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The tiniest carnival pulled through town over the weekend. I am a sucker for the color, lights and smiles a carnival brings. As a parent there is nothing I love more than watching the girls enjoy and experience something fun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not without it’s challenges sometimes. There was definitely a melt down when we said no more games, but we try to roll with the punches and always make the best of the situations. Kids will be kids, right? It’s always worth it in the end.

When you really think about a picture- doesn’t it sort of blow your mind? hahahaa. That a camera can capture every detail of a particular moment in a push of a button. I know this is 2014 and I can’t really be blown away by the technology, but still, sometimes I look at our pictures in such amazement. Not over how good I am at taking pictures (because I am not) but that I have this tangible thing I can hold and remember these moments. The smiles on the girls, the ice cream all over Finley’s face, Rowan’s hands stretched high to the sky as she rode around the ferris wheel, or Rowan lined up among all the teens to play the water game. It’s these tiny details that if they weren’t captured in a picture might not be remembered forever. I am all for living in the moment and there is definitely a time and a place for taking pictures vs. being present but, oh goodness! I just love capturing moments with my family. Memories to pass on to the next generation of family. I love looking at old photos of my parents, my sisters and I. I hope one day our girls will value these as much as I do!

















  1. OMG where did Finley get her shoes?! Or, rather, where did you get them (as it seems unlikely that Finley’s all that into shopping just yet). I adore them!

  2. Amber •

    Jen you inspire me to be a better mum, and take 1000 more picture I’m crap at being in the the pictures unless they are selfies. My little girl Eleanor is 9 months and I adore her but sometime being a mum is really tough, you just remind me to live in the moment and enjoy the good and just go with whatever else. I just wanted to let you know your a good egg.
    x amber

  3. Hey! I’m Meg… I’m sort of a new follower of yours from American Blogger…anyway, just wanted to “formally” say hey! And little carnivals are so fun! Props to you guys for getting on the Ferris wheel! Those things TERRIFY me!

  4. Always worth it! Love these pictures!

  5. So adorable! Love the photo of Rowan with the teens!

  6. You just cant beat the smell of the fair- Love it!

  7. On man, I want to be able to pick a favorite – but I CAN’T! Love you guys, also, I want ice cream.

  8. Oh my goodness this looks like so much fun!! I wish we had a carnival here now! Great photos 🙂

  9. I’m totally with you on the photo amazement front! Lovely colourful pictures, looks like a fun time was had! x

  10. These pictures are so priceless! Just beautiful! Looks like a wonderful time & beautiful memories! Have a lovely week!
    <3 Kastles

  11. Chelsea •

    What a beautiful family!!

  12. I love every single one of these photos! The bright colors are beautiful and just make you feel the enjoyment in every photo! Looks like you all had an amazing time!

  13. Jen, I LOVE these photos! So happy to hear that you and your sweet family had a wonderful time at the carnival! These sweet and small moments in life are truly the best! xo

  14. It’s so great that you have these to look at forever. Kids grow up so fast and change so much, that it’s great to have something to look back to.

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