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Hey friends! How was your weekend? Our was low key and well, sort of chaotic all at the same time. We ended up at urgent care yesterday with Rowan. She’s got a bad case of swimmers ear and was not a happy camper. Poor girl. I also worked on my workshop talk for TxSC Conference. I am getting so pumped up for it. I can’t wait to have a great discussion with everyone over dealing with critics. Check out the updated schedule!


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and now for some other favorites around the internet…
1. Have you ever heard of True&Co.? Such an awesome way to shop for bras when you don’t have the time to head to the mall. I got my first box last week and all but one were keepers. I LOVED them. Sign up and get $15 off.

2. I am such a sucker for a cute, full skirt. Love the color of this one and how can you resist this pretty plaid?

3. Definitely need to try making these marbled popsicles. They look so yummy!

4. My absolute favorite bathing suit bottoms. They go with everything and fit like a charm.

5. I love this blog so much. How pretty are her wedding photos?

6. Love me some Kate Spade- and this skirt is majorly on sale!

7. How cool is this Camp themed birthday party? Oooh the details!

8. I am pretty sure these might be the only shoes Finley will ever wear.

9. Kids, picking sunflowers at golden hour- can it get any cuter?

10. The most comfy, extra high waisted jeans ever! Seriously, so good.

11. How cute is this patterned shirt dress? Love the detail in the back.

12. I really can’t seem to get enough of these ladies or their blog!

13. Let’s talk about shoes, shall we? I would like to add this pair, this pair, this pair and this pair to my closet please and thank you.

14. Such a beautiful soul. Inside and out.

15. This stroller is like a robot and we seriously can’t stop using it. It is so freakin’ cool!

  1. LOVE those sandals!

    xo, Courtney

  2. Kelly •

    Love love love your blog. But $1000 for a stroller???? hahahaha.

    Not even closely relatable to my life. Good for you though!

  3. Thank you for linking to that True&Co site! What a great idea!

  4. thanks jen, we love you!!

    small fry

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