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Are you a maxi dress lover? I am trying to like maxi dresses more. I always love them on other people but on myself… I am not so sure. Yes. This is an on going thing. I think I try to like them every summer. I was excited about this one though. I thought it was a lot more flattering and fitted than most. Kev even said he really liked it and he kind of hates maxi dress. It has just enough weight to the fabric to fit your curves but not be too clingy. And being 4 months postpartum that’s a big deal because don’t get me started on baby weight! Who ever said you loose weight while breastfeeding is lying. Well, in my case they are. I don’t over eat and I exercise 3-4 times a week, but you want to know something? I only weigh 4 pounds less than I did the morning after I gave birth to Finley. In 12 hours I lost 23 pounds and in 4 months I have only lost 4lbs. I am trying really hard not to be depressed about that one! Ha. I just am trying to focus on continuing to eat healthy, exercise and be super duper proud about nursing Finley.

What about you guys? What was your story with breastfeeding and weight loss?
(oh yeah this dress works great for nursing. V neck and stretchy fabric! Score!



Dress: Target
Jean Jacket: J.Crew
Sandals: Similar

  1. leslie •

    i am totally with you on the breastfeeding. my goal was to bf for at least a year (i made it 14 months) and so i maintained a healthy diet (NOT overeating!) and I was running 3x per week and didn’t lose any weight! It was so frustrating… it is definitely not something scientific that just happens to most people. don’t get your head down about it. you look great!

    great job on nursing! you SHOULD be proud!

  2. I think everyone is a little different… But I have read that breast feeding can make you hold on to a bit of baby weight as insurance. Reservoir just in case food becomes scarce… Allows you to continue to nurse.

    That could be total crap though. :).

    I always assumed it was natures way of giving you a baby shelf while you nurse.

    Glad to hear nursing is going well for you guys!

  3. Lindsey •

    I am on the exact same boat. With my first daughter I nursed till she was 13 months old and the weight literally fell off without trying. This time around it has been a huge battle. I started to really get in gear and hit the gym hard with watching what I ate and my milk supply plummeted. I just figured nursing my daughter is more important than losing the weight. I just hope more falls off. I would hate to stay this weight for an entire year. But I think it’s fantastic that you are BFing! Go mama go!

  4. Christa •

    Bodies are so crazy, right? I always say my one talent in life is losing baby weight. Buuuut right around 18 months it starts to pile back on. Lame. I just bought a maxi too- at wal-mart of all places! I love them on others and I’m still trying to figure them out on my figure. Nursing is the best, I stopped with my third at 19 months and I’m pretty sure I’d nurse him till he was 25 (my first boy), so it’s a good thing I stopped when I did!! Ha! Your girls are lovely. You are a beautiful strong mama!

  5. I feel the same way about the maxi dress! I want to like them on me, more than anything, but I put them on, and I feel very blah in them. It’s partially because I want them to brush the floor, which is impractical since I’m tall, and dangerous being a new mom (don’t want to trip while carrying the little one!), and partially because I think they make me look pregnant.

    I am almost 12 weeks postpartum, and I’m in a similar boat as you. I lost 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks, but since then I’ve only lost 7 pounds.

    I’m not great at working out or eating well, though. Just trying to walk regularly and stop eating cheeseburgers. :-/

  6. Jackie •

    You’re right, be proud of yourself for nursing! The weight is frustrating, losing it seems harder the second time. But it’s only been 4 months! Enjoy this perfect baby time with you sweet infant; your healthy eating and exercise will pay off. I’m speaking from experience; second time around it took me 9 months. Don’t forget those hormones are crazy!!

  7. I just bought this dress in gray! I kinda want the red one too though haha It’s soo comfortable!

  8. You look fabulous in the maxi dress! It definitely suits you! I totally agree with the breast feeding issue – my mum always said how breast feeding sucked the fat right out of her (!!) but I haven’t found that to be the case at all – if anything I feel like I’ve got chubbier from about 2 months post partum to now, which is 6 months post partum.
    Honestly though, having cut out all caffeine I find that I binge on sugar a lot more to try & get some energy & combat the major tiredness so I probably should address that & stop eating so much cake!!

  9. Annie •

    With you on both the maxi dresses and post-baby weight loss! That said, the weight loss sped up once L was four months old, so maybe there’s some extra stockpiling going on in the beginning? At seven months I’ve still got six pounds to go (assuming I make it to my pre-pregnancy weight) but finally fit into my old trousers.

