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October 2013

Fall Adventures



I feel like we’re in the middle of a pretty magical age right now with our kids. Of course each stage/age has its rewards and challenges, but at the moment we are in our groove. The girls are pretty much the most fun ever. Rowan is constantly cracking us up and Finley has really developed a little personality. Plus, she just kills us with her cuteness. I long the for the weekends when we get to spend extended time all together. The weeks can be long and tiresome sometimes but the weekends are always a breath of fresh air. We try to get out as much as possible. Living in upstate NY we love having the Adirondacks close by. Spending time in Lake George & Bolton Landing is awesome. What beautiful towns!

I want to remember that on this day…
1. Rowan walked the entire hike. Almost 2 miles all by herself! (There may have been some bribing with nerds at the end).
2. Rowan kept calling the day “our adventure”.
3. Eating a calm, peaceful lunch on the outside patio in Bolton Landing
4. Finley’s cute face peeking out over the side of the backpack
5. Kids sleeping on the way home meant good conversation and music with Kev in the car.
6. The smells, sounds and crisp air of a beautiful fall day.

For those that are asking- Rowan’s boots are the Palladium Pampa Hi Leather from Tea Collection (you can also find more sizes here)

















Let’s Make Something! | Beads


Yay! Well, it only took us about 3 months to make another one of these videos. Remember our bath bomb one? Whoops. I even video taped this one in August but just never got around to editing it till now. Better late than never I guess? I’ve been painting wooden beads like a mad women around here for the necklaces I’ve been selling in my etsy shop. The idea actually came from making beads and hand painting them with Rowan one day. It’s a super fun craft to do with your little one!


Craft Paint
Paint Brushes
Air Dry Clay ( I like the Delight brand. Super light weight for kids!)
Yarn Needle
Clasps (Magnetic Clasps work best for little kids. They can take it on and off easily and if it ever got caught a slight pressure would break it off)

Have Fun!

Friday Favorites


To say I have a coat addiction would be an understatement. Modcloth is having a 25% off sale on all their outerwear and boy! do they have some cute options.

Other favorites this week:
1. Totally bought this sweater in grey and oat. It’s like the most perfect grandpa yet still fitted cardigan (and on sale!!). Perfect to wear over slouchy tees like this. With some cute ankle boots.

2. Omgosh. How cute is Julie in this post? Wish I was able to go to Johnny Cash night with her and Chris.

3. Love this cozy Pendleton blanket! Now I just need a fireplace and some hot chocolate.

4. Lesley did such a great job on their kitchen redo. Oh man it’s 100% perfect.

5. I pretty much die over Mini Boden dresses. They are just so darn cute for baby. I would like to get this one, this one and this one for sweet little Fin. They are also having a sale this weekend. Clothes for the whole family!

6. This surprise just about knocked my socks off. Wow! What a story. Hahah. I love this family!!

7. This adorable Kate Spade dress is 40% off. It’s so dang cute. I can’t stand it.

8. I share so many of Anna’s thoughts in this post. It’s hard finding the right balance.

9. This kills me! Matching Dr. Martens for Finley and Rowan

10. 2 very different dresses but I love them both the same. Love the embroidery on this one and this one is just perfect for the holidays.


Our Everyday Style | 10.24.13



Let’s chat about a few random things shall we?

1. The Roots sweatshirts I got for the girls in Canada are rocking my world right now. So nostalgic!
2. I am majorly addicted to making Finley baby food at the moment.
3. I got some Bolt House Farms Peppermint Mocha today at the store and let me just say YES!
4. Mommy and Rowans date nights are awesome
5. When people can’t turn and blow their cigarette smoke in a different direction as I pass with the girls. It makes me all stabby and ragey on the inside. Yes those are real words.
6. Rowan has reverted to calling me “mama”? Not sure why but I think I like it.
7. Why are gingersnaps so good?
8. What is a rainbow loom and why are there giant displays everywhere I go?
9. Jackets, cold weather, kids and car seats make me crazy. On and off, on and off. I get why they aren’t safe in the car seat but ahh it’s so annoying when you are doing errands.
10. Shopping carts that won’t turn right. Blah.
11. 9 months is like pure magic as far as baby ages are concerned. Swoon.
12. We finally turned our heat on.
13. How do you convince your 3 year old to be anything other than a princess for halloween?
14. Kev is awesome.
15. We are hoping to plan a vacation in December but can’t decide where to go? Ideas?
16. I feel like the socks to clothes ratio in any given load of laundry is 70-30. Why are there so many socks? I think baby socks need that string attached to them like kids mittens.
17. Finley is obsessed with animals. It cracks us up.
18. I am the worst school parent. I forget something Rowan needs to bring in like once a week.
19. My 2 favorite fashion blogs will always be Kendi Everyday and What I Wore. My home girls.
20. How does one decide when they are done having kids? It seems like a question I can’t really find an answer for.

