An Evening on the Dock


Ever since I posted those kite pictures yesterday, I’ve been thinking about simple and sweet moments. I decided this week we should all focus on finding those moments. I am pretty sure they come more often than we think, we are just too busy, distracted or focused on the negative to find them. I encourage you to post about your simple and sweet moments this week too!

Leave a link in the comments if you do post about them so we can enjoy them as well!^^sisterly love


IMG_4645^^Watching the Dolphins swim down the canal

IMG_4701^^waiting for the manatees




Don’t you just love golden hour? It’s pure magic. The warm glow, the colors, I can’t get enough. It was a very lovely evening out on the dock all together as a family.

Rowan and Finley’s outfits were a gift from Winter Water Factory.

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m loving Finley’s outfit! Great job capturing these sweet moments:)

  2. Your girls are so cute!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Pure sweetness. Love those pictures!
    Yes, enjoying many simple moments–Levi turned three yesterday so I feel more tuned in to the moments as I consider how quickly these three years have gone.
    Aloha, and enjoy!

  4. Oh that sisterly love picture! Pure magic.

  5. Beautiful photos Jen! And I love your idea! I actually just wrote a post about the most lovely long weekend I recently enjoyed with my mom and sister. The whole weekend was filled with simple and sweet moments free from the stresses and worries of everyday life. I’m not sure how we managed it, but however we did, I’m grateful for it! It was a lovely reprieve filled with many memories I won’t soon forget. Thanks for sharing your moments and for encouraging us to do the same!

  6. Mónica •

    They are great right now are to be found, for they are life. And as you say we are too busy with other things and we miss what really matters. The first photo is spectacular. Small is beautiful. Kisses and happy Tuesday.


    My great grandmother is 106 years old and this past weekend my sister and I were able to take our kids to see her to get a 5 generation photo. Talk about a PRECIOUS MOMENT!!! I only wish we had the photography skills that your family has ;-).

  8. Natacha •

    My simple and perfect moment today…
    My 4 year old came in from walking home with her Dad in a rain storm and said her pants were wet and she was going to put on ‘comfy’ pants. She came downstairs and announced, “now that I have comfy pants on I think we need to cuddle on the couch,” …and we did, and it was awesome:)

  9. I posted today about my son learning to walk and then realized that it fits in perfectly with this theme 🙂 Every moment is a sweet simple moment with a little one around, it changes the way you see things

  10. Paulina •

    Oh my God! I can’t believe how much Finley has grown. She is beautiful little lady and Rowan too <3

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