A Sunday Hike



This past weekend, summer decided to show up in full force. We all knew it was going to be short lived (it’s cold and grey again today) so we tried to soak up as much fresh air and sun as we could. The girls just love being outside. They live for it. Finley especially. I’ve mentioned on twitter before, but she is like a little indoor cat waiting for a door to open to leap outside before anyone notices. Yesterday I found her outside (our backyard is fenced) by herself just sitting on top of her slide. I secretly watched her from inside. She sat there for 8 mins just looking at the bird in the trees. Then she slid down the slide, took a little lap around the trees in the yard and then came back in. Goodness, it was cute.

We headed to one of our favorite kid friendly hikes on Sunday. There was some shuffling with packs and kids but it worked out pretty great. It already has me scheming up a summer bucket list of hikes and adventures I want us to do. Shouldn’t all weekends in the summer be 3 day weekends? Yep. That sounds like a good idea to me.












Did you notice how blonde Finley’s hair is????!?!?! Where did my brown haired baby go?

Also, did you notice Kev and Rowan are making the same face in the second picture at the top? Hahaha They were really excited about the hawks that were flying around.

  1. I second that motion of 3 day weekends. We had the chance to go bike riding on Saturday but by Sunday it was grey and raining again. I love spending weekends outside with the family.

  2. Longtime follower, first time commenter, though your blog often speaks to me…sometimes in unexpected ways. Anyway, wondering if you would mind sharing the location for your hike…it’s beautiful and just the sort of thing my soul could use right now. I have a feeling we’re in roughly the same geographic location give or take some drive time. THANKS!

  3. Wow! Such great pics, it looks like an amazing day.

  4. Wow! That place looks gorgeous! Where is it? (Maybe you mentioned it before, I forgot!)

  5. Yes, I so agree about 3-day weekends in summer! Love your birks! I think I’ve decided they will be the perfect shoes to get my pregnant self through a hot Texas summer 🙂 And–your carrier, the one your husband is using. Do both you kids fit in it? Is it comfortable?

  6. Mónica •

    Are you enjoying the summer otherwise …. We weekends making good the advantage butt also do tours …. Your husband and your daughter a lot more they appear. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  7. wow,your hike trip was amazing!!! i truly love this place..your post made me wanna go for a hike too..

    xo josephine c.

  8. When my sister and I were younger, my dad used to travel a lot for work. But he always made sure to save up some of his holiday days so in the summer he’d make every weekend a 3-day weekend! It was great to have that little extra bit of family time together.
    I love Rowan’s little yellow dress! So perfect for summer.

  9. So wonderful you have the family hiking. I wish I lived somewhere where this was possible! Beautiful photos as always 🙂

  10. This looks like a great day where some awesome memories were made. I agree that every weekend in the summer needs three days, plus I find with one less day at the office, I have been super efficient with where my time has been spent.

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