Tips for Surviving the Winter with your Kids


Don’t get me started on the 3ft+ of snow outside. It’s beautiful, yes, but I get to a point mid January when all the fun of Christmas and New Years wears off. All that I’m left with is the bleak outlook that winter is still another 2.5 full months (sometimes if we are lucky). That’s the Northeast for you. I would like winter to be around 1.5 months tops. Spring and Fall could be stretched out in my book. The hardest part about having little kids during winter months is not all going stir crazy. The winter blues are real and can get out of control if you let them. Here are some practical tips that help us all stay sane.

1. Get out of the house everyday! I have to get out of the house at least once everyday or I go crazy. Try and plan some fun activities. Find when story times are, find a local gymnastic gym that has open play, find a Mom’s group, etc… Even if it’s just to go to the post office. The act of getting dressed and getting everyone out of the house is super helpful.

2. Search Pinterest for easy activities to do at home for toddlers. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS ON PINTEREST TO DO. You don’t have to be super creative either to do a lot of them. You and your toddler will have fun trying something new to do at home. Did you see this idea on A Cup of Jo?

3. Play outside. I know. I know. Getting everyone bundled up in winter/snow gear takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R! But even though Rowan will last about as long as it took to get everything on her, it’s always worth the fresh air and rosy cheeks.

4. Mailing lists. Does your town or county have a website of local events going on? Usually they have mailing lists you can sign up for. I am on a mailing list around here that sends out an email every Thursday of the weekend happenings and what events are good for the kids. It’s great. Keeps me up to date on festivals and fun things that I wouldn’t have thought of doing otherwise.

5. Playdates. It is easy to become a hermit during the winter. Invite some friends and their kiddos over (even if it means your place will look like a bomb went off). Trust me. It will be worth the adult conversation while your kids play together.

6. On the weekends when you all get to be together, really try to get out there and do something a little extra adventurous. Take a small road trip, explore a new town, or bring the kids to disney on ice. It helps make the weeks not feel sooo long when you have something to look forward to.

7. When all else fails… build a fort!

Here are some super random photos from the last few weeks as we’ve tried our very best to enjoy these cold, grey days.



IMG_1964 ^^both girls loving the new spring headbands from Little Hip Squeaks

^^ the cutest family portrait from the talented and lovely Linda over at Though Very Humble. Thanks Linda!!


Untitled ^^We’ve been drinking so many smoothies in our house. My favorite at the moment is zest and juice of 1 lime, 2 cups packed spinach, ice, half cup of water, scoop of plain greek yogurt, one green apple, large scoop of ground flaxseed, banana, and a little squeeze of agave nectar. Mmmmm



^^Art project, art projects, and more art projects. We went on a cold winter walk one day before the snow dump and collected things to make a nature study with.



IMG_2224 ^^sometimes I take pictures of the girls and can’t believe how big they are. Finley’s shirt is from Geo Fox Apparel, Rowan’s cute dress is from Little Hip Squeaks.



^^Aww little Fin. I thought I was ready to wean her, but we both aren’t ready yet. I’ll take the sweet moments with her as long as I can.


Untitled^^ we had a little valentines day party for Rowan and her girlfriends last friday. It was chaotic but lots of fun! And there was for sure a Frozen sing-a-long that took place for a good 45 mins.

Ok, you ready to see what happens when Kev is bored by Olympic Ice Dancing and decides to make ridiculous pictures in photoshop instead? Here is the original… He’s always wanted to try to take a picture of Finley when he tosses her up because she always has the biggest smile on her face. He was on the bed with her and I was sitting on the ground looking up. That is why it looks like she is way high, although she isn’t at all. This picture is funny enough by itself.


and now this….


OMGOSH. I can’t even. It cracks me up so much. I literally choked on my tea when Kev showed me last night.

Ha! I am pretty sure this winter is turning us all crazy.

  1. What a cute post! I completely agree about the snow – we just got another dumping of snow this past Monday here in MN and I’m pretty much done with it by now too. (The pic at the end of Finley is great! πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for this! We’ve been going a little haywire too. I have a 21 month old and we’ve had so much snow lately. On top of that, I’m from Florida and really don’t much like the cold weather or have nostalgic memories of it. I really appreciate hearing that I’m not the only one and the ideas for making it better!

