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I feel like we’re in the middle of a pretty magical age right now with our kids. Of course each stage/age has its rewards and challenges, but at the moment we are in our groove. The girls are pretty much the most fun ever. Rowan is constantly cracking us up and Finley has really developed a little personality. Plus, she just kills us with her cuteness. I long the for the weekends when we get to spend extended time all together. The weeks can be long and tiresome sometimes but the weekends are always a breath of fresh air. We try to get out as much as possible. Living in upstate NY we love having the Adirondacks close by. Spending time in Lake George & Bolton Landing is awesome. What beautiful towns!

I want to remember that on this day…
1. Rowan walked the entire hike. Almost 2 miles all by herself! (There may have been some bribing with nerds at the end).
2. Rowan kept calling the day “our adventure”.
3. Eating a calm, peaceful lunch on the outside patio in Bolton Landing
4. Finley’s cute face peeking out over the side of the backpack
5. Kids sleeping on the way home meant good conversation and music with Kev in the car.
6. The smells, sounds and crisp air of a beautiful fall day.

For those that are asking- Rowan’s boots are the Palladium Pampa Hi Leather from Tea Collection (you can also find more sizes here)

















  1. I need to know where to find Rowan’s hiking boots! Looking for something just like that for Adair!


  2. Your girls are so cute Jen!

  3. i can’t believe how much rowan looks like your husband!!! so previous 🙂

  4. Rowan’s little hiking boots are amazing! Where did you find them?!

  5. That is so impressive! Good for her. I love her little booties!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  6. I just linked to where we got them in the post! Thanks for asking.

  7. Hey Lacy! Just linked to where we got them in the post!

  8. That looks like so much fun! Kev is lucky — if it were me, I wouldn’t been sleeping same as the kids on the way home, haha!

  9. Heather •

    Jen, your plaid shirt is perfect for fall weekends! Where did you find it?

  10. Beautiful photos! It looks like it was a fantastic day. We’ve made it a goal as a family to go hiking a bit more. We live in the midwest so there is nothing too exciting to explore around here but there are a few forest preserves that delight the kids & it’s just great being outside. Way to go Rowan for walking the whole the way – impressive!

  11. Looks like a lovely day!!

  12. i loved going on little adventures like this when i was little – and actually still do.
    there is nothing better than walking through all the fallen leaves at this time of the year.

    beautiful pictures by the way.

  13. Love everything about this post …and nothing is better than when you finally get into that groove!!

  14. absolutely love Rowan’s boots 🙂 She’s too cute!

  15. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful family 🙂

    xo Ashley

  16. So much fun! Do you hike with your camera or do you take pictures with your phone? The photos are so awesome! I’m so glad you are sharing these fun family things. Taking notes for the future! 😉

  17. You have such a lovely little family!

    xo Jennifer


  18. Sounds like a beautiful day! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, just gorgeous.

  19. Awhh what a nice way to spend the day! I love YOUR shoes,what make are they?xx

  20. michelle barb •

    I’m actually really liking your boots. Could you alos send a link where you got yours?

  21. oh so lovely! what a gorgeous and special day!

  22. Family hikes are seriously the best! Especially during fall! 🙂


  23. adorable pictures, jen. now i wanna take a hike!

  24. So much fun! I am hoping that the weather clears and we can take a hike this weekend, too! And oh my those boots are great. I may have to look into a pair for my son, Oliver.

  25. so cute! i love how big your girls are getting!

  26. Gorgeous family photos! aren’t fall walks the BEST?!

  27. My first thought was ‘she looks amazing!’. Must be all those miles you are running ;-). I’m 6 months post partum and just struggling to lose those last few pounds…hopefully they will fall off soon although i probably need to run a few more miles.
    P xo

  28. Such an adorable family! Love your outfit — may I ask where the shoes are from? I’m still on the hunt for great versatile boots like yours. Thank you!

  29. ….and I love your boots!! Can you also please let us know where you got them from? Thanks!

  30. Sorry for the double post! It looked like my first one wasn’t there so I re-posted…sorry again…

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