What Rowan Wore | 10.02.13


School has been going so great for this little one. I didn’t think I was going to love it as much as I am either. I was excited for her, but it’s scary dropping them off for the first time ever and leaving for 2.5 hours. You know what though? I am really trying to enjoy the time I get with just Finley and the small amount of time that I get (gasp!) by myself. School lands right during nap time. I come home, feed Finley and put her to bed. I haven’t had down time during the day since Rowan gave up naps a long, long time ago. It’s a little luxury that I know won’t last forever, so I am totally enjoying it. I actually got to eat a hot meal today for lunch and I ate it slowly. Boom!

I wanted to call Rowan “Rizzo” in this outfit.

This is such a Rowan face…http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/10041740654/







Denim Jacket: c/o GUESSkids
Red button up: Old Navy
Leggings: Gap
Converse High Tops: Zappos

  1. She is such a budding fashionista!

    xo Jennifer


  2. I love these. I still can’t figure out why Rowan always seems like two years older than Levi and she is actually a few months younger.
    And I laugh because I imagine if i were to do outfit posts of Levi–He pretty much insists on wearing one of TWO pairs of plaid (Costco) shorts every single day. He has a drawer full of brand-name shorts (mostly hand-me-downs but still,) and yet he likes these b/c they have “pockets.” (So do the others, I cannot explain these things.)
    Anyways, its those plaid shorts with a totally clashing shirt most days. And I don’t even try to make him change.
    Girls look like way more fun!
    Love to you and your adorable family!

  3. such a cute outfit. converse on little kids are the best thing.

  4. That last shot is so perfect hahahah!

  5. Oh my gosh, the last picture is so good!

  6. She looks adorable. I would go crazy styling a baby girl 🙂

  7. A hot meal for lunch! That sounds amazing, I can’t remember the last time I ate a meal slowly either- even when I go out by myself with friends I tend to bolt my food down without meaning to.

  8. What a great idea. She looks totally adorable too. I wonder if my Piper would be up for something like this…

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