Super Cute Crochet Bunting!

Crochet Bunting |

A while back I decided to crochet a blanket for Rowan’s room. I wanted it to be made up of a ton of colorful granny squares. Well, 5 months later all I had finished was 9 squares. Story of my life. I thought of a useful way to use those squares to add a little color to our living room gallery wall though. Crochet Bunting! I had a few more pictures of the process that I some how deleted but it is pretty self explanatory. I am not going to go into how to make a granny square here. You can youtube that or look it up on pinterest if you want.

All I did was…

1. Make granny squares
2. Fold them in half
3. Hot glue them closed around a piece of yarn
4. Repeat in a line with remaining sqaures, hang, done!

I’ve learned that you can just as easily crochet a triangle granny square which I guess would be easier but I like the shape the folded square makes. It’s squatier than if you just crochet a triangle.

How cute would this look in a nursery or hanging in front of a crib. Hmmm speaking of that… I need to get on decorating Finley’s nursery.

Crochet Bunting |

Crochet Bunting |

Crochet Bunting |

  1. It turned out Perfect, Jen! The pop of color is delightful.

  2. Liz Marquez •

    What a great idea! I am putting together a vintage-themed 50th b-day party for my mom and I think I may crochet some granny squares to make some bunting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Eeek! I love this! What an awesome idea for granny squares… 🙂 Such a cute little nook it hangs in, too!

  4. love this! such a cute idea. and your gallery wall is amazing

  5. This idea is adorable, Jen! I wish I could crochet. My mom tried teaching me as a teenager and I remember making long chains unconnected to each other.

    Michael’s grandma liked to crochet and she made colorful blankets and throws with granny squares. One day I hope to put one of her blankets in our child’s room.

  6. You have really mastered the art of the gallery wall! Love everything about it.

  7. Love this idea! Such an awesome pop of colour in a simlple way!

  8. New follower. 🙂 Your blog is SOOOO cute. And I love this crochet bunting!!! Pinning, pinning, pinning.

  9. Love it. Everyone needs a little granny in their lives.

  10. This is such a cute use for granny squares. And, what a great way to put them to work instead of leaving them in the WIP pile.

    And, who knows??!!… you might eventually get around to turning them into a blanket someday…. 😉

  11. how cute! i love it!

  12. Craaaaaaaaazy cute!

  13. That is such a cute idea! They look darling! Also loved your blog post about your date with Rowan, such a sweet idea!
    <3 Kastles

  14. the bunting looks great, love the colours you chose and the neon accents really stand out 🙂

  15. Betsy •

    I love the “Look Up More” print. Do you mind sharing where you found it?

  16. I totally did this too! I wanted to make a cute and colourful granny square quilt to drape over one of the chairs in a little nook we have. I got to about 10 squares and never got round to finishing it. They’re all just sitting in a draw somewhere now but this is such a great idea of how to still use them! They’ll look perfect up across our bed! 🙂
    Have a lovely week!

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