Rowan loves the remote for the camera. She will sit in front of the camera for a good 20 mins taking pictures of herself. She was in charge of all these…








Sweater: Forever 21
White Tee: Urban Outfitters
Leather Leggings: Blank NYC (similar)
Boots: Vince Camuto (similar & similar)

Sweater: Roots
Leggings: H&M

Sweatshirt: Roots
Leggings: Joe Fresh

Home Tour | Our Living Room


We hit the 1 year mark in our house and it lit a fire to finish stuff up around here. We slowed down there after Finley was born. I felt us getting a little complacent with how things were instead of working to make things feel done. I hate that. I don’t want to move 5 years from now and think too bad it never felt finished. You know? Anyway, the living room isn’t perfect but it’s almost done and I thought why not share it with you guys. I am pretty in love with the gallery wall I created above the couch. In a dream world I would buy a new couch but this one works with kids at the moment. You can’t see spills and well, they wipe up in a quick swipe. You can’t beat that.

The accessories are simple and we don’t usually keep anything on the coffee table because of little grabby hands. Especially now that Finley pulls herself up on things. I tried having one halloween decoration there the other day and after removing, putting it back and having it fall on her like 10 times I decided it wasn’t worth it. There is a time and a season for everything and this season of decorating is just simple. I put more effort in the gallery wall. We have very, very high ceilings in that room so it let me go big with the scale of everything. I tried laying all the frames on the floor first to organize how i wanted it on the wall, but then I couldn’t figure out how to get that onto the wall. That whole, cut kraft paper the size and shape of the frames and then tape them on the wall seems like way too much work for me. Plus, that doesn’t let me see how it will really look. My tip is to pick your focus piece (deer head), hang that where you want first and then add piece by piece as things fit. I feel like that ends up being more organic. For me, that works best!

Product list (as best as I can):
Couch: Raymour and Flanagan | Chair: Ikea | Lamp: Ikea | Striped Blanket: Ikea | Ikat Pouf: Target | Arc Floor Lamp: Urban Outfitters | Deer Head: Urban Outfitters | Look Up More print: Urban Outfitters | Skeleton Print: Urban Outfitters | Drift Wood: Hand painted | Sailor Print: Sean Wes | Crochet Bunting: Handmade (diy here)













My Everyday Style | 10.22.13





Colorful skirts, Denim shirts and ankle boots? Fall you can do no wrong in my book.

Bow Tie Denim Shirt: ASOS (similar)
Pasiley Skirt: Target
Ankle Boots: Madewell (similar cheaper pair)



A Weekend Away

We left early Friday morning to head up to Canada for the weekend. Of course with a quick stop in Rochester to pick up my sister, stretch our legs and get some lunch and drinks from Javas. Rowan loves going behind the counter with Auntie Amy to make all the drinks. I know I haven’t lived in Canada for quite sometime but every time we cross the border it feels like home. Especially in the fall. How can you not love fall in Ontario? Oh it smells so good. My youngest sister and her husband just moved back to Ontario from BC. They hadn’t met Finley yet, so it was a pretty special trip to be able to introduce them to her. It was sort of a whirlwind of a weekend. Seeing family, driving back and forth into toronto, picking up race packets, and of course running our race. We were beat yesterday afternoon after all was said and done. Everyone ended up falling asleep yesterday afternoon and we didnt even end up leaving to come back to NY till 7pm. Yikes. It was a tough drive home. We pulled in the driveway around 3am. Tired, but so happy to have spent the time away. I love my family. I wish we got to see them more often.

The race was awesome. It was the most perfect day! I even met a lovely blog reader around 16k! She was a super runner and blew right passed up. haha. Way to go girl! It was so nice to meet you! Being able to run the race with Kev was awesome. Makes all the difference. Love being able to share that with him.

Now… time to sign up for the next marathon!

My Journey with Nursing pt. 2


As I sat down to write this I decided to reread this post from a month after Finley was born. Boy! Have we come a long way. I can honestly say I’ve learned to really love breastfeeding since then! It was not a quick or easy road by any means. I hope I can give some hope to even one mama out there that you can make it to the other side if you were like me. Not everyone gets it right away and not every one loves it right away. That’s totally ok. I was one of those ladies. Over the past 9 months though, we’ve become a well oiled machine (or milking machine?). We both know what we are doing and we do it well. We’re still going strong with no plans to stop anytime soon either. Actually the thought of stopping stresses me out. Ha. who am I? Again, it’s not for everyone and that’s ok. Whatever your choice is there should be no guilt attached to it. Be confident in what you need to do for your baby.

It took us a while to get here that’s for sure. The pain really didn’t stop at 3 weeks like everyone told me it would. Her latch was right, but it was just plain painful. It did get better over time and slowly but surely we found our groove. I would say like 7-8 weeks the pain starting going down. I’ve still stuck with the no hooter hider thing like I mentioned in the other post. I hate them. If my shirt is loose I usually just lift up and cover boob parts that way (babies themselves really cover more than you think) but if I am in a particular situation that I feel I need a little more cover you know what has been my life saver? The aden and anasis swaddle blankets. We literally take those things with us every where. They are my number one recommended baby item. You can pretty much use them for EVERYTHING.

