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Happy Monday Friends! It’s going to be over 60 today!! Hip hip hooray. We are super pumped, so I’m closing my computer for the day and we’re hitting the park. Of course not before we all admire how adorable Rowan is in her first school picture. Omgosh. I die. Hope you all have a great day!!

Here are a few of my favorite items and posts from around the internet this past week…
1. Dresses that must get in my closet for the summer. White, Red and another white. Plus, I think it’s meant to be- just look at the name of these sandals.

2. How super cool is this?!? So excited for Rubyellen.

3. The most worn item in my closet. So simple, yet so awesome.

4. Not gonna lie. Ohdeardrea is probably one of my most favorite blogs. Ever. Love her. Love this post on blogging.

5. What color Saltwaters would you choose for yourself? I’m partial to the tan & the red.

6. How delicious does this drink look? Strawberry blood orange limeade! Love the photography as well.

7. The absolute most perfect spring coat! Love the hood.

8. So happy to hear the news about baby number two for Sydney! Also, so excited for Indiana and the birth of Lucy. Love reading her birth stories. I’m always crying and laughing all at the same time.

9. Did you know the LOFT carries swimsuits? They are totally adorable and flattering for ladies (me!) who don’t want to try to wear a teen suit from Target. Also, I’m kind of obsessing over this romper. I always forget how much I like the LOFT. I got all of my summer shorts there last year. Love them.

10. 2 of my favorite fashion posts over the past 2 weeks. Always love Julie (duh!) and love Bridget’s large red beads.

11. This blowup donut pool float is about the cutest thing ever!

12. Totally touched (and a crying mess) by Mandi’s heartfelt post about having cancer. What a journey! So much love for her.

13. How pretty is the back of this sports bra? Love the straps on this purple one as well- perfect for low impact exercise. When the temperatures change I start itching for some new running gear. Aren’t these shoes and running capris awesome?

14. Totally inspired by Lauren’s meal prep posts! So helpful for eating healthy for the week.

  1. I love these roundups! You find the coolest stuff. I think the link may not be correct on #9 about swimsuits at Loft- it goes to a jacket on Modcloth, which is still a great find!

  2. I love that donut floatie! I have a seriously nostalgic connection to one that my husband and I picked up at a cheesy tourist shop in Miami on our honeymoon…but it may be time to upgrade!

  3. Jen, I love YOU! and rowan <3<3<3<3

  4. ok, a few things:
    1. oh my gosh, in LOVE with those rowan sandals!
    2. also in love with those suits from the loft. but how in the WORLD does anyone wear a romper? i’m too nervous about having to use the bathroom..
    3. seriously, rowan’s school picture is the cutest thing i’ve seen. adorable.

  5. I have that exact donut float at home! It’s super durable, I recommend it!

  6. OH my goodness, Rowan is so cute. What beautiful class photos!

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