    Also, congrats on your breastfeeding success! It’s a great feeling when it all works out in the end, isn’t it? You should definitely be proud! (One thing I miss with the BFing is wearing dresses. Most of my wardrobe consists of (non-V neck) dresses and I’m sooo bored of the jeans/skirt and t-shirt/shirt look, it makes me feel so frumpy. But it’s worth it, of course.)

  10. Sarah •

    First of all – this dress looks awesome! And so do you – I would have guessed you had lost all your baby weight πŸ™‚

    I tend to shed pounds while breastfeeding (to a point), but loads of my friends clung to the last 10 or so pounds until they stopped. Like a previous commenter said – lots of women’s bodies like to reserve a little extra for times of shortage when they are feeding a babe.

    Great job – your girls are gorgeous πŸ™‚ I’m expecting my third boy in a week!

  11. Mónica •

    What to lose weight with breastfeeding anything at all … I had to go on a strict diet when you stop breastfeeding. Long dresses I like in the rest I do not see myself because I’m short. To you it looks great. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  12. I love maxi dress and I think you look a-w-e-s-o-m-e!! πŸ™‚

  13. Julie •

    Gosh, sorry you are having trouble with the weight loss, but if it’s any consolation, you look great!! About 1/2 of my girlfriends said they lost zero lbs while breastfeeding, the other 1/2 lost it with ease… I am of the latter, I suppose I was lucky… Although it sounds like I gained a lot more weight while pregnant than you did! Mine all just kind of fell off (all but the last 10 lbs within 6 mos while eating a ton (I was hungrier nursing than pregnant!) and no structured exercise…) with full time nursing, NO formula…. but I had gained 60 lbs : /

  14. Courtney •

    I gained 25 pounds during my pregnancy and now.. 4 months later.. I still weigh 20 pounds more than I did before. You’re not alone girl!

  15. It’s so hard to feel comfortable in your “new skin” after giving birth! I lost the majority of my baby weight by the time my daughter was a year old but I still held on to about 10 extra pounds until recently. I couldn’t work out while she was nursing every 2-3 hours. I was just so hungry all the time and it was so hard to find a balance. Fueling my body was so difficult that I decided to hold off on exercise until she was nursing less. When she was about 13 months I started a 12 week boot camp with some local girls I know here in Orlando. 12 weeks later my baby weight (and then some!) is gone and I actually have abs starting to make an appearance. It took me 16 months to lose it all and it was definitely an emotional struggle. You look fantastic and you will most definitely reach your goals!!

  16. I’m trying so hard to love maxi dresses as well but it just hasn’t happened yet!

  17. Laura •

    It’s a good one! I am not a fan, partly bc I sweat to death in them. But I saw one from UO that I want. You look amazing.

  18. I was the same. The weight trickled off slowly while I was breastfeeding, but I couldn’t lose those last 5lbs. I was running 3x a week and overall pretty active, eating normally – not dieting, not overeating. It wasn’t until I stopped bfing and got back on birth control that I lost those last 5lbs. (And the other lbs didn’t come off near as quickly as I had heard they would with bfing). I think that maybe for some people, your body has to hold on to a little extra fat to support bfing, and I was ok with that. I bf for 11 months and it took about 13 for me to finally hit that number again (and now I’m below it!). The important thing is being healthy, even though it’s frustrating. I know you know this, but your body is pretty smart and it’s going to do what’s best for you and that baby!

  19. I meant to tell you last night that you look so GREAT! I eat SO much while nursing that i don’t even try to lose weight til I’m done. I just focus on eating pastries, usually. πŸ˜‰ You’re beautiful, friend.

  20. Carolyn •

    Well, I certainly think that you look amazing after baby. But I know how it’s hard to feel comfortable in your own skin after baby. My whole body shape changed postpartum. My son was born very premature (11 weeks early!) so the baby weight and more literally fell off while I was pumping when he was in NICU (as a first time mama, no one told me really how much milk I should be producing – turns out I was stimulating my production enough for twins!) but now that he is older and nursing less I find that the extra weight I lost is returning. And not in the nice curvy areas that I used to love! But it is a small price to pay for a healthy and happy baby boy. I am trying to embrace my new body but it’s tough. Every person and every pregnancy is so different, it’s amazing actually!

