The Start Of Vacation.


Well, we hopped a plane (twice actually) and headed to Florida for 2 weeks. We had a bumpy start getting here. It took us 2 tries and 2 days to make the short little 3 hours flight. Plane mechanics were not on our side, but we are here and we couldn’t be happier. My parents house in Florida feels like our much warmer, way more cool home away from home. In the 24 hours that we’ve been here we’ve already gone to the beach, gone to the zoo, taken naps, gotten smoothies, seen 4 manatees (2 of which were mommy and baby nursing!!) and had way too much fun with the GoPro at my Aunt and Uncle’s pool. Kev asked for one for Christmas last year and he’s been pretty excited to use it for the very first time in the water. Why are underwater pictures so awesome? Everyone always looks sort of crazy but I just keep wanting to take more. I know this goes without saying but vacation is the best. Not because you may end up somewhere cool to explore or warmer, or whatever but because you are all together. There really is nothing better than extended time all together as a family.

and yes. I think this is the best picture ever…











  1. Laura T •

    Have your babies always taken to the water so nicely?? My little girl is a month younger than your Finley and she loves the pool, but isn’t keen to go under water. Any advice?

  2. What an awesome holiday. Great Pics!

  3. Look at your water babies! Awesome photos!

  4. the go pro looks like it takes really good pics even in the water! i might have to check it out – what kind do you? i know there are different levels that are available.

  5. So fun! Love the pictures of you all under the water!

  6. I can’t wait until my little monkey who turns 1 next month can swim. It looks so fun!

  7. I love your little guys swimming suit 😉 babies should be free while they can be!!

  8. Filey holds her breathe? Wow, I know babies are born with the natural ability to hold their breathe under water, but it’s my understanding that if it’s not encouraged and allowed then they lose the skill, no? I didn’t learn this until my kiddo was around 2… wamp wamp…

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