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With spring just around the corner (as I chat to myself daily) what better way to celebrate than with a super cute and easy craft you can do with your kids. I had a bunch of wooden embroidery hoops lying around that we decided to glue our flowers to. But you could make all kinds of different wreaths with the flowers. Rowan thought the finished craft was pretty cool and hung the wreath on the door to her room.

Materials needed:


1. Cut out the egg pods from the carton. Trim and cut them into different shaped flowers. Use all the parts of the carton to create centers and to cut leaves out. If you kids are good with scissors they can totally do this part. It was a little too hard for Rowan still.

2. Let them have at it! Give them a bunch of bright colors to paint all the different flowers with. Do your kids always want to mix all the colors into one mucky brown color? I always have to try to get Rowan to paint with each color separately.

3. Hot glue all the parts of the flowers together. I added a few vintage buttons and pom poms to our centers.

4. Arrange and hot glue to wooden embroidery hoop. Attach string to top and hang somewhere in your house.

5. Pray that spring is around the corner.







  1. What an adorable craft Jen! Bookmarking this one for my future littles 🙂

  2. love this!! i’m definitely going to try it.

  3. wow, what a lovely project! thanks for sharing!

  4. Rowan looks pretty pleased with herself at the end! So cute! Love this idea too!

  5. i tried making this with my almost three-year-old son. he painted ONE flower and was done. soooo i obviously had to finish it because it’s too cute not to!

  6. Oh, I love this!! I would love to have you share at Sharing Saturday!!

  7. Really cute!
    Thanks fot charing this gorgeous pictures!

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