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When I planted a little indoor herb garden I thought it would be just that… an herb garden. We’ve grown much more than just the herbs though; we’ve grown so many family memories in the process. Rowan has been so excited about growing herbs in the house. When we first put the seedpods in she would run down every morning to see if anything had sprouted. As the herbs started to grow we watered the plants together, added the nutrients and then learned how to harvest each of the herbs. It has given me so much joy watching her be so interested in something. Because let’s face it, 3 year-olds don’t have the longest attention span. Her eyes just light up when I tell her it’s time to trim the plants. We bought her a tiny pair of kid scissors that I let her use to trim the herbs herself. Now that we have a pretty hefty indoor garden, it has been so fun to find ways to use to the herbs together. We love cooking in our house and I try to include Rowan as much as I can. One of my favorite things we have done with our mint was make some homemade Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream for Finley’s first birthday party. It just seemed so special to use something we grew together to make something that could be shared with friends and family as we celebrated Finley. Watching Rowan’s wonder over the whole experience this winter has made me so excited for us to plant a vegetable garden this spring!

I just wanted to share with you Miracle-Gro’s new “Gro Something Greater” campaign. When we grow something, we really do grow something greater than just plants. I love hearing what having a garden means to people. Everyone has such unique stories. That’s what this campaign is all about! It’s a place for everyone to share what they ‘Gro’ when then garden. All the stories are so inspirational. Last fall we marked out where our new big garden is going to go this year. Can’t wait for the snow to finally stop (ugh!) so we can get out there!

Head on over to GrowSomethingGreater.com and share your story!
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What are you going to grow this year?
Do you garden? Share your tips with me!!

  1. Oh this is awesome Jen! I have such great memories of gardening with my mom and Grandpa growing up… and I love to be outside working with my boys too. I have not spent much time working with Levi though, (4th child, obviously. :)) so this is a great reminder! Herbs are such an easy start. We have a LOT of tropical fruits here, but a veggie garden will be our goal in this new year.
    ALOHA–keep it up!

  2. I’m excited for these posts! I’d love to hear any tips you have for growing herbs and veggies in pots. I am hoping to grow some in planters on our back deck, but I am notoriously not good with keeping plants alive, so I am concerned! I’m hoping for cilantro, basil, cherry or grape tomatoes, and sweet peppers. I’ve read these are good choices for pots, so we’ll see!

  3. The first year my husband and I lived in our house we had a great vegetable garden and it felt so wonderful using our own ingredients to cook our meals and also share our harvest with our neighbours and friends. The last few years I have neglected to make time for my garden but I think this year I will give it another go.

  4. Melissa •

    Growing plants is a wonderful thing. But Miracle-Gro is poison. Check this out: http://www.organicagardensupply.com/why-we-dont-sell-miracle-gro/

    Please don’t let your kids touch that stuff or encourage others to use it.

    Compost is the way to go- put all those kitchen scraps to good use!


  5. I’m always astounded by what happens when I forget to check in with a blog for a while. Your new design is gorgeous and your kids have gotten so big! It’s incredible how time flies. I have to stop by more often so I don’t get shocks like this!

  6. Allison •

    Please, please reconsider this campaign with Miracle Gro. I promise, I’m not commenting to be snarky. As a garden blogger, it’s frustrating to see posts sponsored by this company. Please check out the “You Grow Girl” #hecknomiraclegro – https://twitter.com/search?q=%23hecknomiraclegro&src=hash – campaign on twitter, and think about reconsidering.

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