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Family Room |

Last week I had the honor of sharing these pictures over on A Beautiful Mess (Love those girls!) but wanted to share here as well! Other than Rowan’s room, the family room is the only other space in our house that is completely finished. We’ve been able to get most of the house to where it feels done just not finished yet. I am now working slowly to finishing off each room. I don’t want 5 years to pass and still feel like we are moving in. It’s so rewarding to walk into a finished room and feel at home. I want the rest of the house to feel like that too.

The kitchen is a work in progress, but I am happy with it at the moment. Hopefully this summer we are going to paint all the cabinets. I just need to get my hands on a spray gun first. What attracted us to the house in the first place was the big open floor plan. The downstairs all flows in a big circle. I love being able to see everyone no matter where you are downstairs. Like I mentioned over on A Beautiful Mess, I know that everyone gathers in the kitchen during parties and gatherings. Since the family room is attached to the kitchen, I wanted it to be an inviting and welcoming area. I didn’t want it to be where we had the tv. We spend a lot of time in there as a family and I wanted toys, books and the idea being creative to be the focus of the room.


Family Room |


Kitchen |




I created a little nook for Rowan to read, draw and hang her artwork. We have baskets for toys and the dresser is filled with puzzles and games for her to play with. I am proud of this room because for a long time I struggled with how to decorate the way I liked, but also making it kid friendly. I feel like we found a good balance. I have accepted that for the next little bit I will not have a bar cart with fancy glasses and vintage bottles. I am ok with that. I would much rather have a well loved home with little kiddos running around.

Rowan's Nook |




The shelves were a major labor of love. Let me just say the older gentleman that work at Home Depot during the day thought I was crazy. I was hell bent on getting them done before Finley was born. I was 9 month pregnant, pushing a cart with a toddler in it and getting pipes cut (and then recut) and threaded everyday for like 2 weeks. It was a lot harder than I thought getting all the measurements right for this stupid custom shelf. It paid off in the end. I love it, but for a good long while I thought it was never going to work.

Family Room |



Family Room |

Family Room |

Family Room |

Family Room |

Family Room |


Chaise Lounge Chairs: Ikea
Owl Pillow: Modcloth
Magenta Bolster Pillow: Target
Gold Table: Target
White Desk Chair: CB2
Dresser: Thrifted from Goodwill
White Table Lamp: Homegoods
Rowans Vintage Desk: Thrifted
Shelves: Handmade
Bruins Cat: Handmade
Rowans Chalk board: Handmade (Tutorial Here)
Hanging Planters: Habitat Restore
Floor Poof: Target
Deer Painting: Handmade
Baskets: Homegoods

  1. I love how open and bright your home is!

    xo Jennifer

  2. I also love how open your home is. It also looks like a functional space with lots spots for you and your family to be creative but work close together.

  3. Katie •

    It looks amazing, so light and airy and a great balance between contemporary and vintage. I especially love the deer art!

  4. you have such a pretty home.
    love all the little details.
    thanks for sharing. xo.

  5. Charlotte •

    Can you come make my house look like a mini version of yours? So inviting!!

  6. Heather •

    Love the Boston Cat. I would prefer Montreal but hey… it’s still super cute.

  7. Your home is so beautiful, yet livable. It seems like such a comfortable place to raise your little family.

  8. love this space :)the baskets are too pretty
    thanks for sharing!

  9. You have a beautiful home. And I am obsessed with the ikea chairs. Everything is so spacious and perfect for kids. Oh my that custom shelf is gorgeous, love the simplicity and uniqueness of it.

  10. Your house is so beautiful!!! You’re an exceptional decorator

  11. I saw your home featured on A Beautiful Mess. I am absolutely in love with your place, it’s adorable! πŸ™‚

  12. LOVE that Bruins cat!! πŸ™‚

  13. Wow, so beautiful! Love how clean, simple & fresh the design is.

  14. i love Rowan’s little chalkboard area! so sweet.

    What a beautiful home.

  15. Kat Maher •

    Love the DIY bookcase/desk. I’m looking to revamp my home office and that seems like such a cool project. Are you going to create a post with detailed instructions on how to do it, with measurements?!

  16. Hey, Jen! I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Beth. I’ve become such close friends with your bff, Laura! I just wanted to say that I LOVE peaking at your blog! It’s so refreshing and inspiring! I have a little boy named, Ryder who is just a few months older than Rowan, and boy oh boy do they remind me of each other so much! We have another one on the way in December!
    I just wanted to take a sec to say hi! and how much I enjoy your blog! and ps. your girls are just adorable!

  17. Laurel •

    Oh my goodness I just love the space you have created. My man and i are in the midst of redoing the house and i just had to show him your post. we love the shelves, ok i love the shelves he thinks there cool. I was wondering is it a design you came up with yourself or is there a kit of some kind to help those of us who are beginners to this renovation thing.

  18. Allisen •

    Can I ask whether your homemade bookshelf/desk was inspired by a specific product? I LOVE it but am not the least bit handy and would need to purchase something someone else had made. πŸ˜‰ your home is inspiring!!

  19. Allisen •

    Alternatively, would you ever be willing to share your plans for how you created it? The longer I look the more I love it!

  20. Your custome shelf/desk is absolutely gorgeous. Would you consider a post focusing on it? I’m not sure I have the patience or skillz to produce one but it would be interesting to see your process in making it. I love your white lamp as well, looking for something just like it for my living room. Thanks for the inspiration

  21. Milly •

    Love everything about your home!

  22. Love how light and airy your home is. Your friends and family are lucky to know you b/c they get to see this house in person. Fyi the shelves totally worth it, it looks so cool. And love the chalk board idea for the kiddos.

  23. Your home is beautiful, Jen! I actually saw those baskets at TJ Maxx and I thought of you. You have so many touches in the rooms that bring it all together. I’m a big fan of mismatching prints, colors, and patterns.

  24. Love your place and your blog!!! I’ve been looking for a desktop clock for a while and love the one you show here, can you tell me where to download it? thanks so much!

  25. I love your house! So beautiful, could you please let me know what type of wood floors you have. Love them! Thank you so much!

  26. I LOVE the desk! I, too, would like to see some kind of tutorial or even just close up photos of how it fits into the wall, etc.
    Also, I love that you use your mixer as dΓ©cor. I’ve got practically no cabinet space, so mine just sits on a cabinet with a cover over it. I may grab some of the succulents from out back and mimic your idea.
    Love your house.

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