My Everyday Style | 08.22.13


I debated whether I would post these because there isn’t much to them. But if I am sticking with the idea of my true “everyday style” then here we are… My travel home outfit from Texas. It was comfy and I had wet hair but with a few accessories felt a little more done up then just a tshirt and jeans. My favorite souvenir from Texas was the new necklace I bought from the supremely talented Merl. Have you seen her jewelry before? So, so good!





Tee: Old Navy
Shorts: Old cut off jeans
Necklace: Clydes Rebirth
Backpack: c/o Lulu’s
Sunglasses: c/o Lulu’s
Kilty Suede Moc: Minnetonka

  1. I like your everyday style posts, I’m a stay at home mom so I don’t really get to dress up often. So everyday style is my kind of style, casual and comfortable.

  2. I am all about comfy clothes! Old Navy makes the softest tees ever. My boyfriend is a store manager at the Old Navy near us, so I pretty much live in their clothing!


  3. You are so cute. Also, holy just had a baby 7 months ago, and you are looking soo great!

  4. I knew that t-shirt looked familiar — I have the same one and it’s my current favorite! So easy to layer, the perfect amoutn of draping and it’s not see through. I’ve never seen that bag before though, I love it. Off to check it out. Thanks for sharing a more casual outfit!

  5. I have that same shirt from Old Navy and think it is amazing. It is soft and fits so well.

  6. This is how I look when I travel too! Cute bag!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Lovely Lady! You look great in this casual look!

  8. katie p •

    love this look. you make it look so great!

  9. alainna •

    I think you look great! I especially dig the stiff brim hat + the necklace.

  10. Some times simple outfits are the best and it’s easier to see the happy mood behind them!

  11. I love that you posted this! I happen to own four or five of those Old Navy v-necks for the sake of easier nursing (just had our second little boy in June- congrats on your second little girl!). I was starting to get bored wearing almost nothing but those little tees, but I copied your partial-tuck and put a necklace on the other day and felt a lot better, haha. So thanks! ~ Sarah {}

  12. So cute girl! I wear this same outfit almost every weekend, love the comfy gray tee!

  13. it says you were hesitant to post this outfit, but I think it looks great! In fact, it is one of my favorites in a really long time! A great outfit doesn’t have to be filled with name brands, expensive items, crazy patterns, or never before done combinations. To me, a great outfit is one that is appropriate for the activiy, fits and flatters, is comforable, is something YOU like, and THEN has some style. I think you look great here, and it is much more realistic then the images we see of people wearing 6 inch heels to run errands. If you like it- wear it and post it! Also, enjoy these fleeting warm days!

  14. ha! wearing that t shirt right now 🙂 i have 4 of them. as a new mom i am still trying to find a balance of comfort/absorbency and style. jeans and t-shirts are my go to, but i miss wearing necklaces. my 5 month old simply won’t allow it!

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