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Let’s just say I packed way, way too much for Alt. I tried really hard to only bring what I knew I was going to wear but extra stuff just creeped in. I did however plan some outfits I knew I would feel confident and comfortable in. I promised myself I wasn’t going to let it be a big fashion show and get all intimidated by what others were wearing. Don’t you hate that feeling? It’s so silly. I just wanted to have fun and know that after I decided what to wear I wasn’t going to worry about it anymore. This will be a 2 part series. Here are my first 3 outfits from Alt. Summit…




^^ Worn: Conference Day One
I looked through my pinterest fashion board before I left for some inspiration. I noticed I had pinned a lot of Denim on Denim, especially involving jean skirts. I knew I wanted to wear something just like that.
OUTFIT ONE DETAILS: Joe Fresh Denim Shirt (similar), Modcloth Denim Skirt (Simiar), Kork-Ease Boots, Bonlook Glasses, Michael Kors Watch, Rings from Forever 21 and Moorea Seal.





^^ Worn: Mini Parties on Friday Night
OUTFIT TWO DETAILS: J.Crew Shirt (Almost exactly the same!), Lulu*s Necklace, UO Moto Leather Pants (Similar), BCBG Heels (similar), Michael Kors Watch




^^ Worn: Thursday Night GREEN Party
When I found out the theme for the party was “green”, I was kind of bummed. I literally own nothing green. I guess I really don’t like wearing that color. Who knew? I started looking online but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Nothing! Well, nothing that was under $100. I wasn’t about to buy something (I would only be wearing once) for butt loads of money. I decided I would try making a skirt instead. I headed to Jo Ann’s and found the taffeta on sale for $1.50 a yard. Oh yeah!! 4 yards, 1 gold zipper, some new green thread and I was out the door for a total of $12. Fist pumps anyone? I was a little scared it wouldn’t come out that well. I totally made it the night before my morning flight out there. Nothing like some healthy pressure to get it done. It’s nothing fancy or show worthy, but all in all it turned out pretty well for a girl who doesn’t sew great. I was pretty proud of myself. No pattern or anything! A few pinterest searches for skirt tutorials and then I just sort of went for it.
OUTFIT THREE DETAILS: J.Crew Button Up (similar, similar), Self-made skirt, BCDG Heels (similar), Moorea Seal Necklace, Michael Kors Watch.

  1. Um, you did an AMAZING job on that skirt. Coming from a girl who can’t sew, I’m super jealous! You continually amaze me with your craftiness and skills.

  2. Love your 3 outfits. The denim on denim look is great. I’m not much for leather pants but I love those leggings they look so good.

  3. Love these! The first denim-on-denim combo is my favorite though … just bought myself a dark denim pencil skirt and keep trying to think of ways to pair it with tops already in my closet – You look great!!

  4. You made that skirt! I really love it, I am still Fist pumping for you! Also love those Moto Leather Leggings.

  5. Loving that second outfit the best! Mix of badass and sweet. Love it! (Is that a tattoo I spy?)

  6. all the outfits are cute (of course!). those heels are so versatile, love how you showed them with pants and a skirt. okay the pants, wow, they are SO hot, love them! and awesome job with the skirt, would never have known you weren’t either an expert seamstress or it you didn’t purchase it at an upscale boutique.

  7. ugh, i NEED to learn how to sew!!!

  8. Great outfits! I really love that you made the skirt – it looks great from here!

  9. Oh my gosh, yes, know that feeling all too well. Lately, I’m really trying to focus on clothes that make me feel beautiful/the most me and I’m not worrying about about trends so much. And speaking of outfits?! I’m absolutely crazy, crazy in love with all of yours. I always swoon over your style!! <3 And lastly, (haha, I see this is going to be a long comment) I loved reading your post about Alt Summit. I'm SO with you… the girls, the creativity and the community are amazing. The negativity is such a small & ultimately irrelevant speck in the large scheme of things!! xoxo

  10. Ohh I love all three outfits but super adore the second one!!!!! Absolutely getting that shirt in that color from JCrew! Also, I’ve never heard of LuLu but holy affordable jewelery! Thanks!

  11. I love these, Jen! I still remember your outfit from the day you spoke at TxSC! Did you ever get outfit photos of that? I would love to know the details 🙂

  12. All of your outfits are so cute! You have a really great relaxed-but-put-together style. And, total props for the DIY skirt…I would never have known you threw it together the night before! There is something so rewarding about making things instead of spending money. As another lackluster sewing talent, I totally understand how intimidating it can be…but how badass when it turns out! Great job. 🙂

  13. You have a tattoo?! Awesomely surprised 🙂 Do share, will ya? 🙂

  14. When did you get the tattoo on your forearm? That’s def new.

  15. i LOVE the green skirt – i saw your instagram and immediately came to the blog to find out where you bought it because it looks fabulous to me. so, i’m incredibly impressed!

  16. I love all the looks but the black leather pants and sassy shoes are my fav.

  17. I can’t believe you MADE that skirt!!! It’s beautiful 🙂

  18. Alainna •

    Jen, is that a real tattoo?? What does it mean? Your outfits are beautiful & the skirt is awesome! $12 &some determination. You go 🙂

  19. These outfits looks so great on you! I especially love the top outfit and will come back to it once it warms up here in Indy.

  20. Holy crap Jen! You made that skirt? It looks amazing : ) And LOVE the denim skirt…so stinkin cute!

  21. I love your fashion posts but can’t get past all the spelling errors.

  22. awesome looks! you did a great job on that skirt!

  23. I simply adore that first outfit Jen! I will never get over denim on denim and a high waist denim skirt just makes it so much better!

    xo Jennifer

  24. I have read your blog for years now and had no idea you have a tattoo! I feel silly for just now noticing!

  25. Dude! You made that skirt! I’m in awe! It’s beautiful, and so are you!

  26. And of course the green skirt is my favorite! 🙂 Really–it looks like it took a ton of work, so you must be quite a seamstress!
    Glad you had fun. you look adorable.

  27. Jen your outfits are all adorable! I’ve been looking for a skirt just like that in a specific print and can’t find it anywhere – so I’d love to make my own. Do you think you could put together some kind of quick how-to for those of us who need a bit more guidance than you do with sewing?

    Thank you!!!

  28. Love your style! You always look so effortless and put-together. Hope you had fun at Alt Summit.

  29. Christine •

    You look great in all your outfits, but I am especially impressed with the handmade green skirt…it looks beautiful in the photographs and would not have expected that you didn’t buy it ready made!

  30. I love em all! Those shoes are so sweet and that check shirt always looks great. So fresh

  31. Is that… a tattoo?? Show us more!

  32. Awesome skirt! You made it?!?

  33. What!! I can’t believe that skirt is homemade! I’ve dabbled in making my own clothes and I’ve yet to make something I feel comfortable enough to wear out. It looks awesome and I love that color, especially with the black and white.

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