  21. Long time reader! I just wanted to say I think you look beautiful. I went through the same thing with breast feeding my daughter. Everyone was like “oohhh you’re gonna lose so much weight and get to eat all these extra calories.” Nope. Didn’t happen. And we breastfed until she was 20 months. She’s almost 3 and I’m just now getting to where I want to be. But that being said, I think you look amazing right now! Gorgeous mama!

  22. Girl, you look awesome. I feel the exact same way about maxis but that one looks great on you. I would never guess you still had baby weight to lose. I’ve been reading your blog for years but now that I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my first, I’m leaning on your posts so much more. There is so much I can learn from you. I’m already having a hard time with the weight I’ve gained this far so I’m dreading after baby weight loss. Not sure if I’m gonna breast feed but you’re not the only one who hasn’t had the miracle weight loss.
    Anyway, love your blog and you look beautiful!

  23. Lydia •

    I wouldn’t have guessed that you are struggling with weight loss! I doubt that’s much consolation, but maybe it’s not as bad in reality as it seems in your head. πŸ™‚ and yes, awesome job breast feeding!
    I’m 5.5 months post-partum, and as of a few weeks ago I’m right around pre-pregnancy weight again. I lost around 20-25 pounds after giving birth, but for the first 2.5 months I didn’t lose any more. Then it started coming off.
    The thing is, my body has totally changed! I used to have a butt that was, shall we say, fairly prominent, and now it is as flat as a pancake and flabby. My hips aren’t necessarily wider but all my high-waisted jeans fit a little differently in that area, in a way I can’t really pinpoint. And I went from being an A cup and never wearing a bra if I could help it to being a D cup and having no choice! So it’s still an adjustment, figuring out what clothes are flattering now, and getting used to my new body… And I have no idea what will happen when I stop nursing, either!
    Motherhood really does change everything.

  24. Helen •

    Super cute! It looks great on you! I like maxi dresses, but I have major bubble butt when I wear the ergo. With my first, the weight came off fast and I attributed it to nursing; but this go around (im 5 months postpartum), breastfeeding has done jack squat for my figure! Guess it’ll just take time, but I totally feel ya!

  25. Annie •

    It took me three seasons of the maxi dress before I found one that actually worked on me and I now have two. That’s about all I need because where I live, the opportunity to wear them rarely sprouts. It’s either HOT or COLD. Spring has become but a myth.

    You look fantastic! I’m not a Mom, so I don’t have the experience to relate, but I’m sure how others see you and how you feel are ranked slightly different, but wanted to you to know I thought just the other day how great you look!

  26. oh breastfeeding. i work in the field and was hoping for the weight loss and maybe no monthly visitors. DAMN! haha. it eventually did come off around 8 months or so, and i finally felt better… and then we were expecting, soooo… let’s hope next time it drops off quicker haha!

  27. you are so cute. I love your dress.

    I personally didn’t think nursing helped me lose weight- but it sure helped my babe gain it!

  28. I know I can’t relate, I have no babies (other than, you know, the cat). BUT- your body birthed two babies- it’s a powerful thing and YOU are beautiful at any weight. You’re healthy, active, creative, and energetic, and in that, a powerful role model for your two girls. I know weight can be frustrating, especially when you’re living a healthy life and nothing seems to be changing, I just want you to know how wonderful and beautiful you are. Especially in a maxi dress, but then, I don’t think I’ve ever met a maxi i didn’t like. xo

  29. Leslie •

    Longtime reader too and had to comment! I am 2 months postpartum with my second baby and man oh man am I getting antsy for this weight to come off! I got pregnant with this baby when the first one was 10 months old, and within 10 lb of my goal weight! Bummer. Gained 45 lb with this pregnancy and still have 20 to go. Womp womp. Weight doesn’t just fall off me while nursing either, but it is such a gift for me and my baby that I don’t mind waiting. Plus, having my babies so close together and being pregnant during two different seasons, I don’t really know what my “old clothes” are anymore! I, like you, embrace places like Gap, Old Navy, and Target to get me through these awkward phases where I don’t want to invest in stuff that’s too expensive for this (hopefully) temporary body shape. Way to go on the nursing AND the exercise!

  30. Tawnie •

    I agree. I started losing weight after I quit breastfeeding. It really took me a good 9-12 months to get back to my usual weight and body type. I say don’t rush and enjoy yourself. I think you look great!!
    Since having a baby, I feel a little uncomfortable in shorter dresses and just recently discovered my love for maxi dresses. Now it’s all I want to buy. I bought 2 from Forever21 (I couldn’t find it online) They are like long, comfy t-shirts in black and gray, and they were $12.00. STEAL!! I wear them with my jean jacket too and look like I took forever to get ready (when seriously it only took 20 minutes!!)

