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Ever have that moment as a parent when you look at your child and can clearly see them as a teen? It’s a very strange thing to experience. It has only happened a few times to me and every time I am taken aback at this idea of my baby all grown up. I had a very, very clear picture of Rowan as a teen the other day when we brought her to her very first dance recital. It wasn’t during the recital that I saw it though, it came after. She stood there with her friends giggling and acting excited over what had just happened. Then it hit me. I could envision going to find her after a high school track meet, soccer game, theatre performance, or whatever it may be. Standing with her friends excited and sharing stories over what they just accomplished. I saw her being brave, yet a little reserved. She is going to be a leader; I just know it. She is the best combination of outgoing and sensitive. I feel like we are entering into this new stage with her. The one where she is old enough to be dropped off at things like ballet camp. Where she can stretch her wings and be a little more independent. She starts school this fall and I know without a doubt that she is just going to LOVE it! It’s fun to try to guess what your kids will be like when they get bigger. I am not wishing away this time right now, but I like seeing the little glimmer of their personalities all grown up.








*it was an Angelina Ballerina Dance Camp- that’s why they have mouse ears on.

  1. Oh my goodness she can not be more precious!! Even at 2 I catch glimpses of who my little lady will be in a few years and it breaks my heart every time! I almost got sick the other day when my husband sat down adn said “We will have a 2 year old on Saturday!” GASP!

  2. Oh she is so adorable! My daughter is always talking about how she’s going to be pretty dancer. So I think we’ll put her in classes soon since we aren’t planning on putting her into daycare until early next year and then hopefully preschool when she turns 4.

    That last photo is so adorable though! Looks like she’s having a blast! 🙂

  3. Marguerite •

    My daughter is older (almost 10), but I get those moments when I see her goofing off with her friends and I see myself doing the same thing at her age, realizing how I must have looked and guessing all the joy she must be having. Sometimes I see an older version of her in my head (but I can’t imagine college!), but mostly it’s WOW THAT’S JUST LIKE ME. (It’s even more poignant since my mother died when I was in HS, my dad a few years ago, and there’s no relatives in my life to notice the similarities. It’s just something I smile about and keep to myself.)

  4. Aw. Rowan!! What beautiful photos and that second one is absolutely heart melting – it sounds like you and Kev have done an amazing job raising her… and I love that she’s both sensitive and outgoing. Sounds like she’ll grow up to be quite the lady!! xo

  5. Mónica •

    To me to be as independent costs. I have a five and half years and wants to fly and sometimes not let him because it gives me grief, fear …. I do not want to get older. Small is beautiful with her ​​ballet outfit, I get the feeling that is a very bright girl. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  6. Zohmahgosh!!!! It’s like a tiny Jen!! She looks so much like you and your mom in these photos. I know you always say Finley’s your little mini-me but in these pics Rowen looks like you! Cute little Rowen!!

  7. Clair •

    Too adorable. I know what you mean about thinking about what she’ll be like when she is older. My daughter is 11 months and I get glimpses of who she may become.

  8. jenni L •

    such a cute post. Cozy and Rowan are the same age so I feel sometimes when you have these posts I am looking at Cozy’s life too. She is in ballet and tap right now but its at her school (which is nice for the not having to pick up and drop off factor) but we don’t get to watch all the interaction, we only get the quick show at night. I think I am going to sneak over to school one day and watch because I can only imagine how adorable they all are. The indenpence saddens me a little. When we took her ice skating (prep for tiny tot hockey) she was holding our hands at first but then we would get the “no mommy daddy, I can do it by myself” I am glad of the little independent person she is becoming..but the little baby time is just too short.

  9. her squishy face is so cute!

  10. Man Rowan just gets cuter and cuter!!!! I did ballet from the age of 4 to 12 and loved every minute of it! In my ballet classes Miss Jill would give us coloring pages that told the stories of famous ballerina’s and ballets. If you can find them I am sure Rowan would love them!

  11. Awww. So precious! I love the simple pink and black outfits (and her cute little pony/topknot). I love watching Rowan grow up and seeing how you are raising her. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  12. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

    xo Jennifer


  13. She’s so stinkin’ cute. I seriously can’t wait for things like this with my little girl!

  14. I’m melting here!!!!! I used to teach ballet to tiny dancers, best “job” ever 🙂
    she is adorable

  15. Alainna •

    Ah, so sweet!!

  16. Gabriela •

    Your daughter is too much cuteness for one page!
    I can’t wait to do things like this with my daughter one day as well! =D

  17. Christian •

    This is the sweetest post! How rewarding to be able to imagine all of these possibilities for Rowan! She is really growing up before our eyes. I can’t believe she’s starting school!

  18. These photos are the sweetest! I feel like she is growing so fast too, haha! Hope you guys are enjoying your summer!
    <3 Kastles

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