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We hit the 1 year mark in our house and it lit a fire to finish stuff up around here. We slowed down there after Finley was born. I felt us getting a little complacent with how things were instead of working to make things feel done. I hate that. I don’t want to move 5 years from now and think too bad it never felt finished. You know? Anyway, the living room isn’t perfect but it’s almost done and I thought why not share it with you guys. I am pretty in love with the gallery wall I created above the couch. In a dream world I would buy a new couch but this one works with kids at the moment. You can’t see spills and well, they wipe up in a quick swipe. You can’t beat that.

The accessories are simple and we don’t usually keep anything on the coffee table because of little grabby hands. Especially now that Finley pulls herself up on things. I tried having one halloween decoration there the other day and after removing, putting it back and having it fall on her like 10 times I decided it wasn’t worth it. There is a time and a season for everything and this season of decorating is just simple. I put more effort in the gallery wall. We have very, very high ceilings in that room so it let me go big with the scale of everything. I tried laying all the frames on the floor first to organize how i wanted it on the wall, but then I couldn’t figure out how to get that onto the wall. That whole, cut kraft paper the size and shape of the frames and then tape them on the wall seems like way too much work for me. Plus, that doesn’t let me see how it will really look. My tip is to pick your focus piece (deer head), hang that where you want first and then add piece by piece as things fit. I feel like that ends up being more organic. For me, that works best!

Product list (as best as I can):
Couch: Raymour and Flanagan | Chair: Ikea | Lamp: Ikea | Striped Blanket: Ikea | Ikat Pouf: Target | Arc Floor Lamp: Urban Outfitters | Deer Head: Urban Outfitters | Look Up More print: Urban Outfitters | Skeleton Print: Urban Outfitters | Drift Wood: Hand painted | Sailor Print: Sean Wes | Crochet Bunting: Handmade (diy here)













  1. It looks awesome! I am in the same stage of “nothing on the coffee table” as my almost 11 month old pulls everything off! We make it work and having a gallery wall makes everything feel more pulled together anyways!

  2. Wow, this looks like a dream room out of a magazin! Congrats!

  3. it looks great, good job!

  4. i love that you kept it real, when you have little ones around you can’t keep all those knick knacks (that i love btw) front and center. they’ll either get broken or go straight in the mouth every time. your gallery wall is perfect — really speaks to who you are as a family but whimsical and fun at the same time:)


  5. gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

  6. I just pinned basically every photo from this post…so cute! love the colors and all the different textures and styles!

  7. Awesome job, obsessed with your fun gallery wall and about to hit the UO site to snatch up one of those awesome deer heads. Thanks for the inspiration chic!

  8. thank you!!!!!

    most every blog says to do that craft paper stuff and i thought i was the only one kindve not on board!!!
    i find it twice as time consuming and its just hectic.

    without knowing it i started my own gallery wall and i love it!

    i will admit its kind of a mission for me to hang stuff.

    those ikea frames can sure play tricks!

    i love your space!!!
    thanks for sharing!


  9. i love that box with photos taped to it! such a fun, personal and creative touch.

  10. I’m scouring the IKEA site but can’t find that chair (which looks like it’d be perfect for our nursery)! Did you get it recently?

  11. what a beautiful space, Jen! love it 🙂

  12. You have a really great knack for decorating!

    xo Jennifer


  13. Stephanie •

    This is lovely, Jen! I totally agree with the couch. We have a similar one and it’s perfect with kids right now. 😉

  14. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space! I am in the process if putting together a smaller version of a gallery wall and am intimidated by our giant vaulted ceilings. Our living room, kitchen, and dining area are one big, open space and while I have everything I want on the wall, I haven’t been able to figure out heights. It’s nice to see how much open wall you left above. I was worried if we put things at the placement you have, it would look strange with so much space open above, but your room looks fantastic! So helpful!

  15. OK…I am totally inspired to finish my living room now! 🙂 Haha…Would you hurry over here and help? 🙂 Seriously though–the things you’ve done are so fun and some very do-able, it makes me want to take a stab at a few new fun things for our home instead of waiting for “real,” expensive art! 🙂
    Thanks and great job–I love it.

  16. love your home 🙂

  17. It looks SO amazing and cozy too! You nailed it! 😀

  18. This looks gorgeous! Wow!

  19. I love your gallery wall! Can’t wait until I have a home I can decorate

  20. Loving all your colour against the white walls! And all your greenery – I’m a bit jealous my lounge room doesn’t get that much beautiful light 🙂 Well done, looks amazing!

  21. This is such a cool room. There is so much going on but it does not feel cluttered. I like how the dark colored couch and shag rug ground out the mostly white room. Shag rugs are so comfortable, I don’t think i can ever own one because i will never wear shoes again. It just feels too good underfoot. The gallery wall is great too. You have such an eclectic mix of quirky items. Too cool.

  22. I love the mix of objects and family pictures. I will have to make a mental note of that!

  23. Absolutely love your home! You amaze me with how well you fit in so many little details without making it feel cluttered…this is something I need to learn 🙂

  24. Candace •

    Do you know the name of the succulent in the last picture? The previous owners of my house left one behind, and I loved the way it looked. However my puppy ate it and now I’ve been on the hunt to replace it.

  25. ahh – i always love how wonderfully you have decorated your homes. i am moving into our new home soon and i am soooo anxious about the decorating process… i usually always want to channel you – but your home decor – just SO GOOD! hope all is well with you guys – i just may be requesting you to come live with me for a short time to tap into your creativeness, i’m suuuuure kev and the girls won’t mind! 🙂 xox-suz

  26. Wow !!!!!! Congrats !!!!!!! It is awsome !!!!! You two are stunnily so great …. You create what could seem to be a dream life and you live it daily !!!!!!!! Fantastique !!!! Can t wait for more of Curious Provence…. :))))

    Thanks for your post.

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