How To Make An Acai Bowl


I am not much of a breakfast eater. Sure anything covered in maple syrup is delicious, but those kinds of breakfast are few and far between in our house. I would eat a bagel everyday if it wasn’t bad for you. Mmmm bread. I am always on the hunt for something that is healthy and delicious. I do LOVE smoothies so I make a lot of those in the morning for everyone. When we were in Hawaii there was a Lanikai Juice by where we were staying and we started getting Acai Bowls every morning. OH.MY.GOODNESS!! They are so freaking good. It is like a super thick smoothie (more like frozen yogurt) that is topped with granola, fresh fruit, honey and toasted coconut. I would have eaten one every morning. The acai berry is known as a “superfood” because it’s super high in antioxidants.

When we got back I decided I HAD to figure out how to make them at home. I did some research and found that they sell acai juice at our local grocery store (I found it by where they sell the Naked and Bolthouse Farms smoothie drinks). If you’re lucky enough to have a Trader Joes or Whole Foods near you I’m sure you might be able to find the smoothie packs they sell in the freezer section. I am not so lucky. The juice has to do for me. It’s ok though. It works great mixed with frozen fruit.

Here is what you need:



1. Granola (try to find one that has no more than 5g of sugar- this one has 6g. Shhh don’t tell).
2. Organic acai Juice
3. Honey
4. Fresh berries
5. Frozen blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
6. Banana (freeze some for a thicker consistency)
8. Shaved Coconut (I didn’t have any this time)
9. Chia Seeds

I always just eye ball it, but I pour the juice and all frozen fruit into blender. Add a spoonful of chia seeds and blend until smooth. We don’t have a vitamix but we do have a Ninja and it works quite well. We like it. Remember to start with less juice first. You can always add more. Too much means you will have to add more fruit. You are looking for a thicker than smoothie consistency.

Pour into bowl, or wide rim cup. Top with granola and sliced fruit. Drizzle with honey.




So super simple but so refreshing!

  1. Mónica •

    It sure proves that rich. Kisses and happy weekend.

  2. Mmmm, that looks delicious!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have added ingredients to my shopping list…

  4. katie hill •

    hi jen! looks delicious! what kind of blender do you use? i wondered if this works best in a vitamix or not?

  5. yum! this will be especially perfect as the months start to get warmer!

  6. Hi, i’m from brazil and Açai is very easy to find here, everyone eats it. I just wanted to say that, if you are looking for losing wheight, make sure to eat it and excercise, because it contains a lot of calories, at least that’s what people say here. And make sure to taste Guaraná, it’s realy good to, most people that enjoy Açai enjoy guaraná too haha 🙂

  7. but there’s a trader joe’s on wolf road?

  8. I love smoothies but have been searching for some fresh inspiration because I am getting a little sick of my regular recipe, I am going to give this one a whirl.

  9. Acai is the freaking best berry / healthy thing I have ever tasted!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂


  10. You know Ive been using chia seeds for awhile and it never even dawned on me to try it with acai berries. I make smoothies all the time. Usually this is the recipe I use
    1 Açaí Juice
    1/2 cup frozen, organic blueberries
    1/4 cup frozen, organic blackberries
    2 oz beet juice (optional)
    1 oz purple carrot juice (optional)

  11. I discovered acai bowls while in Hawaii and had to find a recipe as well. They’re so freaking good.

  12. Jennifer •

    So funny to read this! I’m in Kailua, HI, visiting my son and daughter in law and I found a Lanikai Juice! I have fallen in love with the Acai Colada! And… I’m Jennifer and my husband is Kevin 🙂 I found your website while searching for the recipe! So glad to find you 🙂

  13. Ha! we sound so much alike. I experienced my first acai bowl at a Fit2Run Fitness Bar at the International Mall in Tampa, FL, while my husband & I were down there for his back surgery at the Laser Spine Institute. I must have eaten at least 3 of them…could have had more but my husband didn’t feel like riding the shuttle to the mall after surgery…can you blame him?? 😉 But since Fit2Run Fitness Bars are only in FL and we are in SC, I decided to go on a hunt myself for the ingredients upon our return to SC. FYI, the frozen acai smoothie packs are also available at EarthFare as well as all the other goodies you might want to dream about adding to your “bowl.” Well, I’m off to the kitchen for my first attempt. Happy acai “bowling.” 😉

  14. This looks awesome! Does the recipe work with acai berry puree or only juice?

  15. Hi Jen,

    I mentioned your yummy acai bowl recipe in my latest blog post about Oahu – I’ve been craving acai bowls since I visited and yours looks the closest to the ones I had when I was there. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe!

    – Kimba

  16. Allison •

    I also just got back from Hawaii. Every morning I’d run down to the coffee shop to get an acai bowl. I’m also interested in making my own! I’ll try your recipe and keep you posted. 🙂 thank you for sharing I’m sure it’s good and most like the recipe in Hawaii but here in California the smells and view aren’t like Hawaii lol.

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