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Our Halloween was pretty rainy and cold, but that didn’t stop us from trying to make the most of it. Rowan was not only one Princess, but two Princesses on Thursday. Cinderella for her school party and then Princess Peach for Halloween night. I will admit that she didn’t know who Princess Peach was and thought she was a lalaloopsy Princess instead. Ha! It was a lalaloopsy dress from target- I just added the medallion in the center and made the crown to match Princess Peach. I wanted her to match her little Super Mario friends. Shhh don’t tell her. Wasn’t it so fun to see everyone’s kids dressed up on Halloween on instagram? It made my whole night. I loved it. So, so cute!!

Here are some of my favorite things and blog posts from this past week!
1. Almost everything over at the LOFT is 50% off!!! Umm hello! This green wool moto jacket is calling my name!

2. My 3 favorites halloween posts from around the blogosphere. 1 | 2 | 3 So dang cute!!

3. This dress is blowing my mind!! I want it so badly. I better start saving my pennies.

4. I get so excited when I see someone following their dreams and doing something exciting. So very happy for Jentine. Can’t wait to go visit her store next time I am up in Canada.

5. The cold weather is here and we are deep into marathon training. Time to get some new warm running gear! Love these cozy runnings pants, this headband and this awesome running hoodie.

6. Lesley has such a wonderful heart! Love this honest post from her.

7. Hands down my most favorite shoes for Finley. Nothing stays on her feet better or looks cuter than these shoes. I have a hard time not buying every color.

8. I’ve been on a mad search for a compact double stroller. I don’t want a side by side stroller but I want both seats to lay back- and I am pretty sure I found the perfect one!! LOVE this one!! Any one have this one? I’d love to hear reviews.

9. Such a great post and such beautiful pictures. Love Anna and her family.

10. How perfect is this little purse? Love the plaid!

11. Stocking up on cold weather gear for the kids too. Ordered a cute little North Face jacket for Finley and I don’t know why but I think these boots for kids are 1. totally acceptable 2. super cute and 3. practical. I just ordered a new pair for Rowan since she grew out of the ones she had last year.

12. Love this time of year beacause it means it’s 50 DIY Days of Christmas over on The Paper Mama

13. Absolutely swooning over this necklace. The colors are just too beautiful!!

14. Have you checked out Little Hip Squeaks lately? Oh man, there are some crazy cute things right now!

15. This lamp is pretty awesome. Love those Edison bulbs.

  1. They look so cute. I enjoyed reading every blog post about Halloween.

  2. those costumes are too cute! love the super mario bros

  3. that lamp is AWESOME.

  4. they could not be any cuter! princess power… it’s powerful! 😉 thank you so much for your sweet comment my friend. that means a lot! i have the dot stroller, just another reason i wish we lived closer… you could test it out first! i like it a lot because it’s not too bulky it is a little hard getting used to phoebe beneath matilda but you can configure it different ways when your kids are closer in age and it’s super easy to use and not too heavy. have a great week!! xx

  5. Rhianna •

    I have one of the Phil & Teds double strollers. I can’t remember which version it is, but I do like it. It is kind of short for me and you look tall too. They may have a handle extender, not sure. I like that is so much more compact than the bob strollers. It tips easily if no one is in the top seat and your older child is trying to climb in the bottom seat by themselves. My son knows this from experience! I say go for it!

  6. We love our Phil & Teds! It’s one of the most popular doubles here in the UK. We bought our Vibe 2 years ago when # 2 came and we’re still loving it now that we have #3. I totally trust their brand. They also keep improving on their models, which gives me massive pram envy! I’mpretty sure they solved the bottom seat tipping problem on the explorer so you might be ok. I hope you get it, we couldn’t go without ours and most of my friends feel the same. Good luck!

  7. Zulily is having a sale on double strollers today. Check it out!!

  8. Hi Jen, i think you would like my necklaces 😉

  9. The phil&teds stroller is AMAZING, have had our’s for years now and love it. Probably my #1 must have baby item. That new model looks incredible too!

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