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I finally had a few moments tonight to sit and sort through some of our pictures from Hawaii. For being there 2 weeks, I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures on our SLR. You can tell the days I did because there are like 20 pictures from that day but on a whole- not much of our trip was captured.I guess that’s a good sign that you are having a really great time. I think this was one of our best trips ever. It was the right amount of adventure, family time, and relaxation. We got to visit with friends that we haven’t seen in quite some time. We got to drive Rowan by our old apartment and bring her to all our old favorite spots. We had booked a house on Kailua beach for our time there but the week before we left they called and canceled on us because they said they overbooked. Doh! I was pretty upset. It ended up working out great though because we just got a room at Turtle Bay for most of our time. We LOVE the North Shore. Turtle Bay is gorgeous and it’s way out in the country. Far, far from Waikiki. UGH! I do not like Waikiki. So crowded and touristy. It’s fun for walking around at night and going out to eat. But if you go to Oahu, please promise me that you won’t spend all your time in town. Go explore the beautiful island. There is so much more to see than what is in the city.

We also got to stay and hang out at the Disney Aulani Resort. Holy Cow! This hotel is pretty dang amazing. I’ve always kind of stayed away from the typical “family resort”. I thought I would hate them. You know what though? I LOVE THEM. I totally see why families go to them. As the parent you can actaully rest and relax because there is a crap load of fun stuff for your kids to do. That they WANT to do. We couldn’t pull Rowan away. She got to eat breakfast with Minnie. Play water games in the pool with Goofy. Go down waterslides, dig for buried treasure on the beach, watch a luau and play in a kids clubhouse with all the princess dresses she could imagine. This girl was in heaven.

So there you have it. My two recommendations on where to stay. Well 3… 1. try to rent a house near the beach in either kailua or the North Shore. If you have little ones you can’t beat Kailua. 2. Turtle Bay or 3. Disney Aulani.

My other favorite things on the island are 1. Hike the Pillbox in Lanikai 2. Get at least one Acai Bowl somewhere 3. Eat a Leonard’s Malasada 4. Visit Kailua and Lanikai beaches 5. Explore all of the North Shore 6. SHAVE ICE (with ice cream and snow cap) 7. Get a Mai Tai at the beach bar at the Royal Hawaii the same night and time that their Luau show is going on 8. Drive around the whole island 9. Hike the paved Makapu’u lighthouse path and go to the beach (also climb down the path to the tidal pools) 10. Walk Kaena Point 11. Pali Lookout 12. Get a beer and lunch on the patio at Kona Brewery 13. Jump off the Rock at Waimea Bay 14.Roll down your windows and smell the sweet, sweet air as you drive past the dole plantation and the acres and acres of pineapples

Here are a few of my favorites from our SLR…






















A big huge thank you to our wonderful and generous hostess Monica. She let us crash with her and her family our last 2 days on the island. They were our most favorite days of our trip. We love the Swanson family so much! If you don’t read Monica’s blog I encourage you to follow along.

  1. Oooh I want to go there-just not sure i love the idea of a 6000 mile joirney with a 3&1 year old! hawaii looks beautiful. can i ask a quick photog question-what camera nnd lens combo did you take-your photos are wonderful!

  2. Oh My Gosh! I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii, but now I think that is going to have to be one of our next adventures! The photos of the island are stunning, and it looks like you all had such a great time! I adore the photos at what I’m guessing is the Disney Resort?! Rowan looks like she’s having so much fun!
    Have a lovely week, Jen!

  3. Oh, your pictures are making me crave some tropical weather and beaches! Also, As I was scrolling through them, my 13 month old would wave every time he saw a picture of Finley. I think he has a crush!

  4. this looks like so much fun! great photos

  5. Way to rock the bikini! You look great!

  6. Thanks for sharing these pics from your holidays. Its nice to see the beach when its so cold in this part of the world! Also going to save these tips, we will probably be heading back to Australia in Nov/Dec 2014 and our plan was to spend a week or two in a house by the beach in Hawaii before heading home for good.
    P xo

  7. wow that looks so gorgeous! i am so envious. looks like you guys had such an amazing time.

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I loved reading your Hawaii highlight list. I went to Oahu in 2008 while my new boyfriend (now husband) was on a work trip. We did the city stuff for a couple of days and right before we got to start exploring, I ended up having an emergency appendectomy. Hawaii was a great place to recover, but I was so bummed to be in such a unique location and not get to do hardly ANY exploring. We did have one day (my last day before I flew home, three days after surgery) to drive the island and see the beautiful North Shore (and get shaved ice!). We also hunted down the address where my grandparents first lived after they were married, which was unbelievably important to me. 🙂 Maybe one day we’ll get to go back and I can get the rest of your highlights done!

  9. What gorgeous photos! You’re making me miss Hawaii so much. My whole family went to Oahu and stayed at the Aulani in the summer of 2012 – it was so much fun! My nephew was about 1-1/2, so he was still pretty little, but we all had a blast. I’d love to go back now that he’s a little older. Such a beautiful hotel.

  10. What wonderful photos. Looks like ya’ll had a great time!

  11. Natacha •

    Pics look great! I’m in Hamilton, Ontario in the midst of a severe DEEP FREEZE! Almost -40 celcius today with windchill…I need a trip somewhere warm! Question, where did you get your bikini, I love it!!! You look great! I have a six month old (and 5 yr old) and am still carrying around a pretty huge ponch. I read through an old post about running in the winter and I’m feeling motivated, bought some new running gear, and hope to be able to rock a two piece by this summer. Fingers crossed. I think a new bikini would help motivate me to get out in this frigid weather to workout;)

  12. Natacha! Congrats on your newest little one!! I know Hamilton. I have family in Brantford and Burlington. Brrrrrr. So cold right now. My bathing suit top is from J.Crew. They make my most favorite bathing suits ever and my bottoms are from the LOFT. Good luck getting out there in the cold.

  13. Beautiful photos….it looks like you all had such an amazing time! Honestly, anytime I see anything that reminds me of Hawaii I instantly start to tear! It’s so bad. My husband recommended Hawaii for our honeymoon so we went to Maui and I was in tears when we had to go back home. I’m definitely going to plan a trip back with our baby girl 😀 Thanks for the recommendations!

  14. Oahu is AMAZING! We stayed with my husbands brother’s family in Haleiwa this summer and rented a house right on the beach…it was truly magical…:-)

  15. Your photos have such an effortlessness (word?) to them. I love it.

  16. Margaret •

    I love these photos! This looks so fun! But, I gotta ask…
    where is your swimsuit from? So cute, such a nice (but more conservative) top & ADORBS bottoms!

  17. you guys just exude sweetness. all of you.

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