6 Pictures, 6 Things: Christmas Edition

So this will be more like 10 pictures, 6 things. Christmas deserves more pictures, right? I just couldn’t pick 6. Here are some pictures of our Christmas morning…










1. Don’t you wish that Christmas was spread out over a few days? It’s just so fun and it goes by so dang quickly. I want to live guilt free in all my Christmas jammies and dessert heaven glory for at least a week. Don’t you agree? Plus, I just want to hang around with my family longer. It was so fun having my one sister around for a couple days. Carrie we missed you!

2. I got a Garmin forerunner for Christmas! Yippie. Although, I am a little nervous to be constantly reminded about how slow I am running. I am excited to use it and hopefully train a little bit more effectively. The Honolulu marathon was ROUGH. Ouch. It was tough. Hoping the next one won’t be so difficult. Let’s just say I am blaming it on the 2am wake up call the morning of the race, jet lag and the fact that we had been training in 20 degree weather (Hawaii is of course the polar opposite) as the reason why we ran it over an hour slower than any other race I have run.

3. Kev’s parents and my parents live about 25 mins from each other. And although the pictures above are from our Christmas morning at my parents house, we had a wonderful time at his parents house as well. We are very lucky to have such loving and supportive parents. It’s a bonus that they live so close to each other. It let’s us pop back and forth all holiday long.

4. Kev got T25 for Christmas. Anyone done it? We are pretty in love (I mean LOATHE) with Insanity. Hands down BEST.WORKOUT.EVER. But we were getting bored with doing the same videos over and over. We were pretty excited when we saw the infomerical on tv a few weeks back. I was hooked on it being 25 mins. Sometimes I just don’t have time for an hour long insanity. I watched (yep, watched) Kev do the first one tonight. I am holding strong to my week long pjs and cookie fest. Monday morning is going to hit hard though. Back in the game.

5. Finley got this cute little walker/push toy for Christmas. Ooooh she loves that thing. I have never seen a baby be so excited over a toy. Well, I mean over something for longer than 5 minutes. She pushes that thing around with such pride on her face. She giggles, smiles and laughs the whole time. She has been taking a few steps here and there on her own and I am super excited for her but I kind want to push her down too. hah. Just kidding. I just want her to stay a baby though. Don’t grow up sweet little Fin.

6. Do you do the whole Santa thing with your kids? We’ve never made a big deal of it with Rowan. We always wanted her to know and focus on the real season we celebrate Christmas but it’s inevitable that your kid will learn about Santa. We decided this year we would just roll with it. We made it a point to tell her Santa only brings 1 gift though. I want her to be thankful and polite to everyone who gives gifts rather than think they are all from Santa. We left out a carrot and some cookies and in the morning left her a little note from Santa. It was pretty darn cute.

p.s. below are some iphone pictures from Christmas Eve. I had to post them because I just thought the girls looked so dang cute in their matching glittery dresses for church. I made Rowan her felt flower crown but ran out of time to make Finley one. It was probably for the best though. Finley would have never kept that on. It was the first time I really ever dressed them in the same outfit and oooh I might be addicted now. Some how during the service I ended up in the pew with Rowan and 2 of her little friends all by myself while they were all holding lit candles. Talk about the most stressful 4 mins of my life. I was sure something or someone was going to catch on fire. Even though it was stressful, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE candle light Christmas Eve services. So magical.




  1. Wow, all these photos are so gorgeous and really capture the spirit of Christmas. :] I love the idea of telling kids that Santa only brings one gift, and the rest are from specific people. Personally, I think Christmas became a lot more meaningful to me when I was grown up enough to buy gifts for my family and see the joy on their faces when they open them. :] Hope you have a New Years to match your wonderful Christmas. :]]]

  2. It looks like you guys had such a lovely Christmas together! I can’t believe how grown up Rowan looks now, and Finlay is like your little double! I tried Insanity for like a week and gave up haha! Between not having enough time to do it and how crazy it is, it was hard. I did see the T25 one advertised though and was thinking of trying that out instead. Obviously its still crazy, but at least it’s only 25 minutes right?! haha! I’d love to know how you guys get on with it.

  3. Rachelle •

    I always think of Boxing Day as an extension of Christmas:) A day to be lazy eat leftovers and hang out.

  4. I’ve had T25 for a couple of months now and LOVE it! I started out just working out to them when I didn’t want to run or leave the house, but three days ago I started the actual schedule and it’s going great! I couldn’t complete the other programs because I’d get bored (an hour of an in house workout is too much for me) but 25 minutes is totally doable.

  5. And p.s… I’m the one that ran into you at the GAP before Christmas 🙂

  6. I’ve been doing Insanity on and off for the past few months. The intensity just gets exhausting after awhile because it kind of takes over your life! I got T25 a month or so ago and am starting tomorrow. Definitely not as hard as Insanity but is still something to keep you active every day for a less-intimidating amount of time. (Especially when you get to month 2 and it takes a good hour to even recover from the work out lol!)

  7. I love all the wrapping paper littered in your living area. We had wrapping paper littered in our living area but it isn’t as wondrous as yours looked.

  8. The girls look so beautiful in those sparkly dresses.

  9. Just beautiful! So lucky to have both sets of grandparents near by!

  10. I love these random posts. And the girls look adorable in matching outfits. Merry xmas and i wishing you and your family a beautiful 2014 which fills your home with lots of laughter and love. xo

  11. Hey Jen!
    I’ve been wanting to make DIY flower crowns for ALL 5 of my nieces, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to share a tutorial or let me know how you made this one! It is sooo cute! Thanks girl!

    – Jesse

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