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What up ladies? Did you have a great Monday? It was beautiful out today (finally after yesterday was freeeeezing) and we spent the majority of the day outside gardening. My Mom is here helping and it’s awesome. I’m so not a gardener, even though I am trying to be. I had quite the battle with a giant bush with ridiculous roots this afternoon. I have some battle wounds but I won in the end. We are trying to dig up some weird random bushes the people who lived here before planted. I like simple gardens that look nice and clean. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite finds and reads from the internet this past week.


1. Did you know Kev has a new site? It’s awesome (of course!) and he just posted a sweet logo he made a while ago. Go (I mean run) and check it out.

2. My favorite bathing suit bottoms for the town pool. I have 2. Love them.

3. Kind of swooning over this makeup bag. Love anything with constellations on it lately.

4. Are these real? I don’t know but oh man! Kev and I were laughing like crazy the other night as we read them.

5. I may have just bought some regular black Birks but I kind of want these ones as well.

6. Luke Swanson is so dang cool! So happy we can call this amazing family our friends. So thankful for them!!

7. This bold striped dress is so simple, yet so chic. I think I would wear it everyday.

8. It’s a boy! It’s a boy!! So happy for Linda and her family.

9. I wish we had a little boy in the house so I could get them this dino bone raincoat. It’s too adorable!

10. Veronika looks so beautiful in orange. Loved this outfit on her!

11. The new line from Lou & Grey for the LOFT is AMAZING. Talk about being comfy and effortlessly cool all at the sometime.

12. Vegan chocolate pie! Mmmm Mmmm. It looks delicious.

13. This hat is so perfect for summer and the beach!

14. Omgosh! These Nike sneakers for little girls kill me. KILL ME!

15. Love this new series on Danielle’s blog. Also love that her first guest was one of my favorite ladies.

16. I’ve been on a major earring kick lately. Moorea has the coolest selection around!

  1. If you really like that little dino raincoat, you should get it for one of your girls! Thanks for the cute links 🙂

  2. Sara Howland •

    Hi Jen-

    I also want a pair of Birkenstocks…which one to choose is the question!!! They will be perfect for my trip to San Fran next month.



  3. AH, oh my goodness, Jen!!! You’re such a sweetheart, thank you for the lovely compliment + for including me in your list. I’m incredibly flattered, and you’ve totally made my day!! <3 Also, I'm super crushing on that photo of Kev & Finley, over the top adorable! Enjoy the visit with your mom! xoxo

  4. Aww, daddy painting nails! What a sweet guy – I’m sure she just LOVED It! He looks very focused, too 🙂

  5. the picture of Kevin moving the lawn with Finn and the one of him painting Rowans nails!… I LOVE THEM!!!
    super cute.

    love your little fam Jen.


  6. LOVE all these links! I might just order the same bathing suit from UO in the floral print…so cute!
    P.S. – Check out Dillard’s New Years Day One Day Sale – all of their kids Nike’s are on SUPER SALE! I got Turner that same pair for boys ($45 bucks originally) for $17!


  7. that pic of kev mowing the lawn… i die!!

  8. audrey •

    We all know Kev has got the looks. But somehow he is even cuter with Fin mowing and painting Rowans nails. You lucky girl!!! 🙂 and I agree with the other comments: If you like the “boys” dino bone, I bet the girls would love it too no matter who it’s made for!

  9. love the bunkbed! do you mind sharing where you found it?

  10. Re: #9 I would argue that lots of little girls like dinosaurs, too (I sure did!). But of course that depends on the individual girls.

    Actually I kind of wish that dinosaur rain coat came in adult sizes so I could get one for myself… 🙂

  11. I hope you’ll share style pictures in your swimsuit sometime. I’m always wishing more mom’s would share how they pull off looking cute at the pool, feeling good in their suit and still chasing after kiddos! Thanks for the links!

  12. Adrienne •

    Ah! Kev painting Rowan’s nails!… that makes me excited for our little lady to join us in August.

  13. Just ordered a pair if metallic silver Birks! My first pair! So excited to try them!!

  14. yes, please share the bunk bed information! And is your oldest in the top one yet? We have two gals about 3 years apart and they will share a room soon, and I want to check out some space saving options.

  15. I cannot believe that picture of your husband mowing the lawn with your wee one on his back! That is just too adorable! You have such a beautiful family!


  16. I thought you may be interested in this, sept 27th in the city there’s a walk for childhood cancer research.


  17. Lexie hanks •

    Love the bedding on the bunk beds! Where oh where are those black striped sheets from!? I’ve been hunting for some!

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