  31. First things first, you look fantastic, this dress really suits you!

    My breastfeeding goal is 2 years (we are currently at 19 months). In terms of exercise, I did a lot of walking and babywearing (still do), then slowly integrated more exercise into my daily routine. So, around 2 months I returned to my fitness class (just one day a week), and around 8 months started jogging again etc. Any weight that I had gained (tummy area) was gone just before three months; simply by eating well and healthy and listening to my body.

  32. Andrea •

    Women are so hard on themselves. I would have never guessed you’ve been holding on to any pregnancy weight. I lost too much weight after giving birth and breastfeeding. It wasn’t at all glorious. I looked like a walking skeleton and I felt like I might be dying. I had to be monitored by Dr’s and it all became a little ridiculous. I have been able to put some weight back on and am still breastfeeding my 8 month old boy. Anyways, maybe keeping some weight on is a good thing. You look beautiful.

  33. i haven’t been through the motherhood experience yet–but i think you look gorgeous! maxi dresses are awesome but depending on the humidity–they are like a little hot box!

  34. Jen! You look so fabulous! Thanks for sharing and always being so honest. (You rock the maxi!)

  35. Well I think you look fantastic & would never even think you needed to lose any weight!
    I had my second baby a few weeks before you had Finley (Christmas Day)…and I’m pretty much back at my pre-pregnancy weight. I only gained 22lbs (with both pregnancies) so it was pretty easy to lose…but this time around I ended up needing to take a supplement to help me with milk production…and I’m positive that it made me either bloated or just hold onto a bit of weight in my midsection a little bit longer…it could just be me making up excuses for why I’m not fitting in my skinny jeans yet! haha I’m done taking the supplement now, so we will see if that’ll help me get back completely…although after 2 kids there’s a good chance that won’t happen.
    But I’m totally with you that Breast feeding doesn’t make you shed weight like they say! But maybe it’s because your body didn’t have much weight to get rid of in the first place that it wants to hold on to what you have because it’s confused and thinks it’s starving! Silly bodies πŸ™‚

  36. melissa •

    I didn’t lose a pound while breast feeding other than the immediate baby weight, despite working out 5-6 days a week and counting calories. As soon as I stopped the weight started coming off and now I’m only 5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

  37. courtney •

    I personally credit breastfeeding with taking ALL of my pregnancy weight off. I ate a lot more than I normally do (to keep from losing weight too quickly) and a new baby kept me from exercising as much as I normally would. It did take a good 9 months to rid myself of all the baby weight, but part of that was my eating habits to keep from losing it too quickly. I must admit that while I gained 40+ pounds with each of my pregnancies and certainly had weight to lose, I am normally someone who has zero issues with weight maintenance.

    BTW – you look fantastic post-partum, especially in that dress.

  38. Jessica •

    I’m really glad you wrote about this. I’m 4 months pregnant and have been trying to figure out a way to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me. I don’t want what I say to come across as rude, but you just look like a real woman to me. I don’t think I’ll be one of those women who miraculously drops weight right after she gives birth. I have this feeling it’s going to take time and hard work for me to get to a place where I’m physically happy about my body again. Watching you after Finley really makes me feel like I can be happy physically post-partum even when I’ve not yet reached my goals because to me you just look so beautiful even though I know from reading your blog you still have goals you want to reach.

    I really hope this didn’t come across as rude. You are really just the perfect example to me of doing post partum right and beautifully. Thank you for being here for me as I begin my baby journey.

  39. You look gorgeous!!!!!! My daughter is two now, I breastfed her for 19 months and I am still not at my pre pregnancy weight…I am working on it and I hope I will get there before she is twentytwo :-)) Don´t stress, sounds like you are doing every thing right, it´ll come off eventually!

  40. I think you look great in a maxi!

    xo Jennifer

  41. Sarahjane •

    I almost tried that dress on but figured I couldn’t breastfeed in it. I need to go back to Target! Three of my friends lose weight immediately, thanks to breastfeeding, but the rest of our group trudges along without dropping a pound. I have a 10 week-old (my third babe) and am stuck as well. Very disheartening.

  42. Alainna •

    I think you look gorgeous, Jen!

