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Remember my outfit post last week when I said I wasn’t fancy? Well this is me taking that same top and trying to get fancy. Fancy, but not. I think that is my M.O. for life. hahah. Last Friday we had a Good Friday service at church and I decided we would take the opportunity to dress up just a bit. Loved mixing a sweatshirt with my most favorite vintage skirt. I felt so comfy, it was awesome. We were very appreciative of Mon Petit for sending the girls some pieces from their new Spring/Summer collection. Aren’t they adorable?

Even though I wasn’t on twitter for most of Lent (I popped on at night to reply to messages), it’s funny (or sad?) how your mind is programed to write tweets subconsciously when things happen. I ended up starting a note in my phone when I found myself thinking out a tweet. Only me? Anyway, here is my past month in “tweet” form…

1. Grating anything has to be the one of the scariest experiences ever. #iknowiamgoingtogratemyfinger

2. Omgosh. It’s 6:15pm and it’s still light out. Hallelujah.

3. Finley just ate a rock.

4. R: Finley has a big belly. Is she growing a baby in there?

5. Sometimes I think “is there a better song than Us by Regina Spektor?”

6. I just ate my weight in blackberries

7. Remember the movie Powder?

8. The dance cam is the best part of any sporting event. Rowan just made it on to the one at the hockey game and I’m crying I was laughing so hard.

9. Just wasted way too much time looking at Hawaiian real estate.

10. “love loud, don’t lose out” oh Mates of State you are singing to my soul.

11. Rowan has been in the bathroom for about 15 mins singing Frozen to herself.

12. I just realized the peeler I thought was “broken” and didn’t work good is actually a julienne peeler #doh

13. I found a new band I liked. But then I realized they are probably barely 20. Not sure how I feel about that.

14. Kev just caught Rowan with scissors trying to cut her hair #soitbegins

15. Some nights I look at Finley and think “you’re already wearing a tshirt and leggings how are these any different than pjs?”. Then I don’t change her and put her to bed. #imtiredandlazy

16. I love long texting conversations with @littlehipsqueaks

17. Finley has mastered the art of the side eyes. Ooooh she is sassy. (side eyes emoji)

18. Date night! Driving around in our swagger wagon listening to Hot Water Music. #hardcorekidsturnedparents

Hahahahahahahhahahhh why do these makes me laugh so much? It’s so lame that I wrote them all down throughout the month, but at the same time sort of hilarious? I don’t know. Twitter is a weird, strange 140 count world.







Happy Weekend!!!

Raglan Crewneck: c/o Everlane
Skirt: Vintage (similar & similar)
Necklace: Wrenn Jewelry
Heels: Similar

Shirt: c/o Mon Petit
Skirt: Old Navy
Salt Water Sandals: Can be found at Zappos

Dress: c/o Mon Petit
Tights: Target
Salt Water Sandals: Can be found at Zappos

Mon Petit is offering 30% off all the full price merchandise now unill 5/1. If you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion head on over and take a look at they super cute spring and summer collection. Use code: JENLOVESKEV30

  1. i love those sandals! so cute!

  2. Jen! You look amazing… I remember that skirt well. I was seriously lusting after it in Austin!! <3 And I love, love that you mixed it with a sweatshirt. Totally my speed!! Plus, aw the girls, so cute!! xoxo

  3. That baby girl of yours is so freakin’ cute! love the little animal eyes!

  4. Melissa •

    LOVE Regina Spektor! Her music is So. Good. Also, I need that Everlane top. I’m thinking I’ll be making an order soon!

  5. i often find myself thinking in tweets. i’m so glad i’m not alone 🙂

  6. Audrey •

    I love your tweets! For those of us that *don’t* use Twitter it’s really awesome to hear those little tweets! I wish we could see Rowan on dance cam!!!

  7. oh my gosh, loooooove these. especially #’s 1, 3 and 4. amazing.

  8. I just found your blog through the American Blogger documentary and am so happy I did! You blog is so fun and is full of so many different great ideas and inspiration…what I hope for my own to be someday lol. These outfits are adorable! I really like how you styled this full skirt. I’ve been trying to get that trend to work for me but I always look frumpy…I’m definitely going to have to give something like this a try!

    Excited to follow along with you and your little family! Have a great weekend!

  9. Cute outfits! Love those sandals x

  10. Jeannie Marie •

    I love those water sandals. I ordered them from Amazon for a bit cheaper than what zaps has them. Just an FYI.
    Love your blog. Thank you for sharing.

    xoxo J

  11. The girls look gorgeous Jen. We have a boy and i have so much fun dressing him and even though i’d love another boy for number 2 a girl would be super fun.


  12. ashtin •

    Hi Jen! I couldn’t help but notice that awesome coat rack in your entryway. Was it a DIY project and do you have a tutorial? Coat rack almost seem to be a thing of the past; a nice one is so hard to come by without spending some serious cash! Thanks for another great blog post. Have a fabulous week! : )

  13. Definitely referenced powder the other day when applying sun tan lotion on my baby. My husband had no idea what i was talking about.

    I’m glad there’s more of us out there. : )

  14. I love outfit post with your beautiful kiddies. I have a four month old little girl and I’m always looking for outfit inspirations for her (it’s so much fun dressing her up!). Your posts have been a big help! Thank you!


  15. i just love everything about all this. Your house is so beautiful and you and your children are perfect! I also could eat my weight in blackberries if I could! I am just waiting until they are in season! 🙂


  16. just got caught up on your blog and this is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever done! brilliant and you guys look adorable. love the salt waters with the tights. happy mother’s day, jen!

  17. Ericaj •

    Just wanted to say yeah for you for your decision to foster. My husband and I have a similar experience in that we decided several years ago we wanted to adopt, started out looking at international, didn’t feel right, worked our way backwards and ended up going through foster care training. We really wanted to adopt, but decided to just go with the flow and take whatever came our way, whether it be temporary foster care or adoption. We were changed by the process, but all for the better. We became more compassionate, more empathic, less naive, and we became parents. We adopted 2 boys who are biological siblings and love them to pieces. We also loved the kids who came into our home for short periods of time and I still think about them often. I encourage anyone who has the slightest tug to go for it. It is hard, but so worth it. Like most of life. 😉 Didn’t see an e-mail link for you, or I would have went on and on. ha.

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