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It’s funny how as you grow up you forget about how wonderful an imagination is. As an adult it’s almost painful to play dress up or make believe- it stretches you. An imagination is a magical thing though. Over the past few months Rowan’s imagination has grown leaps and bounds. It is amazing to me to watch and listen to her. She is constantly talking to herself these days. Making up stories and scenarios in her head. She doesn’t even need toys half the time! Kev and I secretly listened to her for like 10 mins yesterday as she just sat spinning in his work chair talking about all sorts of things. It’s cute because she tends to make up stories based on things that have happened to her that day (of course with a princess twist). She loves playing dress up. Most of our errands are done these days with her wearing a princess crown. Any kind of raised platform instantly becomes a stage to her. She loves putting on shows! Especially ballet shows. She will twirl, leap, and walk on tippy toes pretending to be a real ballerina on stage.

I am pretty obsessed with this quote…


so true, right? I love seeing Rowan’s imagination grow. As her parent, it’s something I want to help foster in our home. I hope that as she grows up it evolves to seeing things in a creative way. And that doesn’t mean just towards art like her parents. Whatever her passions will be, I hope that she can think outside of the box. That she wont limit herself to what she can achieve. I want so badly for her to know the sky is the limit.

But for now, I will let this almost 3yr old little girl dress up in her princess costume and run around making up stories about adventures with a purple dragon.

  1. Melissa •

    I LOVE Rowan’s top! I wish it came in adult size!

  2. Stephanie •

    I totally agree, Jen! Our 18mo daughter has just started talking/singing to herself, and it’s the best! I hope she has a wild imagination, because I sure did growing up. 🙂

  3. you are so right and this is so true! I love that about kids!
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Katie •

    I’ve never seen that quote as a whole, I like it even better now. It’s wonderful that your little girl has such a wonderful imagination, it must be sooo much fun to watch!


  5. amazing! I love trying to re-cultivate my imagination, I know exactly what you mean about “forgetting”, one of my favourite indulgent activities is to imagine myself doing something TOTALLY insane that I would never, ever, ever do but still think would be amazing, like dancing as a prima ballerina or winning a gold medal in something. It indulges my creative side

  6. SO great! I love it all. Levi is right there too, although (kinda sadly, :)) his main imaginary thing is shooting everything with his imaginary guns. Agh! Obviously he is a boy (with older brothers!)
    My older boys have all been amazing with their imaginations. Even until nearing their teen years they have had a really great time consumed with their own imaginations. One funny thing is that my two oldest boys would often play “Hand” where they would literally walk their fingers/hands all over things, making sounds, and playing out scenes with nothing but their hands while we were out and about. Their own hands were like a toy that could Do or BE anything! it sure made life simple not having to bring toys with us places!! haha. 🙂

  7. My son is 11 years old and I love reading his stories (he usually writes for school purposes). Lately he has been writing just for fun and I couldn’t be any more excited. I love to write and read and watching him express his ideas and use his imagination is a beautiful thing.

  8. I work with kids in a tutoring/writing center and am constantly amazed by them. They always seemed strapped for ideas during writing prompts but when left without boundaries they will come up with the craziest ideas! I could listen to them create all day.

  9. Mónica •

    Yo creo que hay que dejarles vivir su imaginación es maravilloso ver como inventan historias e imaginan ser aquel personaje. Verles jugar es maravilloso. Yo también quiero. Besos y feliz martes.

  10. I was like that too as a child and at least till my early teens. Imagination is a beautiful thing. I feel though now as a young 20 something about to embark on the real working world in a couple of years, I feel as its harder and harder to keep imagination alive. The only time I feel like the little 5 year old me is when I visit Disney World or am watching a kids movie.

  11. Joanna •

    Hiya Jen! Tried to look for a contact I could use to personally email you, but couldn’t find one! I think you’ve got a great blog going here and was wondering if you’d be interested in collaborating at all? 🙂 I realise that this is more of a personal blog, but please feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to spread your wings a bit! Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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