  3. ah, this winter has been especially brutal! there is so much accumulated snow on the ground that i can’t even handle it, haha! looks like you guys are making good use of the season so far… good luck in the final winter months!

  4. hahah oh the finley photo! so good! Looks like you all are weathering winter well. It’s so hard when it lasts soooo long!

  5. The winter is turning us crazy too, haha. I loooove that outfit with the black tshirt and yellow cardigan πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Like so so much!!!!! Those are all great tips. I really should look into open gyms in the area. I really want to start going on more trips too! But that might be more realistic in the warmer months because there is nowhere within a few hours drive that has any warm weather or anything to do in the winter haha

  6. Great tips! Thanks for the ideas!

  7. oh we’re in the middle of the winter doldrums too. i stocked up on new batb toys, paly doh and borrowed a huge chalkboard from the neighbors. still we’re climbing the walls. i took atticus to the mall last weeked and he was enthralled with the elevator and escagor. toddlers!!

  8. Thanks so much for this post. I live in Novosibirsk (in SIberia, Russia) with my husband and two boys but am originally from Ireland so the winters are hard! For the past three weeks the temps have between -4F and -22F which is really hard because we tend not to go out for any extended periods of time once it drops below -5F. Last Winter it dropped to -45F…not fun πŸ˜› Thanks for some fresh ideas! Ciara.

  9. I don’t even have kids and I think I could use some of these tips! Is this winter worse than usual or what? The winter blues are real and they are rough this year, man.

    I deeply, deeply enjoy that picture of Finley! Haha, too funny!

    xx, Katrina

  10. I love the photoshop creation! Here is the link to my little one as an olympic skier….My husband has too much fun with photoshop!

  11. That nursing pic melts my heart. And the explosion PS job. No words can do it justice.

  12. MΓ³nica •

    I really never liked the winter but since I have fewer children. You know you do not invent the truth. We make countless craft every day and if left home although the shop, see movies, cook but resources are also finished …. I want spring. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  13. oh my gosh, i love it!!!! hahahahahaha

  14. Where did you get that awesome rug under your dining room table?? #need

  15. Great tips for surviving the winter and the blues that can follow. I love the pictures and your sense of humour.

  16. Really love your blog! Thanks for sharing the fun and the happiness! πŸ™‚

  17. First of all…. I loooove reading your blog! I have a 3 year old (Oct 2010) and a 9 month old. Both girls. So I just love reading about how you handle all sorts of situations and just how you feel while you are at this point in your life. There are so many similarities! But I was actually wondering if you painted your rug under your dining table. I have the same looking rug (from ikea) and I love the pattern you have on yours! Thank you for sharing your life with us ….Struggles and joys!

  18. Great post! Exactly what I needed after all these freezing days up here in NYC. Your tips were spot on and a great refresher for those “ohmigoodness, what are we going to do for the next five hours!?!?” Although, it is something like 40 something degrees out today so it totally feels like spring and we will be heading out to the park after naptime. Great blog, I am so glad I found it!!

  19. Oh this post just got better and better! I may be in California, but I need to apply those tips all the same — especially about getting out of the house once a day. I go to the gym most mornings, but by the afternoon that doesn’t feel like enough or like it should count. Also, your photos are beautiful! New follower — found you through the Homie awards haha

  20. oh my gosh I am dyingggg at that last picture! haha so amazing.
    these photos are so adorable! you have a couple cuties there.

    xo Sarah

  21. Oh gosh you make winter look so cozy- especially with such such such adorable babies!

  22. Rowan and Finley are soo adorable in their winter outfits. And the sweet moments you share are making my heart melt! Oh.. and the flowers, leaves you collected for nature study is such a lovely idea. β™₯

  23. Hahaha OMG I am busting up laughing at that amazeballs photoshopped picture of Finley!

  24. Love love love the last photo! I laughed out loud! Looks like your kids have been having a lovely winter. I would love to be in their shoes!

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