A Weekend Away

We left early Friday morning to head up to Canada for the weekend. Of course with a quick stop in Rochester to pick up my sister, stretch our legs and get some lunch and drinks from Javas. Rowan loves going behind the counter with Auntie Amy to make all the drinks. I know I haven’t lived in Canada for quite sometime but every time we cross the border it feels like home. Especially in the fall. How can you not love fall in Ontario? Oh it smells so good. My youngest sister and her husband just moved back to Ontario from BC. They hadn’t met Finley yet, so it was a pretty special trip to be able to introduce them to her. It was sort of a whirlwind of a weekend. Seeing family, driving back and forth into toronto, picking up race packets, and of course running our race. We were beat yesterday afternoon after all was said and done. Everyone ended up falling asleep yesterday afternoon and we didnt even end up leaving to come back to NY till 7pm. Yikes. It was a tough drive home. We pulled in the driveway around 3am. Tired, but so happy to have spent the time away. I love my family. I wish we got to see them more often.

The race was awesome. It was the most perfect day! I even met a lovely blog reader around 16k! She was a super runner and blew right passed up. haha. Way to go girl! It was so nice to meet you! Being able to run the race with Kev was awesome. Makes all the difference. Love being able to share that with him.

Now… time to sign up for the next marathon!

  1. loved following along on your instagram this weekend! congrats on the race (and glad you guys made it back home safely – yikes, sounds like a rough drive!).

  2. sounds like a great trip home. family and friends that know you since forever really make you feel sane right?


  3. I love when you show a Lula sisters reunion – it’s such a sincere and fun looking bond you ladies have. Yay sisters! Also congrats on the marathon – you’re unstoppable!

  4. It looks like so much fun! I need to try a marathon some time…

  5. You look so happy! hooray for sisters!

  6. my friends ran the marathon too 🙂 but most importantly I was at indigo yesterday too hehe we could have met!

    you all look so happy!

  7. so cute! love that you were able to come back to canada for some family time and an amazing fitness accomplishment! go Jen!

  8. Congrats on the marathon! My husband and I went to watch the runners of the chicago marathon last weekend and is was so inspiring!

  9. congrats on the run! what a great accomplishment!

    I have been a loyal reader of your blog for years, and you seem to make it look so easy! I just started running, and remembered that you used to post a lot about your marathon training. I would love it if you brought those posts back, of course if you have time now that there are two little ones in your life 🙂

  10. I saw you at Java’s! I saw your husband walk in the door and thought he looked familiar and then I immediately saw you and your children and made the connection. Java’s is one of my favorite lunch spots (I work close by). Very small world!

  11. It seems like you get to see your family a lot even though they are far away; that is awesome!

    xo Jennifer


  12. justine mckenzie •

    wohoo! toronto! thats my city <3

    – from one of your long time toronto readers (& friend of your cousin Jill)

  13. Kristy D •

    Yay! Ontario in the fall is pretty amazing. I was there 4 months pregnant walking the 5K. What a gorgeous morning! Now we’re off to upstate NY this weekend to see some in-laws. Can’t wait to see if the Finger Lake region can hold a candle to Ontario’s colours.

  14. wow, congrats on completing your marathon! i’ve done half marathons, and it’s on my bucket list to do a full one. i keep trying to sign up, but i can’t follow through. 26.2 is just a little intimidating. i’ll get to it eventually!

  15. That looks like a ton of fun, and I admit now that I’m a tad jealous of your sister-relationships (on top of your daughters!) haha…I’m surrounded by boys–what can I say? 🙂 Really, its fun for me to see!!
    Now I’m confused–did you just do a full marathon? I was thinking you were training for a half, but it sounds like you did the full? Either way, congrats…Wanna jump in and run w/ my for part of NYC?? hehe–just an idea!

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