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Photo by my beautiful friend Danielle

Happy Weekend friends. Hasn’t the weather been AMAZING lately? The fall is such a time of rebirth for me. I always feel like it’s the new year more now than in January. Maybe that’s just the teacher in me? Anyway, it’s spurred lots of soul searching lately. More on that when I can gather my thoughts a little better but for now I leave you with some weekend links.

Don’t you love when there is a sale on sale items? It’s pretty much one of my favorite things. I decided to include some of my favorite items that I’ve been adding to my online shopping cart this past week.
1. All sale items at LOFT are an extra 50% off. Boom. I am in love with this sweater, this sweater, this striped boatneck shirt, this pencil skirt (ooh the color!) and this polka dot blazer.

2. J.Crew is an extra 40% off sale. This one gets me because they have a kids section. Eeek! I bought this skirt for Rowan, this fancy baseball top for me and this shirt for Kev.

3. Oh Madewell! This varsity jacket sweater, these jeans, this skirt. Love them all!

4. 1, 2, 3 pretty dresses all 30% off over at Modcloth.

5. Obsessed with sweaters and coats as the weather gets colder. Always looking for a good deal. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Update: All sale items at urban outfitters are an extra 50%!!

And here are some of my most favorite blog posts from around the internet this past week.
1. Oh my goodness! This makes me so excited for Finley to get older. It’s just the sweetest little story.

2. An Iris Apfel halloween costume? on a kid? I’m dead!

3. Pretty sure this is by far my most favorite outfit on Katie. Ever. So dang pretty.

4. I know there is lots of talk out there about Birkenstock’s this season but I don’t think anyone can pull them off as well asJulie. She rules all!

5. Icelandic Pancakes sound like heaven. Monica please come to my house next month when you are in nyc and make these for breakfast. Please and thank you!

6. I am seriously like a 13 year old boy. Anything I get to light on fire sounds pretty cool to me. A whole mug of candles? Yes please!

7. Yen looks like one hot mama in this dress! Plus it look so cozy, which makes it the perfect dress.

8. Pretty much my favorite house.

9. This post is just so sweet. Boy, I love this darling family.

10. How freakin’ cool does Merl’s new store look? Wow. So awesome! Go visit if you are in Chicago.

  1. oh my! Jcrew & Madewell are always so tempting.

  2. I have always adored Birkenstock’s and finally bought my first pair (white sandals) two years ago when I was pregnant with M. I absolutely think they can look stylish. I have had friends say to me that I make them “look cool,” but that they could never pull them off. I think if you like them, wear them 🙂
    P.S. what is the talk about “Birks?”

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