Valentine’s Day DIY Crowns for Toddler and Baby


I’m a big fan of making headbands and crowns for my kids. I made Rowan a crown for her 2nd birthday, a flower headband for Finleys 1st birthday and special Christmas handbands for the girls this year. I can’t get enough. They just look so darn cute on them. We always have a fun Valentine’s themed breakfast on Valentine’s Day. This year I decided I would make crowns for all of us to wear and I thought it would be fun to share how you can make one at home too!

IMG_1970^^ 1. You will need lots of felt. You will also need a sheet of that extra thick and stiff felt that you can get at the craft store (usually right with the regular felt). Trimmings! Any kind of trimmings you want- buttons, ribbon, pom poms, etc… Some quilt batting and some 1″ elastic.

IMG_1972^^ 2. Using the length of the thicker felt, cut out your crown shape. I made Rowan’s a shorter crown and then cut taller peaks on mine. The thick felt is going to be the back of the crown. The stiffness of it will give it the support it needs to stand straight.

IMG_1975^^ 3. Pin the crown cut out on to the color of felt you want the front of the crown to be. Sew around all the edges on the sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine you could always just hot glue the 2 pieces of felt together.

IMG_1979^^ 4. With scissors, cut around the edge of the sewn edge. I used a pair of pinking shears to give it the zigzag cut.


IMG_1984^^ 5. Chose a few colors of felt to make hearts out of. For each heart you will need 2- 2″ squares of felt. Layer between a similar size piece of quilt batting. Making little sandwiches sort of. Felt, batting, felt. Draw a heart shape on the front and then sew along the line on a sewing machine. The batting in the middle will give the heart a cute little fullness. Trim the squares to just along the sewn line of the heart. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can hand stitch around the batting or you can just cut a heart shape form the felt and be done with it. No sewing required.

IMG_1991^^ 6. Attach hearts to crown with either hot glue or stitching on a button. Add any kind of embellishments you want. I debated adding pom poms to the peaks but ended up just leaving them plain. I do think it would be cute though! I hot glued the green pom pom trim to the bottom. Measure around your kid’s head and see what length of elastic you need to add to it. It should be snug but not too tight. The elastic should have to stretch just a little to fit their head. Either hot glue to sides of crown or run a quick stitch across on the sewing machine.






IMG_2041^^ 7. Sew a few extra hearts to create a little headband for your baby. You will need the hearts, some cute felt rosettes and then either some extra elastic or if you want you can cut across a leg in a pair of tights. That is what I always use when I make headbands for Finley. It’s soft and super stretchy. You can learn how to make felt Rosettes by watching this You Tube video I found. I apologize for the cheesiness of the video. Haha. Isn’t the music awesome? You will not need a lighter for felt. It won’t fray. Just shows you the basic idea of twisting the felt to create the flower though. Cut your felt about 1/2″ to an 1″ wide and then follow how she makes hers with ribbon.


^^ 8. Then I just hot glued mine all together. I glued the hearts in the row, then glued the little strip of elastic (or tights) to each end of the hearts. Then hot glued a few of the rosettes to each side. Totally up to you how you arrange it all.



Rowan and Finley’s supremely awesome varsity letter cardigans were a gift from The Wishing Elephant. Aren’t they just the cutest?

  1. Courtney •

    love these!! they are adorable!! as are Rowan and Finely of course!

  2. well this is just the cutest thing ever!

  3. Wow! I am in love with these pictures! Amazingly bright and colorful! What type of camera do you use?

  4. margaret •

    So cute! I’d love to see your ideas for toddler valentines to make too, hint, hint… I’m trying to figure out what to have my daughter make for her daycare class that doesn’t involve candy or food.

  5. rowan is just so cute. she looks so much like your husband!!!

  6. O.M.G. How cute! I hope i can do this for v day. Just wondering, what sizes are R and F wearing? Kinda bummed the etsy shop is limited in sizes!

  7. I love the felt roses! btw is Finley wearing a necklace in that photo? My mum used to always say it was a suffocation risk and I wasn’t allowed necklaces until way into primary school.

  8. OMG! soo adorable! I think I will be making myself a heart crown like Finley!

  9. Oh wow, those crowns are ridiculously cute! Also, I agree with the above comment about your pictures – what camera do you use? or what setting is it on that allows all your pictures to look so fresh and stunning?

  10. Michelle •

    Man, this is adorable! I’ve recently decided to do at least one big craft with my 3 year old (as well as let her make one dinner -with my help, of course) a week and you’ve done so much work thinking stuff up so I don’t have to (planning stuff for kids is pretty time consuming)! I’m really looking forward to doing things like the egg cartoon wreath and dream catcher. I will also have to add this to my own craft time! Thanks, Jen!

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