Sale! Sale! Sale!

I have some Christmas gift cards that need to be used up!! I love myself a good post christmas sale. Here are some of my favorite items that are on sale around the internet…


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70% off so many items!. Heck yeah. I am in love with this Dear Creatures dress, this kitty dress, this oooh so pretty top, this backpack and the most perfect Lauren Moffatt dress in just my size!


So many things are marked down! It’s crazy. How gorgous are these shoes? or these ones? This skirt was over $200 and now is $69. It’s so beautiful. Love this dress and this hoodie.


60% off all sale! Everyone needs a perfect black blazer in their closet. Love the color of these skinny jeans. They would  be so cute paired with this sweater?

Urban Outfitters:

Up to 70% off!! Heck yes! Faux leather moto pants? Yes please. Love these sequin pants too. Check out this awesome buffalo plaid lined denim jacket. Would be awesome pair with these shoes.


Love this Kate Spade crossbody bag. Simple and sweet. Love this cozy sweater too. And to help with everyone’s weightloss resolutions… some awesome Nike running pants.


And don’t get me started on the 40% off over at Madewell and J.Crew

  1. penelope •

    hey jen – loved your post about resolutions. wondering how you see this one fitting into your purge and simplify goal? seems like these sale enforce materialism in a major way. also, a lot of these shops are companies that have terrible worker/environmental/creative poaching/etc. standards. not trying to be confrontational, just genuinely interested in your thoughts.

  2. Hi Penelope.
    Very good thoughts. Each person should have their own convictions about what they should and shouldn’t buy and how that plays into their view of materialism. I am not responsible for everyone else. Just myself. This was a light hearted post that I am specifically talking about using gift cards I got for christmas for. I also do posts like this (and will continue to do posts like this) that use affiliate links because the money we make off of it goes to a charity or person we know in need each month. I have made that clear before in other posts.
    I appreciate your comment. Thank you for reading!!

  3. Melissa •

    Those shoes from Anthropologie are fabulous! Perhaps I’ll get a pair (or two)!

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