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Don’t you just love photo walls? Is is by no way a new thing but I have always just loved thousands of photos all in one place. The walls of my bedroom growing up were always covered floor to ceiling with pictures. I would say I’m a pretty nostalgic person. After a lot of research and one failed attempt at Walgreens, I decided to go with Printstagram to get a crap load of our instagram pictures printed. I could not be more pleased with the quality of the printing, paper or service. It’s quick, easy and relatively cheap (and there is an app!!).

I tried out like 3 different tapes, tabs, etc… to adhere the pictures to the wall. In the end, the thing that worked the best was 3M blue tape balls on the back. I didn’t want to use anything that would damage the wall or the pictures.

I started out with a level line of tape that I used as a guide for the first row of pictures. After that I just eyed balled all of them. Here is the first progress shot…



Rowan loves sitting on the stairs telling me about each picture. Always saying “Member that Mommy?”. I will be the first to admit that i’ve become completely obsessed with getting instagram pictures printed now.





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  1. i love instagram photo walls and the idea to stick them to the wall by the stairs is great. i would totally sit there and look at the pics like rowan does, too.

  2. Oooh, I’m thinking I need to do this to one of our walls… great to hear you found a tape that works so well. I’ve been trying to figure out how I would attach all the photos to our wall without doing any major damage!! xo

  3. love this jen! i bet rowan loves looking at all of the pictures. so sweet!

  4. I love this! Such a great DIY. I’m also going to check out Printsagram. I tried printing Instagrams via Shutterfly and it did not work out (pictures all cut off). I have so many Instagrams pics that I would love to get into frames.

  5. How fun for the girls to be able to look back on those special moments captured on film so easily!

    xo Jennifer

  6. That is such a precious way to add something special to the walls! I am dying over that ballet leotard picture. It’s too cute!

  7. Stephanie •

    Stop. I love this. Totally inspired.

  8. looks great!

  9. It looks great!

  10. Love your instagram wall Jen! I would love to do this!

  11. How cool! I love it! My room was always filled with photos too 🙂 love how they can bring you back to a nice moment in the past

  12. Ooooooo. I LOVE this!! You did such a great job. After I saw this I literally went running around my house trying to find a wall where I could do the same thing. My husband often teases me about how many pictures I take because he thinks I am never going to do anything with them but I’ll show him!!

    PS – I love that you just did tape balls to put the pictures up. I often think that other Mom bloggers have magic powers up their sleeves so it is good to know that some things are within my reach. 😉

  13. I love this! I’m trying to think of where I can do one so my almost crawling daughter can’t rip it down

  14. OK…I have to do this! Instagram has become my very favorite social media, and I would love to put something like this together. Thank you for sharing the site, I’m going to go over and see what I can do! 🙂
    PS Rowan…Why does she look like she is 8 years old to me? So mature and adorable. Levi is a bit older than her, but always seems months behind! (BOYS! :))

  15. Love that you did this on a staircase…too cute! What a wonderful way to share memories with your little ones, I’ll bet they love showing it off to guests. =)

  16. katie p •

    so cute! what a great design and perfect place to put them. love!

  17. I’m going to tackle a similar project. Has the tape you used held over time or are you wishing you had gone with something stronger?


  18. I love this.. we have been waiting to do something similar for some time now.. I’ve just been too lazy 🙁

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