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It’s the weekend! Yay! Anyone have any big plans? It was 40 something degrees today and it felt like summer. That’s being dramatic, but I am so tired of it being so cold. I am convinced we need to move back to Hawaii. I may or maynot have been scheming this all week. At least I was dreaming of being back down in FL with my family. I didn’t take too many photos on my camera when we were there. Here are the few random ones that I did get.








Here are some of my favorite links from around the web this week…
1. Love this post on gardening over on Ohdeardrea. Growing a garden really can be a metaphor for life. Love her insight.

2. Shared our love story (how Kev and I met and fell in love) over on Danielle’s blog last week. Did you know we got engaged, married and moved 6,000 miles away all in 5 weeks?

3. This baby rain coat is about the cutest thing ever! Pair with some rain boots- ooh!

4. Ha! This article made me laugh. JBBB.

5. This watch is just so simple, yet beautiful. A watch you could wear everyday.

6. For the Frozen lover in all of us. This cover is my favorite, plus how can you go wrong with Jimmy Fallon

7. I am so touched by how Ashley shares stories about her daughter. So tender and raw. Love their family!

8. I’ve become mildly obsessed with the idea of both the girls having a pair of hightops. In white of course!

9. So intrigued to try this spaghetti squash pizza crust. It sounds delicious.

10. This sleeping bag is so beyond ridiculous. How fun would it be?

11. Enjoyed reading this perspective on using the word “blessed”. What are your thoughts?

12. This is my kind of outfit! Mara looks beautiful even in just a tshirt and jeans. Those shoes!!

13. My most favorite designer! Ooh to own this dress or super cute swimsuit.


  1. Oh warm weather sounds wonderful! It’s still equally as cold in Minnesota!
    Awesome you guys got engaged and married in 5 weeks, we did in 10 and I thought that was quick! 🙂


  2. That photo of Rowan is SO cute!

    xo Jennifer


  3. Loved reading your love story on your friend’s blog. My heart always melts a little to read how others fell in love. I loved how noticed him because he looked like the type of person who would like the same music as you! Isn’t it funny what first makes us notice a person? Also, I read all my blogs in Feedly, so I haven’t been to your actual site in a while, so not sure when you updated it but I love the new design.

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