  43. Yes! I just wrote a post about this yesterday! I lost 20 pounds over night after having my son and not a pound more for eight months! Read it here:

  44. amy jean •

    You look amazing!! i wouldn’t stress over it. I am currently in the same boat. My first baby the weight came off no problem but this second one is holding on for dear life. I’m one year postpartum and still 10lbs over. I go to the gym 4-6 days a week. slowly but surly i’ll get there and so will you.


  45. Breast feeding did zilch for me weight wise. I don’t know what that’s about. And I love the maxi dress. I have the same hesitations about them but they are necessary when chasing after a toddler and baby. Unless you like showing off your -ahem- assets.

  46. Alicia •

    You look great!
    I lost 10 lbs after the 12th month of nursing. Before that I swear my body was holding on to the weight because I might need it, you know?
    Now I’m below my prepregnancy weight.

  47. Jen, honestly… I would have never guessed. You look absolutely gorgeous and in such great shape, I thought you had lost all of your pregnancy weight – but I’m sure your body will settle soon. Great to hear you’re aren’t putting a ton of pressure on yourself and focusing on staying healthy.

    And that dress! We just had a target open a few weekends ago here… I’ll have to go peek at their Maxi dress collection. Yours is so fantastic!! xo

  48. Rachelle •

    Oh dear, I know! I delivered my third baby on the 15th of Jan and even though I’ve lost almost all of the weight nothing feels right. I always feel like I hold onto 5-10 lbs while I am nursing. I swear it takes a whole year to feel good again. And I’m running 3-4 days a week also and trying so hard to eat good whole foods. It can be so frustrating. I keep reminding myself I’m healthy, I can nurse my baby, and I have 3 beautiful babes. The rest will work out, right?!

  49. Loosing weight after my son’s birth was a worry for me. I actually just completely weaned him at almost 15 months. In that time the weight fell off. He was a big eater. But I would say the most noticeable weight loss started after 4 or 5 months. Then I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight and a size 4. Now that I am finished nursing him though I work out more and try to eat better because I know it would be easy for me to gain weight.

  50. Brittany •

    Jen, you look so cute. And I lost no weight from breast feeding. In fact, I was soooooo hungry while I was nursing. I ate and craved more while nursing than pregnant. It’s hard. Babies are hard. But really, you look so good. Hang in there!! I’m still trying to lose my last few lbs too… Blah.

  51. Thank you for your honesty! I am having very similar experiences with running/weight loss/breast feeding! Helps to hear you’re not alone! You look great!!

  52. I hear ya on breastfeeding/weight loss. I decided to stop breast feeding at 4 months and do exercise and eat no carbs/lots of protein… then I started to loose weight. I had gained 50 lbs for pregnancy however. I was a constant 196. Not 195, not 197. Infuriating. I had dropped the weight, just before getting pregnant now. Thank goodness. It was laughable that people say pounds just drop off with breast feeding. Laughable…like cry into a glass of wine, laughable. good luck! and you look great regardless.

    Oh, I wrote about the same thing on my blog… however I have never worn a maxi dress πŸ™‚

  53. I am short and pear shaped. Maxi dresses always make me look dumpy. I love them, but usually just hem them to below the knee, then it looks great.

  54. Lady, you look fabulous! I feel the same tho about Maxi dresses so just now, I bought one online. I am hoping to look as adorable as you do πŸ™‚

  55. Thanks for posting nursing friendly fashion! I struggled my first time around finding cute nursing clothes and I got very sick of button up shirts. My second baby is due in October and I’m looking for an updated nursing wardrobe. This dress is now on my list!

  56. Bella •

    I was at the lowest weight of my life after ~ 10 months of breastfeeding. I exercised regularly and ate a really healthy, natural and organic diet. What blew my mind is that I would lose the most weight during weeks when I cheated and went crazy with candy for meals. I think it was kind of like fuel for breastfeeding, which supercharged the calorie burn that is making milk. I would reccomend you eating more and trying weight training more days a week than running. Good luck πŸ™‚

  57. India •

    Okay, those wedding photos were a hoot. Thanks for sharing, really made my day!

  58. Gina Jackson •

    So…first off, you look GREAT. Don’t let you get you down! I personally, have had three babies. Nursed #1 until 12 months old, nursed #2 until 14 months old & am still currently nursing my #3! (9 months old) and I can say that MY body does not lose weight while nursing!! I don’t start losing the weight until after I stop nursing. Lame I know, but totally worth it. Hang in there! Your healthy and that’s ALL that matters!

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