I was super stressed at one point when we had to leave Finley for 5 days to go to the conference in TX back in August. I was scared she wouldn’t want to nurse when I came back. I pumped like a mad women out there. At least 5x a day, took fenugreek daily and drank a crap load of water. Let’s see… I pumped in the airport, on a plane, in a moving car (no, I wasn’t driving), during a cocktail hour, in between sessions at the conference, almost in a Savers but I just couldn’t get comfortable enough, the list goes on and on. Thank goodness for battery powered pumps and public restrooms. It all worked out though! Thank you Shaynah for your helpful tips! It was an awkward minute or two at the beginning when I got back, but she latched right back on and it was like we both sighed in relief. She is quite the Mama’s girl so I think that was to my advantage. She refused to take a bottle or sippy cup the entire time we were gone. My mom had to feed her milk from a cup. Silly Baby.

Nursing Finley has really helped slow life down a bit for me. You have to stop periodically through out the day and just be there with your little one. I actually really look forward to it. As easy as it is for me to grab my phone and start doing a million things like checking emails, twitter, etc… When I nurse her I try to enjoy her. To watch her. To breath her in. She won’t be this small forever. I use the time to pray for her, for our family. To thank God for all the he has blessed us with. I love laying in bed in the quiet of the night and nurse her there beside me. All cuddled up under the blankets. What a blessing it has been. I am so very thankful to have had his chance to nurse her. I hope that if we ever have another baby that maybe, just maybe I will have an easier time now that I’ve made it through with one.

I’d love to hear your journey. Please share below!

Weekend Links

Photo by my beautiful friend Danielle

Happy Weekend friends. Hasn’t the weather been AMAZING lately? The fall is such a time of rebirth for me. I always feel like it’s the new year more now than in January. Maybe that’s just the teacher in me? Anyway, it’s spurred lots of soul searching lately. More on that when I can gather my thoughts a little better but for now I leave you with some weekend links.

Don’t you love when there is a sale on sale items? It’s pretty much one of my favorite things. I decided to include some of my favorite items that I’ve been adding to my online shopping cart this past week.
1. All sale items at LOFT are an extra 50% off. Boom. I am in love with this sweater, this sweater, this striped boatneck shirt, this pencil skirt (ooh the color!) and this polka dot blazer.

2. J.Crew is an extra 40% off sale. This one gets me because they have a kids section. Eeek! I bought this skirt for Rowan, this fancy baseball top for me and this shirt for Kev.

3. Oh Madewell! This varsity jacket sweater, these jeans, this skirt. Love them all!

4. 1, 2, 3 pretty dresses all 30% off over at Modcloth.

5. Obsessed with sweaters and coats as the weather gets colder. Always looking for a good deal. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Update: All sale items at urban outfitters are an extra 50%!!

And here are some of my most favorite blog posts from around the internet this past week.
1. Oh my goodness! This makes me so excited for Finley to get older. It’s just the sweetest little story.

2. An Iris Apfel halloween costume? on a kid? I’m dead!

3. Pretty sure this is by far my most favorite outfit on Katie. Ever. So dang pretty.

4. I know there is lots of talk out there about Birkenstock’s this season but I don’t think anyone can pull them off as well asJulie. She rules all!

5. Icelandic Pancakes sound like heaven. Monica please come to my house next month when you are in nyc and make these for breakfast. Please and thank you!

6. I am seriously like a 13 year old boy. Anything I get to light on fire sounds pretty cool to me. A whole mug of candles? Yes please!

7. Yen looks like one hot mama in this dress! Plus it look so cozy, which makes it the perfect dress.

8. Pretty much my favorite house.

9. This post is just so sweet. Boy, I love this darling family.

10. How freakin’ cool does Merl’s new store look? Wow. So awesome! Go visit if you are in Chicago.

What Rowan Wore | 10.02.13


School has been going so great for this little one. I didn’t think I was going to love it as much as I am either. I was excited for her, but it’s scary dropping them off for the first time ever and leaving for 2.5 hours. You know what though? I am really trying to enjoy the time I get with just Finley and the small amount of time that I get (gasp!) by myself. School lands right during nap time. I come home, feed Finley and put her to bed. I haven’t had down time during the day since Rowan gave up naps a long, long time ago. It’s a little luxury that I know won’t last forever, so I am totally enjoying it. I actually got to eat a hot meal today for lunch and I ate it slowly. Boom!

I wanted to call Rowan “Rizzo” in this outfit.

This is such a Rowan face…






Denim Jacket: c/o GUESSkids
Red button up: Old Navy
Leggings: Gap
Converse High Tops: Zappos

Snack Time!



Keeping things super simple today. I wanted to share my most favorite snack lately. I probably eat it way too much- Let’s just pretend it’s healthier for you than it really is. Are you ready? All you need is 1. Some french baguette 2. Some Creme de Brie 3. Honey 4. Raspberries. Toast the bread, smoother with honey and creamy, delicious brie and then smash some raspberries on top. Oh goodness. It’s yummy.

My sister sent me a bunch of tea for my bday and this one rocks my socks. It’s all 3 of my favorite teas in one. Chamomile, peppermint & ginger. Now if I time is just right, I may just get a few minutes to myself with one kid at school and the other down for a nap to enjoy some tea and this yummy snack.

What’s your favorite snack?

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