A Sweet Potato Stamped Library Tote Bag


We have been going to the library a ton lately. We’ve also been trying out ALL the libraries in the area. Seriously, we are trying so hard to not go crazy this winter. Every time we check out at the library I think “why did I not bring a bag to put all these books in?”. I must look like a crazy women with Finley on my hip, holding hats, gloves, books, movies, my giant purse, and trying to hold Rowan’s hand through the parking lot. One day I put the books quickly on the hood of the car as Finley started slipping. I opened the car door, got everyone buckled in and drove off. Totally forgetting about the books. I luckily remembered 2 seconds later, but I had to search around the slushy parking lot for the books. Doh!

Needless to say, when this little DIY Tote bag package arrived from our friend Phoebe of El Sage Designs. I knew exactly what we were going to make with it. A library bag for Rowan!! It comes with everything you need! It has instructions, an organic tote, black ink, and ideas on how to make polka dots. Phoebe suggests you use a carrot to create polka dots all over the tote. Wouldn’t that be so cute? We decided to use some sweet potatoes and cut out a heart and an “R” for Rowan. It’s a super simple craft, with super cute results. I decided to add some embroidery to ours after Rowan was done stamping.

I am pretty happy with how it came out. I love that it took a team effort!











Thanks Phoebe!

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  1. so adorable. my son is obsessed with anything with his name these days, so i know this would be a huge hit.


  2. Super cute idea. I am browsing online between hockey periods, and my 5 year old said we “HAD” to make that bag, extra emphasis on the ‘had’, she speaks like she’s 18!

  3. I’m 33 and I don’t have any kids but this looks SO fun I may have to do it this weekend!!

  4. That is so cute! After a blizzard we had on Tuesday, we’re now experiencing thunderstorms. Yet again a reason to stay inside and be bored. We got out our paints and ended up having a fabulous day. We may have to make library bags next.

  5. I love this idea!!! We literally just came from the library and as always got two many books!! I wrestled holding my 5 month old in her car seat with my purse the books and then holding my daughters hand! Of course my keys were in the wrong pocket so the books all fell in a puddle!! Argh!!! Totally making one this weekend!!!!

  6. We did the exact same thing (visiting all the different libraries all around us) this winter, and I just wrote about it as one of the four reading habits to start in your child’s first year. Also, as an English teacher and a mama, I love the idea of making each child their own library bag, and I especially love the colorful stitching you added.


  7. Holy cow this is so cute- I honestly want it for myself. I mentioned it here too:

    Must try! Thanks for the inspiration <3

  8. How sweet! What an adorable AND practical idea. I might just have to make one… for myself! 😉


  9. So fun! I loved these sort of things when I was a kid. Nothing really beats potato-stamping anyway!

  10. This is too cute! I want to make one for myself!

  11. DARLING!! Such a fun idea. I’m the same way at the library, and I never remember a bag. Love this project!

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