actually. Anyway, thinking more about it, I decided that “my best self” as far as style goes is laid back, chic, comfy, and something I can be adventurous with my kids in. Like this designer jumpsuit! I have worn this thing more than I would like to admit since I got it. It was the perfect travel day outfit for rushing around 2 airports with 2 kids and lots of luggage. I was comfortable yet felt put together at the same time. I feel my best self though no matter what I am wearing when I am with Kev, the girls and we are out doing something all together as a family. Creating new memories and experiencing new things (wearing something awesome is a bonus though). I just love them so much!






Striped jumpsuit: T.J.Maxx
Denim Jacket: J.Crew
Sandals: T.J.Maxx
Clear Glasses: c/o Costal Contact


photo 2

photo 3


photo 4


Watch the T.J.Maxx Dress Your Best Video! to find out more about this campaign.
T.J.Maxx provided a gift card for items purchased in this post. All opinions are my own.

  1. Melissa •

    Looks like you had a great time! Love those sandals! I’m curious how do you get a sponsorship with TJ? That is awesome!

  2. love this outfit 🙂 and love tjmaxx 🙂

  3. So lovely! Your jumpsuit is darling and so are your kids. It’s nice to see a real woman with curves wearing a jumpsuit too. (I always secretly wonder how big my butt is going to look in them). 🙂

  4. Cute outfit! Safe travels to you and your cute little fam!

    xoxo Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  5. Love this outfit! I’m contemplating buying a shorts romper but not sure I have the body for it! And is it a pain to use the bathroom?? 🙂

  6. Samantha •

    Hi Jen I’m so sorry to ask this but is it hard to go the bathroom on an airplane and in the airport in a jumpsuit? I’m travelling to France in a month with my family and looking for something comfortable and chic to wear as well…

  7. Hey Samantha!
    It is actually quite easy. It is stretchy and easily comes up and down. It hasn’t been a problem for me.

  8. Annette •

    I love those (wooden?) beads Finley is wearing in the 4th from the bottom photo. Might I ask where you got them? My little lady would love them.

  9. Jen, thank you so much for finding this jumpsuit!! I have been on the jumpsuit hunt for MONTHS now, and I am a mama as well, so I wanted it to be practical and comfy. I went out to TJ Maxx right after I saw this and am now the proud owner. Now we can be twinners 😉 It’s sooooo comfy! Pretty sure I’m never taking it off. You rule and look fabulous as always!

  10. Great campaign! Comfy dressing is a must.

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