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Hey! Welcome to the new Jenloveskev. Yay!!! It’s been 6 years in the making (well, sort of). You would think with a husband who owns his own web design company that it wouldn’t have taken so long. I will be the first to admit that it was mostly all me. I kept changing my mind and then would put it off so I wouldn’t have to make any actual design decision. I’ve had the same EXACT design since the day I started this blog. ha! So embarrassing. Guess what? You can search stuff now! And there are categories to find things!! I just need to go back through and tag and categorize about 1,900 blog posts. I hope to have that done before another 6 years pass. Just Kidding. Or am I? I also need to find my most favorite posts to add to that link over there on the left. How about this one?

I love the new simple design. I love how the archive works. I like that you can look through archive posts in either list mode or full post mode. I’ve even found myself searching back through very, very, very old posts. Like Livejournal old. April 2007 was a particularly good month to go view. I dare you to go. Don’t we look like babies? But you know what is really, really cool? It’s totally responsive. I love how it looks on my phone.

I also need to update that little blurb under my picture there to the left. Isn’t it the most generic written intro ever? Thanks Kev (loooove you). I just haven’t come up with anything better, I mean wittier yet. As you can see there are still some kinks and work to be done but we’ve come a long way.

Hope you guys enjoy!
Happy Monday!!

p.s you can all now see that I was searching for vacation rentals when I took this screen shot and that I am pretty obsessed with pumpkin cheesecake ice cream.
p.p.s if you click the little heart at the very bottom it brings you up top. It’s cute.

  1. It looks beautiful. The mint looks great! Strangely, it wouldn’t accept my blog as a website in the website section.

  2. Hellow from Moscow) New desighn is awesome! Your blog is my absoluteley favorite for years. Keep on rocking=)

  3. The redesign looks amazing. Love the header font and the green and yellow color pops!

  4. Looks great. I love the simple pops of color!

  5. Oh my goodness. I love it! Kev did a wonderful job and the color palette is so sweet and so “you.” I remember the little heart design from your business card!

  6. Yayyyy Jen! <3 I LOVE the new look! You and Kev did such a fabulous job! The color palette is so fun! I love the heart pattern and your typeface choices! Love love love!! xoxo

  7. The new site is beautiful! And oooo (since you mentioned it I couldn’t help but notice) Hawaii vacation planning? My husband and I were thinking about doing that when he gets back from Afghanistan next summer, we used to be stationed on Oahu and loved it. Now we’re stationed in upstate NY, BRRR! Anyway, hope you guys get to have a great Hawaiian adventure! (You used to live there, right? Where, if you don’t mind me asking?) And are you planning on taking the girls if you go back? That’s our biggest hang-up, we have two boys (2 and 5 months), and it’s so hard to imagine doing that long trip and time change with them…

    Again, love the new site!

  8. I like it. I have a little one a few months younger than Rowan and sometimes I would want to go back and look at past posts you had about certain topics (i.e. potty training) but I couldn’t find it easily. Now I can. :o) Good job!

  9. Super cute, indeed!

  10. i love this new jen loves kev look!

    i remember loggin in and i was thinking omg! how cuuuute!
    i was specially excited because i update mine this friday as well!
    (of course im nowhere near your blogging expertise, but hey its the little things!)

    i love it!
    good job guys! (:


  11. Oooo LOVE this new site! It is totally you! I started reading your blog over 3 years ago but after some times I went back and read every single post. So I feel like I’ve known you for 6 years!! Your blog is awesome and down to earth. Your values have been the same since your first post. so thank you for being honest and down to earth! πŸ™‚

  12. The new site looks fantastic! I’m really into the beautiful font choice, and the drop-down nav menu is pret-ty sexy. Nicely done!

  13. Looking good! liking the new fonts too!

  14. nice! I love this new design πŸ˜‰

  15. looks great! i love the color scheme and basically everything else about it. good work!

  16. gorgeous new blog layout!

  17. Jen, your new layout looks SO amazing! I absolutely love it!! xo

  18. so cute Jen! love it!!

  19. It’s beautiful! Great job πŸ™‚

  20. So cute! Love it!

  21. It looks sooo good, Jen!! Really adorable πŸ™‚

  22. MΓ³nica •

    i love even the colors are great. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  23. Love this! And so funny, because I just launched my redesign today too! Great minds… πŸ™‚

  24. Love the new look!

  25. I love it!!!!!!!

  26. Jen, I’ve just watched your video from Maine and I think I just fell head over heels in love with your family more than before!! I have one question, which camera do you use? I adore all your photos!! πŸ™‚

  27. Looks amazing – well done to both you and Kev!

  28. I really love your new layout!

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