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September 2013

My Everyday Style | 09.30.13


More and more I am becoming a jeans and tshirt kind of gal. My closet used to be filled with way more skirts than jeans. The tables have turned now a days though and I am quite ok with that. I know it’s all everyone is talking about but… don’t you just love the fall? I have a slight (ok, major) addiction to fall coats. I can’t stop, I just love them so much. I picked this one up at forever 21 a few weekends ago. I like to pretend I am extra tough when I wear this “Don’t Push Me” tshirt with it. Kev jokes that it’s the Grandma from Napoleon Dynamite. I just like the looks I get when I am waiting to pick up Rowan in the preschool line.





Jacket: Forever 21 (similar– With ELBOW PATCHES!!!!)
Tee: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Madewell- Old (Similar)
Flats: Nordstorms
Tote: c/o Massi

p.s. I’ve really missed doing outfit posts. It’s one of the major reasons I started jenloveskev. Ha! I can’t believe I used to take 6 outfit posts a week. Crazy. Anyway. I hope to do it more often. That is all.

My Everyday Style | 09.23.13


Our friends invited us to go apple picking with them yesterday after church. And since we didn’t have plans, we hopped in the car right after church and headed down to Kinderhook, NY for a lovely fall afternoon. Sometimes it’s the trips that aren’t planned out that end up being the most fun.

I haven’t been in an American Eagle in quite sometime. After teaching high school kids, I sort of just associate that store with teens. I found myself in an American Eagle last week though looking for jeans for Kev. I noticed they had some high waisted jeggings. I hate that word, but I like what they stand for. Sometimes I find that skinny jeans aren’t skinny enough for me. Jeggings seem to be the way to go. As long as they are more jeans than leggings. Anyway. I decided to try them on for the fun of it and well, they are awesome! I got a black pair and then I found these ankle moto style ones. The waist is high but not too high. Perfect!





White Linen Tee: LOFT (similar)
Flannel: Thirfted (similar)
Jeans: American Eagle
Necklace: Clydes Rebirth
Glasses: c/o Bonlook
Sandals: Crown Vintage via DSW
Watch: c/o Lulu’s

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

The Princesses and the Worm

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived 5 little Princesses.

They were the very best of friends. They loved sharing and always played nice (wink, wink).

One day when they were all together in their most favorite gowns and tutus, the youngest one yelled “AHHHHHHHHHH,” pointing at something that she saw on the ground.

They all turned to look. What was it? What could it be?

They had to get a closer look.

and then an even closer look.


To their surprise it was a worm. He told them of the magical hidden princess wands. They were to find them and use them to change him back into Prince Charming. Off they went.

When they found the wands. They danced and celebrated and had the time of their lives.



One the way back to find the worm they came across a trampoline. It was filled with bouncy balls and they couldn’t help but hop in and jump.



They bounced into the good Fairy who reminded them of their promise to the worm.

They found the worm and changed him back into Prince Charming. And what a handsome Prince he was!


and they all lived happily ever after.
The End.

(needless to say, Rowan has a very fun time at her party.)

Rowan’s 3rd Birthday | The Details


There was never any doubt about what kind of party we would have for Rowan. She has been talking about a princess party for months. This year was the first year she had her own little friends party. She picked out which of her closest friends to invite and we sent out invitations for her Mommy and Me Princess Party. How many times do you think I will say princess in this post?

I wanted to give her “princess” without going over the top Disney princess party. Although, I am sure she would have loved that just as much. I gotta have a little say, right? I made easy to eat food for 3 year olds and tried to keep it healthy. We had skewers with peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and bananas, and then a second skew with a marshmallow, watermelon, apples and grapes. I had cups with cut veggies and hummus and strawberry yogurt cups tied with little spoons.

Pinhole Press has the cutest party stationary and goodies. I ordered labels with a picture of Rowan wearing a crown to create special drinks for the girls. I also got coasters made with a picture of Rowan and her friends. They loved those! I loved the personalized touches it added. For decorations there was A LOT of glitter. My house will forever be covered with glitter. I can’t help but think about is this skit. The girls painted crowns and made tutus at the party. They were the perfect craft. Took just enough time but not too much time either. Then we had a big scavenger hunt for magic wands in the yard. I will save those pictures till tomorrow though.







Princess party
















Part two coming right up!

*Pinhole Press products were given as a gift.

What Rowan Wore


Rowan’s first day of school ended up being on her 3rd birthday. At first I thought “oh that kinda stinks” but then I realized Rowan would be over the moon excited about it. It was a bitter sweet moment for me. I will admit I shed a few tears in the car driving away. How is she this old? Though, I feel like I teared up because I am just so proud of the little girl that she is. It’s a good feeling huh? To not only love your kid because well, they are your kid but to love them for the person they are as well. She is kind, sweet, and oh so brave. She has the silliest sense of humor. She cracks me up with her dancing every time she hears music and the ridiculous words she makes up that she thinks are way too funny. I love that when I close my eyes I can picture her round little face, with her big eyes and I can hear her infectious laugh. The real deep hearty laugh she does when she thinks something is especially funny. She’s a special one, that’s for sure!

So here’s to you my sweet Rowan Winter. I am so excited for what you are going to learn this year!
and now a ridiculous amount of pictures…









Cardigan: Gift from Grandma
Tank: Gap
Skirt: Gap
Socks: Ruum (american eagle kids store. who in the world thought it was a good idea to call it ruum?)
Glitter Shoes: Ruum
Backpack: Herschel Supply Co. via Amazon

A Dedication

So I’ve been away from this here site for a while. I wasn’t planning on it but it just happened. Life is busy. Wonderful, but busy. Life with two is more joy than I ever imagined and about 1000x more time consuming. There is nothing profound to say about my absence other than blogging and social media just take the back seat to first days of school, new ballet classes, birthdays, necklace making, a styling and photography job, family time and friends. Life is good and we are living it. With that said, I do have lots to share and catch you up with here on the ol’ blog. To start though, I wanted to share something very personal to our family. This past Sunday we dedicated both girls at our church. It was such a special day! I don’t talk much about our faith here on the blog and this isn’t in any way trying to sway peoples thoughts. But I did want to share the prayer that Kev said during church for our family and for the girls. God has blessed us with 2 of the most amazing and perfect for us little girls and it’s our prayer to raise them to know God and his true love for them.


We thank you so much for these two girls. It’s hard to put into words the blessing they’ve been in our lives. Not only do they fill us with joy, but daily you are revealed to us through them.

We see your patience, your unending love, your forgiveness and your grace so much more clearly since we’ve become parents. We pray that you would bless Jen and I with similar qualities so we can raise them to know, love and serve you always.

We pray that you would protect their faith and their hearts through all stages of life and that they would feel your presence always.

We pray that our family would be bonded, with you as the focus.

God, we lift these girls up to you and we praise you for them – all in the name of Jesus.


My dress is from asos, shoes are Swedish Hasbeens. Rowan is wear a dress from the Gap. Finley is wearing headband from Little Hip Squeaks, Dress from the Gap and Chrome Mocs from Freshly Picked.

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